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How are Dirty Dozen Designers Selected?

There are actually many factors that go into the selection process. But, here are a few . . .

The team keeps their eyes peeled, and when we stumble across something that particularly catches our eye, we explore further. Some things the team looks for:
  • We like to see enough work to gather somewhat of an idea of what an individual's style is
  • Scope & range--does the artist have a broad range/balance of artwork featuring well executed simple designs (that everybody feels eager to try), as well as more complex techniques (challenge more advanced stampers), and do they show diversity in layout, color schemes, etc.
  • Ability to paradigm shift (think outside the box, try the unusual or new)
  • And, probably to a great extent, do their creations consistently evoke a response of delight and amazement (or response, as I like to call it! ) --from viewers.

It's an increasingly complex and difficult process, because there are SO many talented artists out there!

From there, the team puts the names onto a list and a Top Secret invitation is issued to an artist by the Coordinator. We like to keep their identity a secret, because it's a fun surprise and who doesn't like one of those?! Hopefully, they accept!

On occasion, an invited artist must regretfully decine the invitation because they have other commitments that would not permit them the time to dedicate to it.

Incoming designers are asked to volunteer for a 6 month rotation, but some have served longer, to help keep the rotation schedule on an even keel when needed. Why 6 month stints? Well, one very important reason is to avoid burnout! Designing on a regular monthly basis, by a deadline, is an exhausting pace, especially when trying to produce consistently fresh, innovative, beautiful artwork. It is also a big commitment of time. The Dirty Dozen volunteer their time, resources, and talent every single month. Some of the designers work full-time, and in addition to that, are also SU! demonstrators.

Also important, the 6 month stint enables the gallery to continue to showcase more of the very talented artists here at SCS. Having a rotation helps keep the gallery changing, evolving, and growing.


Generally, as the Coordinator, I'm always making lists of things, possible topics, and when I think I might have some the team may respond to, I toss out a list. The list is always open to suggestions, modifications, by the Team. If they do not think a particular theme is a good one, we drop it and find another. If there are some drawbacks or problems with one (or it's mediocre, etc.) they work quickly together to resolve it and make it a GREAT one! In any case, even tho many of the topics are selected and scheduled 6 months in advance, the themes are never carved in stone.


Generally, once a gallery unveils, many are ALREADY back to work on the next coming theme, so . . . . about 3-4 weeks per month is about the advance time. Some of the designers do look further ahead and if they happen to have a great idea for a gallery theme 2 months away, they'll go ahead and get it into place.

For me, personally, I usually have more ideas than time to bring them all to fruition, but I try to get as many of 'em as I can in there before the curtain goes up! And, I do have times, where a concept I'm workin' on hits a total dead-end after an hour or two, and I have to go back to the drawing board, grabbing the next idea. Mostly, for me, narrowing things down is the hardest part of it all . . . keeps me awake at night some times . . .

If anyone would like to know more about the Splitcoast Fan Club, and the Design Team (affectionately referred to as "The Dirty Dozen Designers", or "The DD", please Click HERE!
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