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Default One for you and . . .

Thank you Mothermark! You saved the day!

By Benjamin Franklin.

If you would not be forgotten,
as soon as you are dead and rotten,
either write things worth reading,
or do things worth the writing.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Two Autograph Books:
It Rained All Day that Night: Autographs, Rhymes, & Inscriptions. By Lillian Morrison. August House, 2003.
Yours Till Banana Splits: 201 Autograph Rhymes. By Joanna Cole & Stephanie Calmenson. 1995.
Can't think,
Brain dumb.
Just won't come.
Poor ink,
Bum pen,
Best wishes,
My ink is pale,
My pen is frail,
My hand shakes like
A puppy's tail.
Some write for pleasure,
Some write for fame,
I write simply
To sign my name.
Just to make you angry,
Just to make you frown,
I'm writing in your album [card]
Upside down.
I've tried to think of something,
But my mind has fallen flat.
I'll say that you're a friend of mine
And let it go at that.
In my garden there is a rock
On which it says, "Forget me not."
In my garden there is a tree
On which it says, "Remember me."
Remember the M,
Remember the E.
Put them together
Remember ME.
Postman, postman,
Do your duty,
Send this letter
To my cutie,
Don't you stop,
Nor don't delay,
Get it to her/him
Right away.
Remember this, and bear in mind,
A good man is hard to find;
But when you find one good and true
Stick to him like Elmer's glue.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
The land is white,
The sea is black,
It'll take a good scholar
To riddle me that.

Paper and ink.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
I found the following poems on old postcards.

Blessed with Easter Peace
May Strife & Sorrow cease.
Easter Greetings
Here I send,
To My very
Dearest Friend.
In each song of triumph
In each anthem may
You with heart rejoicing
Join on Easter day.
In the Sweetest Music
Bells are chiming
Jesus died to save us
Because He loves us so.
May your heart
With hope and
Gladness sing
And the day to
You great blessing bring.
The Savior slain
Now lives again
O'er earth to reign
And how I pray
That He today
Sweet blessings may
On thee outpour.
An Easter Blessing.
May he who rolled
The stone away
And left the grave
On Easter day.
A blessing sweet
To you impart
That shall o'erflow
Your happy heart.
Sweet Happiness
Oh, may the light
Of Easter day
Shine warm and bright
Upon your way.
And may the Lord
Who lives to bless
To you afford
Sweet happiness.
May the bells
Of Easter
Ringing clear:
Fill your heart
With love and
Mother's Day
By James Montgomery.

A mother's love
How sweet the name!
What is a mother's love?
A noble, pure, and
Tender flame
Extended from above.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger;
Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger;
Sneeze on Wednesday, receive a letter;
Sneeze on Thursday, something better;
Sneeze on Friday, expect sorrow;
Sneeze on Saturday, joy to-morrow.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
(If you wish to use this poem on a card, use the verse inside, then turn the card over and write the author on the back, like the commercial cards do = Poem by: ______ . Give credit where due).

Missing Me?

By Dolores J. Rush

Feeling lonesome?
Feeling blue?
Know you aren't forgotten,
'Cause I love you!
~~ <> @ <> ~~
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