The Ultimate Pen Storage

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Organize pens, markers and supplies with this customizable pen storage system.


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  • >Modular system which can be customized to your personal space

  • >Accommodates most pens and pen systems

  • >Three different ways to build - horizontally, vertically or angled

  • >Portable, lightweight and stylish design

  • >Each individual tray is 9.5" wide, 5.3" deep and .875" tall

Product Description

Manufacturer Description:
The Ultimate Pen Storage System is a versatile and modular desktop solution with limitless design flexibility. Each tray is designed to hold 12 pens and is made of a high quality, impact resistant plastic.

It’s never been easier to organize your pens! The pen trays can be stacked vertically, at an angle, horizontally or a combination of the three to create the storage solution that works perfectly in your space. Each slot will fit any pen up to 5/8” (17mm) in diameter. What’s more, it’s also a great storage solution for pencils, highlighters, brushes and even bead & glitter tubes.

All of your pens can now be right at hand and easy to find, and with the multiple configuration options it’s sure to be the perfect storage solution for your workspace either at home or in your office.

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  1. Spec-stack-ular Marker Storage

    By Beate Johns

    I was excited when I received The Ultimate Pen Storage from Crafter's Companion for this review, as I am always looking for great organizational products to help me keep my stamp room clean.

    The system is a set of trays, designed that you can add-on additional trays to fit your specific needs. Each tray in the system has individual slots to hold a total of 12 markers. The trays easily stack on top of each other, and the units can be stacked side-by-side. My Spectrum Noir markers look so neat and organized. It's easy to keep them in numerical order. I like that.

    Just to see, I tried other markers that I own (Copic, Memento Markers, Tim Holtz Distress Markers) in the storage trays, and they all fit, as well. I also tried aqua and pastel pencils from Faber-Castell and found that four colored pencils will fit in each one of the slots.

    I am very happy with the marker storage. They make my Spectrum Markers look so pretty.

  2. The Ultimate Solution Right At Your Fingertips!

    By Amanda Havon

    There are so many kinds of markers, pens, and pencils on the market for crafters, yet have you noticed there aren't many great products to properly hold them?

    For years crafters have come up with creative ways to store pens and pencils, like cups, buckets, shelve, but sometimes those 'solutions' can take up so much space. I had the same problem until Crafter's Companion created the Ultimate Pan Storage. It hardly takes up any footprint on your workspace because you build up and not out! Most of us have space to stack things on our table space, but not a lot of room to spread out over our crafting space. Now my markers are at my finger tips and the Ultimate Storage will hold any type of marker so I can have two or three different coloring mediums on the trays at once.

    The trays are sturdy and stack easily in two different formations and can be un-assembled just as easy, plus my favorite thing is that the trays are completely clear. That makes it much easier to see what colors you are grabbing, and I think it's wonderful that I can have both Spectrum Noirs and my Copic Sketch in one spot! I can also fit my utility craft knives for fussy cutting, inside, making sure I don't accidentally cut myself.

    I used to be afraid of buying more Copics because I was running out of room to store them, but these trays make it possible to buy more and still have working craft space! All because of it's space saving design, you build up and not out to the side. There is no limit at how tall you can stack them so it's customizable to each crafters' need.
    This is one product you will want to invest in because it will hold up and worth every penny. I will definitely make the Ultimate Pen Storage my permanent storage solution for all of my marker needs!

  3. Amazingly Versatile Pen Storage

    By Teresa Kline

    I was very excited to open the Ultimate Pen Storage. As soon as I opened it, I could see that it was a clean design and very sturdy. I found the system to be very accommodating, super strong and clips together with ease. It also stays together while moving it around. When moving things around in our craft area, it is important that it stay together and not full apart.

    I like that it can be used with all sizes and shapes of markers and pens. To be able to use it for more than one size or shape makes it versatile and a better buy for the money. The one thing that I would like to see is a cover on the top row, that way the crafter could make use of the flat surface on top.

    To sum up my review of the Ultimate Pen Storage; a sturdy, well constructed, and versatile pen storage

  4. The Ultimate IS the Ultimate!

    By Judy Rozema

    The very first thing I noticed upon receiving my storage racks was how well packaged they were. The box was sturdy and the unit was protected. I like when companies take care with their products in shipping!

    I had watched the video on the Crafter’s Companion website before I received my storage racks, so knew exactly how I wanted to set it up on my desk. I loved the ability to stack individual units on top of each other, or at an angle, for easier retrieval of whatever I put in it. The clear acrylic allows visibility with anything you put in it – pens, sprays, makeup, art supplies, tools and more.

    The stand-out qualities about the Ultimate Pen Storage are:

    * The sturdiness and heavy thickness of the acrylic units. It doesn’t buckle under and holds its shape when picked up or moved.
    * The versatility in stacking directly on top of each other, or angled.
    * The size of each compartment, able to hold a multitude of different pens and other containers.
    * The width of the unit makes it easily to assimilate into your craft area with ease. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough!
    * The ease at which it snaps together allows for quick assembly.

    Most of my markers are in little buckets right now on their ends, and although many companies say this doesn’t matter, I do like having them lay flat, and orderly so that I can see which color I am reaching for. The Ultimate Pen Storage unit is a great addition to any craft area. I love it!

  5. More Like The ESSENTIAL Pen Storage System

    By Bev Rousch

    When Crafter's Companion announced their new pen storage system for Spectrum Noir, I was so excited! "Yes! Come to MAMA!" I said. I saw the videos and couldn't wait to order them and have my favorite alcohol markers nicely organized on my desktop. Then we found out we'd be review the system, and I literally danced about my house to a bit, whooping it up (you can ask Lori).

    I love order. Having my craft supplies tidy means it's easy to get to, and I can use them more efficiently. The best sort of order is not only when it's all easy to get to, but ALSO beautifully presented. When it's all of those things, I want to use them. And isn't that the point? We want to use all of our materials! That's why we purchase them. That's why we are in this hobby. So order isn't just a kindness to yourself, it's a necessity. And I needed this pen storage system in a big way.

    I don't have a ton of stamp space at the moment. We're renovating a part of our house soon and after that I will have a bigger area, but for now, it's a desk and a hutch. Every inch of this area is important and has to function. I had big hopes this system would work for my smaller space, and it didn't disappoint.

    The storage system is basically trays with divided slots for each pen, and the trays lock into each other to create a tower of pen storage. You can choose to have those trays lock side by side or stack on top of each other. I knew that with my desk space, I needed and appreciated that they could lock into place on top of one another. I also like that each tray holds 12 pens. The perfect number for organizing the pen packs that I have fallen in love with from Spectrum Noir.

    If that wasn't enough they give you one more wonderful option. You can have the trays lock into each other so the front is flush, or you can have them click into place and have the storage be slanted so you can easily slide the pens out. Feel free to freak out here, like I did. Are you back? I'll wait…Yes? Ok. The pen storage not only holds the wonderful Spectrum Noir pens that I love. The slots are 5/8" and hold every pen that I've tried as well as all sorts of tools. You could have the most substantial tower any crafter has ever dreamed of. And did I mention how sturdy this system is? The clear plastic is 1/8" thick and super strong. I was impressed when I clicked this baby together.

    Really, there was only one thing that worried me about it. I knew that I wanted the storage system to lock in all vertically and slanted, but I was worried that the slanting would cause too much overhang on the back side and take up that much more space. Happy day, friends! Six trays high and when I measured, the slanting only takes up 1 more inch of space in the back! Feel like dancing? Yes? Me too!

    I not only recommend this system to you, I honestly feel like this is one of those pieces every crafter should have. Because if you tried it out, if you came into my space and saw it on my table and studied it for a couple of minutes, you would HAVE to have it for yourself. You would understand that by storing my pens so conveniently and beautifully organized now, I am making more cards. I'm enjoying my craft more. It is quicker and more intuitive and I feel like a better artist. Whatever other pen storage you are putting up with right now: give it up. This is a must have, absolutely, the end, and you're welcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you Crafter's Companion!

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Questions and Comments

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I purchased several Copic pens only to find that upon using them, they tend to leak. This has ruined several pictures. Is this common?

Joy   |  Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 6:58 AM

purchased all the Spectrum Noir markers and had a very hard time storing them until this came out…I purchase it and LOVE it! I will be buying more units to add all my other brands of markers…

This is an excellent product, well made, adjustable and looks good anywhere…

Karen   |  Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 11:43 AM

Joy - I’m not sure what you mean by “leak”. Copics have two different seals inside the cap system (one around the nib and another around the base of the cap) to keep them airtight, so if you have one leaking while capped, the lid isn’t situated square on the body of the marker. Occasionally, while using the markers to color, you will have ink drip from the tip of the nib if it’s been recently (over)filled, used in a different altitudes or (and the last one is rare) when it’s new from the factory. The first thing I’d try is pulling the caps off of both ends of the marker at the same time to stabilize the air pressure inside the barrel. Then, try dabbing the nib gently on a piece of scrap paper to soak up any excess ink. Hope that helps. ~ Lori

Lori   |  Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 1:52 PM

My only issue is that they want $8/tray for this very small (albeit functional) piece of plastic.  With upwards of 300+ pens, I would have at least $200 invested in displaying/storing my pens.  So far what I have works and while the idea is enticing, the price tag is not.  Do they not understand it’s JUST plastic?

AlisaA   |  Thu Jan 24, 2013 at 11:14 AM

Alisa, the Crafter’s Companion does offer some bulk purchase trays and free shipping for orders of $50 or more. They often have sales where you can get up to 20% or more! I hope this helps, Alisa smile

Amanda Hav   |  Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 3:08 PM

I purchased 14 trays and here are my pros & cons:

Stacking at an angle makes it easy to get to the markers
All copics fit easily except the large flat markers

The trays sit on each other but don’t lock in place so if you need to move the stack you have to be careful so they don’t come apart - not a big problem - more of an FYI

No top cover tray. I made a top using foam board.

Color is a greenish/blue - would prefer clear plastic

In general I like the trays and I’m not sorry I bought them.

Stamphappy1650   |  Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 6:20 AM
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