The Perfect Ruler

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Give your projects the attention to detail they deserve with perfectly straight cuts and centered elements using The Perfect Ruler.


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  • >Patented Grip Strip to hold paper in place while you trim or trace

  • >One side of ruler is clear, one side is metal

  • >Measurement in inches and centimeters

  • >Ergonomically designed for ease of use and safety

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

From the makers of Perfect Layers™ “The Perfect Ruler” is the best of everything all in one. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of rulers. Once you use it, you will find The Perfect Ruler becomes an essential craft tool.

At the touch of a button the patented Grip Strip holds your project in place with no slipping for perfect cuts, trims and lines every time. In addition, it has these other great features:

• Ergonomic Design - comfortable and safe to handle. The unique design keeps your hands up and away from any cutting blade
• Dual measurements - Measures inches and centimeters
• Clear edge ruler - See through, great for lining things up with measurement to 30 centimeters
• Metal Ruler - Durable and great for cutting and tearing with measurement to 12 inches
• Centering Ruler - For perfectly centered placement of all elements on your project
• Zero Start Line - 12 inch metal ruler starts '0' at the very edge for easier and more accurate measuring

The Perfect Ruler is great for all of your crafting projects using paper, foam core, card board, chipboard and even fabric.

Check this video for more information about the ruler:

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  1. Perfectly Precise!

    By Michelle Giraud

    When the folks at Perfect Paper Crafting designed this ruler, they really thought of everything you would ever need to use a ruler for. From measuring to cutting, the Perfect Ruler really is pretty perfect!

    When I papercraft I generally don't measure but I know LOTS of papercrafters who are much more precise than I am and like to have everything perfectly laid out. This ruler is for you! It has a clear side and a metal side, with measurements in both cm and inches. I found the centering measurements really handy because I'm always just a little off when eyeballing it!

    My favorite feature of the ruler was the grip strip... No more slipping when drawing or cutting on the straight edge! I used the ruler quite a bit for this feature alone. I like to draw lines and borders on my cards, the clear edge is helpful in laying this out. All of us know how disastrous it is when cutting with an exacto knife... when the straight edge slips out of place its time to start over! This non slip "grip strip" totally takes care of the slipping. Plus the button is on the top of the ruler where you would naturally hold down, so it's not like an extra step. All in all, this is a very logically thought out product!

  2. Gripping Perfection

    By Bev Rousch

    I learned pretty early on in designing that straight lines are generally important to an ideal outcome. In the stamping world, that is no different! In fact, I think that since we often work with such a small canvas, card making requires a keen eye for keeping thing straight and level. Rulers are key to that.

    I've had quite a lot of rulers in my life, but the ones I've used for card making have been the most important to me. My new love is this Perfect Ruler. It truly is perfect! So well thought out, it does what 2 of my previously favorite rulers did in one! It's clear on one side for designing, and it's a metal edge on the other side for cutting. But, they didn't call that done. Nope. They added a press bar activated grip to keep the ruler in place while you line things up, draw lines or cut. No wobbly lines. No crooked cuts. Personally, I like that the press bar has grip edges on the sides so I can hold the press bar down with less effort and strain on my hands.

    For designing with the clear side, they have also put in a centering ruler. This feature is fantastic when you need to know where to cut around an image. They've thought of everything! I am so pleased and highly recommend this ruler! You will see a difference.

  3. Straight Edge

    By Teresa Kline

    What a great tool the Perfect Ruler is to have in your studio. It is so precise and gives you a perfect edge every time you cut. I really like the rubber grip on the bottom, with just a push down on the paper it holds the paper down tight, and you can cut the thinest slivers of paper. I made a card with curly q's and added them to my bow. So cute!

    The Perfect Ruler is a fabulous replacement to your everyday ruler, I am glad to have it among my creating tools.

  4. Perfect Ruler Indeed!

    By Beate Johns

    I was really impressed playing with this ruler. I didn't think a ruler could have that many features. I love every single one of them.

    I love that you have one clear side and one metal side. I used the metal side when cutting cardstock with a hobby blade and the clear side when I wanted to see underneath the ruler.

    The most amazing feature though is the "grip" that helps you holding the cardstock underneath. Just press in the center of the ruler and activate the grip. It holds your paper tight while you trace a straight line or cut with a hobby blade. I know that I have had several crooked mishaps before because my ruler shifted while I was trying to cut. That won't happen anymore from now on because I will be using this ruler whenever I use my hobby blade to cut paper or cardstock. It is definitely the only ruler for me.

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Questions and Comments

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What a great demo!  And, I think I might need one of these….this is a great design.

Mary Mansfield   |  Wed Jun 26, 2013 at 7:23 AM

Well, this looks really awesome, but I don’t use a single ruler all that often, so I don’t think I’d benefit from these bells and whistles very much. Now what I’d REALLY like to see is a cutter that, seriously, cuts a straight line. I’m so tired of purchasing new cutters (Fiskar, etc.) based on all the “wonderful new things” it does, only to find it’s still not cutting a straight, fine card edge. This is why I hesitate to sink more money into the new Stampin’ Up! cutter. <sigh>

Maggie M.   |  Thu Jun 27, 2013 at 9:13 AM

wow! what a cool ruler! I will heck out this product right now!

donna tune   |  Thu Jun 27, 2013 at 10:15 AM

Wow, this looks like my dream tool that will solve all my problems.  LOVE how it grips on and that I can use for not just card making but for my sewing - cutting materials.  Great demonstration video which explained everything so well - thanks!

Jocelyn K   |  Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 1:05 AM

Does anyone know who makes the stamp of the 3 birthday sheep?

By the way, I just love the Perfect Layers rulers by the same company.  They are a must for matting photos perfectly!

Trisha D.   |  Tue Jul 2, 2013 at 6:22 PM

This really does look like the perfect ruler.  I have other products from Perfect Paper Crafting and the only problem is that they can be quite expesive!
I will definitely consider this ruler!

Barbara   |  Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 9:57 AM
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