. . . that Splitcoast will be celebrating THREE (3) years of Fan Club this month? Wait a sec--you didn't know about the Fan Club? Well, golly gee, read on! 'Cuz sumpin' special is a comin'!

The Fan Club is a way for users of the site to donate support and help us keep the lights on here at Splitcoaststampers. As a thank-you for that support, Fan Club Members have access to a special gallery, that showcases the talents of our community's outstanding stampers, affectionately referred to as The Dirty Dozen Design Team, or "DD" for short! *wink*

Now, we'd like to showcase the talents of our *fabulously* supportive Fan Clubbers, by enjoying some fun stamping challenges, in a special forum and gallery, created just for this event, which weve dubbed "Dare To Get Dirty!"

The fun starts July 25th, Wednesday, 9am PT each day of the week, through Tuesday, July 31st. Fan Clubbers can read more about "the deets" (details) inside the Fan Club Forum, HERE.

Come prepared to relax, stamp, and yak it up with both your fellow Fan Clubbers and the DD Past & Present!

If you're not a Fan Club Member, click HERE for more information. There couldn't be a better time to join, and we look forward to stamping with you during this special week!


Posted by: juliehrr on Jul 04, 07 | 10:13 am


Sounds like an absolute Blast!! Can't wait

Dorinda | Jul 04, 07 | 11:39 am


How cool is this? What a great idea! Can't wait to join in the fun. I've been a proud fan club member for two years and I'll be renewing my membership this month for another year!!

Qbee | Jul 04, 07 | 11:42 am


awesome!!!!! except it's during Convention and therefore I'll miss all the fun here at SCS.....boohoo

Kathyj30 | Jul 04, 07 | 12:30 pm


Excellent idea!

arinstamps | Jul 04, 07 | 12:58 pm


Can't wait to see what the challenges will be, I'm a brand new member and hope that I can keep up!

cre8tive_stamper | Jul 04, 07 | 1:04 pm


ohhh sounds like fun... I hope I can play with you dirty girls!

Silvia | Jul 04, 07 | 1:40 pm


I too will miss all the fun. I will be at convention 7/25-29, then work 7/30 and 31. Is this time etched in stone?

kathy anthony | Jul 04, 07 | 2:53 pm


Ooooh! Sounds like a blast!! I can't wait!!

Has it really been *3* years??? I've really been here that long?! I've loved every minute of it. :)

Shell | Jul 04, 07 | 4:28 pm


Sounds like fun, Julie!

NancyL2648 | Jul 04, 07 | 4:30 pm


Oh, I can't wait for the challenge week!!! What fun it will be!!! Hope everyone can find some time to play!!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) | Jul 04, 07 | 6:02 pm


Sounds like so much fun. A great way to celebrate. I can't wait to play.

melissa | Jul 04, 07 | 7:03 pm


I am very excited about this idea! What a great way to celebrate. Thank you guys a trillion times over for all that you do! Going to mark it on my calendar! :^)

lala | Jul 04, 07 | 9:13 pm


THis is sooo cool! I will be away that week (or a good portion of it) but will take the challenge when I get home. Almost as good as being here!! Thanks for the great ideas and for all the work putting this together. Now to be patient!

dbennett | Jul 04, 07 | 9:35 pm


oooh! I hope hope hope I can be there!!

Sherri aka sherristampsalot | Jul 04, 07 | 9:42 pm


What an uber-cool idea! Even though I'll be gone during a large part of this, I'm looking forward to this on the days that I'm back here at home!

TexasGrammy | Jul 05, 07 | 4:03 am


this is so exciting...I can't wait!

CrabbyAbbe | Jul 05, 07 | 5:27 am


woohoo! I'm on vacation that week! can't wait to play! :)

Kendra aka Scrapstampindiva | Jul 05, 07 | 7:58 am


Too bad I'll be at Convention (and then on vacation for the last two days)...sounds like it would have been a blast for me :(

rhondag | Jul 05, 07 | 9:05 am


I'm so glad I just signed up! Sounds like fantastic fun!

Patti | Jul 05, 07 | 9:33 am


Sweet!! You guys take such good care of us!!! Can't wait to "dare to get dirty"!!

Goodly Creations | Jul 05, 07 | 12:19 pm


Oh Man!!! I would've LOVED to do this! There is just no way any of us going to convention are going to get to play :-(

stampinjudy | Jul 05, 07 | 2:47 pm


I am really bummed! This sounds like a lot of fun, but I too will be at convention. I would love to get dirty!

VMetz | Jul 05, 07 | 8:33 pm


This sounds like sooooo much fun!! We are going to be on vacation that week! Bummer!! But I hope I can get in on some of the challenges on mon. & tues. Thanks so much for putting this together!!

Heidi | Jul 05, 07 | 10:08 pm


I am a new Fan Club Member and can't wait to see what you all have up those crafty sleeves! Did I happen to mention I am totally addicted to this SCS Site? Well I am!! I am even seeing more ideas in my dreams ... scary but fun! (LOL)

MBKay | Jul 06, 07 | 3:45 pm


This may sound really DUH but I've joined the Fan Club last week and now I can't find them. How do I locate the Dirty Dozen entries, etc.? H E L P

Junebugstamper | Jul 06, 07 | 5:38 pm


WOW - time flies. thank you for doing this - I vow to make this my first challenge =)

Lydia | Jul 06, 07 | 6:09 pm


I can't believe I'll be on vacation!!!AAAAH! Oh well, I hope everyone has fun, and I'll just have to check it out when I get back in August!

lisastamper | Jul 07, 07 | 9:11 am


Is this going to be in the Fan Club forum somewhere so those of us who are at convention can play after the fact when we get back if we want to? Kinda like VSN? If so, I CAN'T WAIT! LOL!

crazycatstamper (Lisa) | Jul 07, 07 | 9:20 am


Woohoo!! Sounds like good times! I've been a fan club member since even before there was a fan club (sent my donation to keep SCS running cause it was better than any magazine I could get even waaaaayyy back then! LOL!). I can't wait to play... :)

dkstampinfool | Jul 07, 07 | 4:03 pm


Can I join the fan club on line? I've been trying to figure out how to be a member. Thanks for your help.

lilstamp | Jul 08, 07 | 7:42 pm


I just renewed my fan club membership for the 3rd year; I can't wait to play! Thanks for opportunity!

Kathyc | Jul 09, 07 | 8:43 am


Been a fan club member 3 yrs.! Wow, this sounds like such fun! I'm so sorry that I won't be able to participate because I'll be at SU Convention that week! :( Like Kathy A, is this date etched in stone? I'd sure like to play! Thanks to all the DD girls and what you do! You're great!

Margaret R | Jul 10, 07 | 12:36 pm


Sounds like fun! Can't wait!!!

Samantha | Jul 16, 07 | 7:27 pm


Whoa what fun!! I have a busy week but I will definitily try to play. What a fun idea Julie.

terrore3 | Jul 22, 07 | 6:00 am


Just Love It!!!

chattiechrissy | Jul 23, 07 | 5:02 am


Oh Pooey! I'll be in Denver on vacation and for SU! Convention. I'm disappointed I'll miss out on the fun.

jacqueline | Jul 23, 07 | 6:03 am


Can't wait! Sounds like a blast. Happy Birthday SCS!

beecreative | Jul 23, 07 | 4:52 pm


I would have loved to participate, however I, too, will be at convention!

Teresa | Jul 24, 07 | 5:29 am


Julie and everyone~
What fun! Can't wait!

Cindy YLM | Jul 25, 07 | 4:39 am



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