Z Becky Brown Purse

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Z Becky Brown handbags are the perfect canvas for creative expression using your favorite tools, techniques and styles.


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  • >Stylish handbags that you personalize with your own art

  • >Stamp, scrap, stitch, paint and create a custom insert

  • >Three different handbag types available

  • >Made in the USA

Product Description

Manufacturer Description:

Z Becky Brown, One Handbag… Infinite Possibilities! Z Becky Brown handbags are the perfect canvas for creative expression using your favorite tools, techniques, and styles. You are the handbag designer and this is the ultimate fashion accessory. Customize your bag and showcase your artistic talents with any medium. You can easily swap out your design insert for a new look in just moments. Our Ziva Papers are the perfect companion in the art of crafting your handbag design. Ziva Papers are premium papers cut to exactly fit Z Becky Brown handbags, giving you ease in sizing, enhancing your design experience.

You’ve Got It, Now Flaunt It!
Our promise is this- the compliments will flow wherever you go. Everyone takes notice of your unique look. This is the perfect gift for the design savvy.

Product Instructions:

Here is how it works:
1. Create your design insert. Sized templates are included with each handbag.
2. Slide your design insert into your handbag between the clear base and the liner.
3. Swap one design insert out and slide a new design insert in to change the total look in just moments!
Stamp it, Scrap it, Stitch it, Paint it
This is the only handbag that will never go out of style: it can change with every outfit and every season of the year. You never need to remove the contents of your handbag to totally change your look and match any outfit.

• Choose from three color combinations, Black, Brown or White.
• Choose your preferred hardware in Gold or Polished Nickel.
• Choose the perfect handle to complete the style of your handbag.
• The key to the versatility of the Z Becky Brown handbag is the innovative clear base which displays and protects your designer insert.
• Ziva Papers let you put your own artistic stamp on a custom insert - premium cardstock, archival quality - five colors.
• Made in America to last for years to come from the “Natural Polymer”, an eco-friendly renewable resource.
• Quality accents maintain a premium look that that is both trendy and functional.
• Z Becky Brown presents our collection of designer inserts ready to wear, ranging from classic to trendy, or create your very own look with Ziva papers!
• Z Becky Brown is a family-owned business based in South Carolina, manufacturing in the USA, Patented, and proudly ensuring sweatshop-free partners.
• Fashion…Expression…Versatility

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  1. Creating Your Unique And Stylish Purse With Z Becky Brown!

    By Amanda Havon

    What if, you could create the purse you've always wanted? I have a small collection of purses, so I love a cute and unique purse, but I've never thought of making my own design! With Z Becky Brown you and I can do that! Z Becky Brown offers many paper inserts and styles so that your look can always change on a whim and also be uniquely you!

    On the Z Becky Brown website, she offers enough styled inserts, many being reversable, as well as fabric ones that fit right into the clear purse with no trimming or hassle. You can also trace out the stock insert onto a favorite patterned paper, cut it out, and embellish as much or as little as you please for that extra spice to your wardrobe! After you pick the papers, or fabric insert if you desire, you can also pick your purse handle to match your overall look! I love that added detail, too! The purse box is a clear acrylic and comes with a cleaning cloth to keep your purse clean. I have kids who love to explore and touch everything, and even their fingerprints buffed right out when I used their buffing cloth! I love that they thought of adding that, for good measure!

    So if you have an eye for design and a zest for style, this product really is for you! I will enjoy changing my look for years to come!

  2. Purse for any occasion

    By Beate Johns

    Z Becky Brown purses allow you to create a handbag that is your style with your own artful flair for any occasion. All three purse types that Z Becky Brown offers come with clear acrylic walls, and you add inserts to customize the purse. The difference between the purses is the lid, clasp and handle colors.

    I was really impressed with the safe way the purse was shipped. The clasp was wrapped in foam and the purse was wrapped in plastic, then the purse was double boxed for shipping. There is no way anything would happen to that purse during transit.

    The purse comes with an insert you can use as a template to cut your own designer paper or card base. Or, you can purchase inserts, which are double sided, giving you two different designs for the price of one. You can also purchase canvas or card stock inserts that are already cut to fit the purse perfectly. Use those as a scrapbook or stamping base to create your own personalized purse. What a great way to show off your hobby and/or family.

    It's definitely the purse for crafters!

  3. Fashionable Papercrafting

    By Michelle Giraud

    I've seen pictures so the Z Becky Brown purses and have always been intrigued by the concept of having such a customizable fashion accessory. So having the chance to play with one was a lot of fun! These purses are really well made of a sturdy, clear plastic with a nice glossy finish which makes all the papers put inside just a little more special looking. There are several handle and lid choices, but I went with a simple black lid and basic black handle.

    The precut insert papers (Ziva papers) are really great because you can use them as a blank canvas for whatever look you want to put together. I started out designing one bag insert, next thing I know I have three done in a VERY short time. I didn't make any of my projects to match anything in particular, but I love the idea that you can quickly put together custom fashion accessory to perfectly match whatever you're wearing using just by using a 12x12 sheet of designer paper.

    I look forward to adding more decorated inserts to my collection so it's like having a few dozen different purses by only changing the paper. Genius!

  4. Personalized Purse

    By Teresa Kline

    I adore the Becky Brown purses, so cute and fashionable. The inserts come in all colors and patterns; making this very versatile. They are pre cut to easily slide in and out to fit your every mood. They also have plain solid colored ones they can be personalized, so many possibilities. You could stamp on them, draw a scene, or any attempt Zen-doodle as I have. I am so pleased with the outcome.

    I will carry mine on a normal day of errands as well as travel. All of those little whatnots we take with us when we travel, my first thought was this will be perfect! You can not go wrong with the Becky Brown purse, they come in several varieties; different colored lids and styles of handles. Pick one up for yourself and for those extra special Christmas gifts, have fun doodling!

  5. Zee Pretty Purse

    By Bev Rousch

    I like purses. I'm a girl that way.

    I have loads of them, and I really don't like getting rid of any purse just in case I need one for an outfit. I didn't however have a nice boxy one. Enter Z Becky Brown! I've been looking at Fall 2013 fashion, and apparently portfolio manager looks are in.

    I really like all the options these give you. You choose what lid and handle suit you best. I went for black with gold accents and their tortoise round beaded handle.

    When I pulled mine out of the box, I noticed so many fun details. The purse is nice and sturdy (strong plastic!). There's a little mirror on the inside of the cover (hi, I'm going to use that a lot). The lid hinges are strong. The lid opens nice and wide for pulling things in and out. They include a little polishing cloth for keeping the mirror and purse all shiny and pretty. The lining of the bag that keeps the inserts in place is cushioned and squishy. I like that feature a lot because I carry a smartphone and I would hate for that in particular to be clunking around in a hard plastic tote.

    My purse came with the Camel Hide insert, and I really like the neutral color, and was impressed with textured in the pattern (very realistic looking). Overall all the quality in the materials used is great! Very sturdy, and well thought-out design.

    I'm excited to try all the different looks I can make with this bag. It's fun to have our creativity spill out into our fashion.

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Oh Becky!!! What an incredible idea!!! I love this! Stampin up! Reps can advertise and I can have a one of a kind purse whenever I want!! Good for you! I hope you are successful beyond your wildest dreams. Count me in as a future customer! What a great idea for school fundraising, too!!

Carmen g   |  Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 11:50 AM

SO SO SO GLAD you are BACK!!!!  TOTALLY honored to help Welcome you HOME!!!!!!


KelliJo   |  Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 9:14 PM

Oh joy!!!  I can’t wait to pull out my Z Becky bag again!  I used to get so many compliments when I carried it.  I have 2 still new in the box that I never did anything with; I get the feeling 2 very lucky sister in laws will be getting them for Christmas…

Lori   |  Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 12:45 PM
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What you'll pay

Purse $63.00 each
Inserts $14.99 each
Ziva Papers $9.95 each

Where to buy

You can purchase the purses directly from Z Becky Brown.

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