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HI guys!

its steph here, in never-never land! i.e. never get around to writing! yes, kelly... i suppose i do keep busy. but i keep wondering HOW!? i keep trying to simplify my life and take things OUT, and more keeps sliding in...agggghhh!

so, as i said to someone yesterday...i am hoping to start the new year by teh time Chinese new year starts!

...still trying to get our place back in order now that we are home from the least ken has finally got his room clean!!! i am getting there. and we got gifted a new vacuum cleaner on monday - absolutely amazing!!!! so that is exciting! God works in the most amazing ways!

i think with a few extra hours (like this one when i cant sleep in the morning!) i should get all i want to get done by sunday morning, which is when ken and i go to tasmania (large island off bottom of mainland Aust.) we are going to see some homeschooling friends for two weeks, and ken will have his Bday there. ahhh, a bit of time to relax and catch up with encouraging friends, cant wait!

i know when i get back from there i have to be ready for all systems go as i have lots of organising to do! we have started looking at tours for our trip to borneo in may and have NOT yet done much about our trip to canada yet. waiting on my brother to tell me how many frequent flyer points he has. -just makes a minor (NOT!) difference to the cost of the whole thing!

..needless to say we will be studying a fair bit of geography this year, and i would SOO like to have ken reading a bit more before canada- even if only for the selfish reason of not having to answer so many prying questions from family etc....

so no, i havent got too close to my craft table recently! no shortage of things to do just....

but i did do my totals from last year a while ago and just didnt get to post please be kind.......(and remember our costs are about double despite the even dollar these days!)

the 'earned' also includes my garage sale and all gifts i recieved during the year that were used on stamping stuff, this is about $1000 of it.

earned : $2400
spent: $2700
net: -$300
proceeds to A21: $400
total number of stamp sets: 73 (ouch!!)

in fact it is all kinda OUCH! but hey there it is! i am actually not too unhappy with the -300 as i know that it could have been worse if i wasnt here on this S2s. - well assuming i had the money! most things i have bought i have used well. my bigshot which i got the end of october (Bday) and hardly used for the first few weeks already needs new cutting plates! i did a really large project for my uncle for Christmas - a calendar he can read without his glasses. (yeah, i forgot to take pictures woudlnt you know!). each half of the calendar was a 12x12 sheet (ie. picture side= 12x12, and date side = 12x12). used the junior alphabet set to die cut all the numbers. i was soo happy with it. but man did it take lot of time and alot of die-cutting! (ever think of how many "1" digits you need for each calendar month?!)

glad i increased my donation to A21 antislavery campaign.

needless to say i wont be doing so much this year. and of course i dont have a garage sale to set me off with a nice amount to start! in fact i have decided to not make the slavery campaign a focus this year. - was just getting too much responsibility kinda. still have my box at church, but wont add as regularly. i always tend towards extreme! if i am not doing A21 i know my desire for stamp sets will decrease - a good thing! because i simply dont need as many ( i feel) if it is just for stuff for us.

i have figured - maybe - on a way to make a bit of money. i went to a Norwex (microfibre cleaning products) party in december and decided to sign up. brett was so much happier about that (brett would never come at SU, i know why!) and hey the starter kit is much cheaper than SU! i really love the products and while i didnt intend to do any demo's i like the product so much it is tempting. ..will see. still have to discuss that with brett,. but i am sure he will enjoy a cleaner house!

...and i am going to sell my hair ! i have found a place and will get it cut in the next week or so. i should be able to get about 18 inches off at least. that will be different!!. i have always told brett that i would put that money towards the trip to Borneo.

alright, well i had better leave this 'tome'!!! it is really nice to sit down and write to you guys, i miss not being on here so much. will see how i go this year! to be honest Kelly, i cant really see me gettign too many challenges done! but i like seeing them, and you just never know!....thanks for all your work Kelly.

take care guys, hopefully i will drop in again soon.

cheers, love s.
Stephanie ....................
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