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Quality adhesives with innovative packaging make for quick, efficient papercrafting.


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  • >Mini Sticker Maker creates instant stickers up to 1" wide

  • >Mini Sticker Maker comes with 10 feet of permanent adhesive

  • >Wedge shaped Glue Stick allows for easy corner-to-corner application to paper

  • >Adhesive gauge on Glue Stick tube shows how much product remains

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Xyron is a leading adhesives manufacturer known for their edge-to-edge adhesive. Founded in 1996 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Xyron has grown within the creative marketplace to become a world-class provider of transformation tools for both creative home users and creative professionals.

Xyron's products include award-winning adhesive tools, all-inclusive scrapbooking collections, unique handheld dispensers, and patented cold-lamination products that require no heat, batteries or electricity.

Product Description

This unique, patent pending Glue Stick is designed specifically for corners and to work great anywhere you use your glue stick today! The "wedge" design fits comfortably in the hand and won’t roll of your work surface. The Xyron® Glue Stick contains .8 ounces (22 grams) of permanent, non-toxic, acid-free glue. The adhesive gauge on the side shows you how much product remains so you don't run out when you need it the most! The cap easily inserts into the bottom of the stick for safe keeping while in use, and exposes the adhesive with a simple twist.

The Xyron® Mini Sticker Maker is the perfect introduction to Xyron® quality adhesive. This mini tool effortlessly turns flat items up to 1 inch wide into stickers using our non-toxic, acid-free permanent adhesive. Available in either green or blue, this product is the ideal impulse buy for crafters, mothers, teens and more. The Xyron® Mini Sticker Maker comes loaded with 10 feet of permanent adhesive.

Learn more about how Xyron's Sticker Makers work in this video

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  1. Glue you can stick with!

    By Amanda Havon

    I am so excited to review the Xyron Permanent Glue Stick and the Xyron Mini Sticker Maker!

    I have never used their glue sticks before but I have been looking for one that I can use that won't warp or wrinkle my paper like so many others can do. This glue is thick and glides on without chunking and holds beautifully! It didn't warp my paper after laying on quite a thick layer, and I am pretty impressed! I don't normally lay such thick layers of glue on projects, but I like to know I can when I need to without worrying about it. And, with this glue, I can.

    I also like the glue stick product design, too. When you need more glue, you use the "key" on the cap to twist the bottom of the stick wand to bring the glue to the top. That means no messy spills and no accidental glue "overage" everywhere!

    My favorite product by far, is the Mini Sticker Maker. I have never had anything like this little gadget before and now it's my favorite new tool! You can put pretty much any small stamped image or flat embellishment in it and it creates a sticky backside. This eliminates any hassle you might have if your image has intricate cuts or you just don't like or want to mess with glue. At first I was unsure if it would be sticky enough to hold, but I am pleasantly surprised just how sticky it really is! I am able to move it if I accidentally placed it in the wrong position, because it peels off easily and does not pull up or rip your paper. But it's sticky enough to stay if I need it to, too. How many times have I needed this gadget but didn't know it existed? Too many times to count!

    Xyron has lived up to it's trustworthy name, and I will continue to use their products.

  2. Getting Sticky!

    By Lori McAree

    I was excited and couldn’t wait to get started on the review for Xyron. This is one product I have been meaning to try, but I just hadn’t gotten to yet.

    I did have a lot of fun experimenting! I wanted to try using the Xyron Mini Sticker Maker for projects that have been troublesome to me. I thought for one of my projects I would try applying glitter. I was so impressed with how easy it was to do, and it was not very messy! On another project, I thought it would be fun to see how well it worked with tiny bling. The downfall is I lost a couple of rhinestones, but they were tiny. With all of my projects, I was very pleased with how well everything stuck and with the ease of use.

    I have quite a few other ideas in mind and plan on getting a few different sizes of Xyron adhesive for different projects.

  3. Sticky Goodness!

    By Rose Ann Reynolds

    As a paper crafter, adhesives are a must, and I'm happy to be reviewing the new Glue Stick and 1" Sticker Maker from Xyron.

    I regularly use tape runner adhesive to assemble my cards, but I thought I would go ahead and give the Xyron Glue Stick a try. I really like the "pie" shaped stick (no rolling off the table), and the cap fits nicely into the bottom to help twist the glue up as you use it. The shape also makes it easy to apply glue to the corners, and I love that the glue is permanent and acid-free. While I was using this glue stick for adhering my card layers together, I felt the need to apply the glue quite liberally, as the edges seemed to be lifting a little. After adhering my layers, I just put a little pressure along the edges and the layers bonded together just fine. I also noticed that my cards felt a little "stiffer" than usual, which many of you may like. This glue stick is super easy to use, and is not at all messy.

    I own the 1.5" Create-a-Sticker, so I was quite familiar with the new 1" Sticker Maker. They are very similar, though the 1" is obviously 1/2 inch more narrow. The unit itself is also quite a bit smaller, which is a plus when you want to throw it in your bag to take to a workshop or crop. This unit operates the same as the 1.5" Create-a-Sticker and is very easy to use. You just insert your item into the opened slot in the top, pull the tape down below and tear off your piece using the serrated cutting edge. Rub your item to be sure the adhesive is bonded to your piece, then peel the clear liner off. Your sticker is ready to use! Many times, the items I'm making into stickers are small, and this little 1" size is perfect! This new narrow size is better for feeding ribbon, too, because I won't have as much waste as I did before.

    Both of the new Xyron adhesives work just as they say, and live up to the Xyron reputation. I recommend!

  4. X-citing Basics

    By Bev Rousch

    Trying new adhesive for a crafter can be a hard sell because we all have our favorites, but when I got the chance to try some new basics from Xyron I couldn't wait to see what they could do!

    I have a couple of the Xyron Xs, and I'm going to sound corny, but I was excited to finally have a BABY size. :D The 1" width is perfect for the accessories and small pieces I need to stick on my projects. And, they really stick! No walking away for a day and having them slide off. You just pop in your accessory piece, pull it through and the glue is applied gently and evenly. Fool-proof! Wonderful for all the finishing details that make your cards shine!

    My first impression of Xyron's new glue stick is it's ingenious design. It's a triangular shaped stick so no more glue stick rolling off the table. Its triangular shape is also wonderful for applying the glue into corners which is just where you want the glue to adhere properly. The consistency of the glue is perfect for even application leaving a good layer of adhesive. And on top of those clever features, the lid pops off and has a built in knob that when placed into the bottom of the stick, acts as the twisty tool to raise the glue level. Too smart!

    I've had to keep my kids from running off with both these products because even they can tell that Xyron are the cool adhesives!

  5. Reliable Adhesive

    By Beate Johns

    For this review we received Xyron's new glue stick as well as the 1" mini disposable Sticker Maker. I am a big Xyron fan. I have their Sticker Maker in different several widths and LOVE them. I use them when I paper piece images, creating my own masks for images (with repositionable adhesive cartridge) and a few other techniques.

    Usually I don't use glue sticks, so I was interested to see how this one would do. I liked it! The glue goes on smoothly to your cardstock and paper without creating this gunky extra that sometimes happens with glue sticks. I like the wedge shape. It keeps the glue stick in place and not rolling around your craft area. The lid actually locks into the bottom of the glue stick when you are using it, and you can use that to help turn the glue up.

    I knew before even trying out the 1" Sticker Maker that I would love it, and as I suspected, it works just as great as all the other sizes. I think Mini Sticker Maker is great for someone who has never used Xyron products before and wants to try it out without investing too much money. It's a good size for paper piecing smaller images or adding adhesive to the back of smaller die cuts and punch outs.

    Xyron never disappoints. I LOVE their products.

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Questions and Comments

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A mini Xyron Sticker maker would be very useful. I love all Xyron products and my sticker maker is right on my desk and I use it regularly.

Nina Brady   |  Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 8:32 AM

The only negative thing about those cool Xyron sticker makers is the name.  When I first read it I thought, “sticker maker - I don’t need or even like stickers” lol! The word “sticker” is a turn off for some. It’s a bit of a misleading title.  Something closer to it’s adhesiveness might help make it more marketable?  X-strodinarily Fabulous Adhesive Machine? XFAM smile

beth warner   |  Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 10:54 AM

Thanks for this video!!!!!!!!!  I have had one for a long time but did not know how to use it.  If I had known how simple it is I think I would have been using it more often.

Carol   |  Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 2:40 PM

I have had several of the Xyron sticker makers for years and love them. But they are refillable. Why isn’t the new 1” one? Seems like a waste. Can’t wait to try the glue stick, though. I don’t usually use one because of the little “globs”, but this sounds much better. Plus it won’t roll! Great idea.

stamper plus   |  Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 6:39 PM

I think there are no refills for the 1” Xyron is that it is so inexpensive that a refill wouldn’t make sense.

Dee   |  Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 2:21 PM

Beate, do you know if the Xyron sticker machines would work well for the very fine die cuts (like the ones from Memory Box)?  I find them a real nuisance to stick on my cards.

susanbri   |  Sat Oct 20, 2012 at 11:49 AM

I would not use Xyron for very intricate dies. I love them for paper piecing and bigger pieces, but for intricate dies, you will get a little adhesive in between finer details. I would suggest using a glue pen like Sakura’s quickie glue pen.

Beate   |  Sat Oct 20, 2012 at 9:20 PM
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