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Funny everyone is talking about the jewelry and knitting/crocheting. There are always a lot of booths for those at all the events I have been at. My friend I share booth space with does both these items. She does lovely work and she makes beautiful hats and scarves and gloves! But yes, sometimes I am sure she groans about all the other people doing this, too. Makes selling really hard! =(

I didn't take "business cards" to any of these events because I don't really do this as a business....just do the 2 shows a year...but I had people ask for my name and phone # and I had a lady call me today about the little acrylic desktop post-it note items I had. Her little daughter was eyeing one but mom didn't want to get it then because she was there. I told her I was going to be at this craft fair this weekend, which is 30 miinutes away from the other craft fair I was at but is in my hometown. I work full-time in this town 30 minutes away, so I am there 5 days a week, but things have been busy and I don't really have time to make and take a $3 item to this woman. She said she would try to make it out to this craft fair this weekend, but I guess my question much effort do you put in to "special orders" or getting something to someone outside of a sale? Especially if this isn't really your "business" but a little money making hobby. I would spend more in gas driving across town to give her that $3 item but I hate telling people "not worth it" either...her daughter was so cute and wanted that little thing so bad. LOL

I live in a really small rural town. So when I do the "local" shows, a lot of the shoppers are from the towns nearby. I have had requests like this more than once & I usually just meet them half way. I've delivered items to people in grocery store parking lots & gas station parking lots, lol. Although I go into the other towns every couple of weeks or so. The item doesn't usually have to be delivered right away, just so they get it before that special occasion.
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