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High quality tape, punch sheet and dimensional glue adhesives specifically for use on glitter, bead and foil paper crafting projects.


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  • > Double-sided punch adhesive sheets measure 4 1/8" x 6"

  • > Adhesive sheets are ideal to use with beads, glitter, foils, embellishments and punches

  • > PVA Glue comes with a unique metal dispensing nib

  • > Double sided Ultra Clear Tape creates an instant permanent bond when joining paper, board, plastic, fabric, leather, wood, metal and glass

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
It all began with United Kingdom Industrial Tapes (UKIT) founded in the UK in 1997 as a vendor of Specialty Acid Free and Archival Safe adhesive tapes. UKIT is now a recognized name, not only in the UK but throughout the European community as one of the largest suppliers of self adhesive tapes and packaging products to the art and framing industry. With this knowledge and experience, STIX2 ANYTHING brand of products was launched in 2004 to meet the specific adhesive needs of the Hobby, Craft, Greeting Cards and Scrapbooking markets. Our North American headquarters are located in Canada and we are pleased to announce that STIX2 ANYTHING - KOOL TAK North America has just recently opened a US-based sales office in California. With over 150 products in this new and exciting line, there is something to meet everyone's needs.

Use STIX2 Ultra-Clear tape with glitter, micro-beads, jewelery beads (or a combination of all three) and create stunning borders or embellishments. The high tack adhesive of the Ultra-Clear tape will provide the permanent holding power you need. You may prefer to use embossing powder, just sprinkle it on the tape and heat. Ultra-Clear tape is available different widths and lengths.

Punch sheets may be used to create letters or shapes of your choice using your punches or die-cutting machine and then cover with glitter or micro-beads. For self-adhesive stickers, simply adhere your favorite paper to one side of the sheet before die-cutting.

For that unique finishing touch, use the special STIX2 3D PVA glue to doodle or write with, let dry then cover with one or more colors of STIX2 Shiny Transfer Foil. You get an embossed look with no mess and no heat required. Shiny Transfer foils come in 6 different color combo sets as do Stix2's tri-paks of glitter/micro-beads/jewelery beads.

Product Description

Ultra-Clear tape, punch sheets and 3D PVA glue work well with glitters, micro-beads and jewelery beads to add flair to your paper crafting projects. Ultra-Clear tape is a double sided, strong adhesive tape available in five widths from 1/8" to 1". Punch sheets allow you to make your own shaped stickers using punches or die-cut systems with micro-beads and/or glitter. Stix2 3D PVA glue is a dimensional adhesive with exceptional hold when used wet and a quality transfer agent for beautiful foils when dry.

Learn how to use PVA Glue with Transfer Foil

Learn how to use double sided adhesive sheets with Glitter

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  1. Stix2™ - great adhesives for many purposes.

    By Angel Wilde

    For this review, we were sent a wide variety of adhesives and coordinating products that worked quite well together. My favorite was the Double Sided Adhesive Sheets. I love punches and I own a lot of them. I’m always looking for new ways to use them. So I was excited about punching shapes out of the Double Sided Adhesive Sheets and making them glittery. It worked like a charm. (FYI- it may leave your punches a bit sticky.) I also used the sheets in my die cut machine with great results. I made several flowers, covering them with the Stix2 micro beads and glitter and layering them to make some gorgeous floral creations. The options appear endless with the Stix2 Seed Beads and Fine Glitters. The choices and combinations are vibrant and eye-catching.

    In addition, I worked with the Stix2 PVA Glue and Transfer Foils. Using the PVA Glue with the special metal nib, I handwrote some sentiments and outlined some images, then added the transfer foils. The effect was very cool. (Hint- make sure the PVA glue turns clear before adding the foils). This was a medium I have never worked with before, and I look forward to exploring even more uses for these products.

    When it comes to adhesives, there are many choices available to the paper crafter today. I found the Stix2 products to be reliable and versatile- covering a wide range of uses.

  2. Get it stuck with Stix2!

    By Mary Brown

    This month we were asked to review adhesives from Stix2. I'm ALWAYS looking for good adhesives for different products, and must say, you will find some good ones here. Now, the thing with reviewing adhesives is, we had to use things to stick on them - you know, like glitter and seed beads and micro beads - OH MY! My only problem with these types of products is that I tend to drop things a lot, and they can go everywhere. But my problem with that aside, looking at the adhesives - they were wonderful to use. One of the products that we received was the Double Sided Punch Adhesive Sheets. How totally cool this is! Use your punches (big and small) and punch out a shape. Peel off one side and and stick to your project. Peel off the other side and add your glitter and seeds and micro beads. I sometimes have trouble adhering things like this to the inside of fabric flowers. I punched out a circle and it stuck great to the inside of my fabric flower so that I could add some micro beads. I also did little micro beaded flowers as decorations without any problems. Not only is this adhesive great for using with your punches, it was fabulous for making beaded pens - it stuck great to the pen and then the micro beads.

    We also received a bottle of PVA Glue. An innovation that Stix2 has with this glue is the removable metal applicator tip. You carefully trim off about an 1/8" from the top of the bottle, and then you use the removable metal tip when you want to. It really allows you to make very fine lines! The directions do tell you to clean it out immediately with hot water and I do recommend following those directions. I tend to 'putter' around when I'm working and the first time I didn't take off my tip and clean it, it did clog. I got it cleaned out, and then just made sure I cleaned it each time I finished something, and it worked great. It is delightful to use with transfer foil. I did some outlining with the foil, some lettering and a solid image. Just let the glue dry to clear and you are good to go. Now when doing fine lines and lettering, you do need a steady hand. I also used the glue with glitter and also micro beads. Again, I let it dry to clear and then added the embellishment. Worked great! Another nice feature of the glue is that it also adds dimension to your project - think embossing with a heat gun - that kind of dimension.

    The final product was Ultra Clear Tape. To be totally honest, I'm not sure that this is any different from other red line tape that is on the market (Sticky Strip, Wonder Tape, etc). It worked the same for me as these other products. Great product though, and I was able to get my seed beads to stick to a wooden decoration without any problem.

    Overall great adhesives - easy to use, and you have got to try those punch sheets. Don't forget - Clean out that metal tip when you're finished using it. Fun - totally FUN!

  3. Stix2 Sticks to Everything

    By Ashley Newell


    Stix2 adhesive is great. It adheres glitter and foil to cardstock and chipboard well. I really liked the metal tip that they include with the liquid glue. The metal tip attaches to the top allowing you to squeeze a small amount of glue out at a time so that you can create detailed shapes, lines, and designs. The only problem with the glue is its size. It comes in a small bottle and, depending on your use, may require multiple orders to replenish. The adhesive tape worked great with both the glitter and foil transfer. It was easy to apply. When removing the protective strip, it can get a bit clingy, causing a short fit to remove it from your hand and get it into the trash. Other than that, the adhesive tape is perfect for creating straight lined designs. The adhesive labels make it easy to create customized stickers. They great thing about the labels is that you can punch or die cut shapes, letters or designs using a die cutting machine or shape punch. Then, simply remove the protective paper and add glitter or foil to create a fun effect. I would recommend Stix2 adhesives to apply glitters, foils, and more because they provide great coverage, a strong hold, and versatility in creating various projects.

    Glitter, Seed Bee'd

    The glitter is fabulous, but a bit messy. I like how it comes in various colors and the supply includes coordinating shades of seeds and beads. I found that coverage was more difficult when adhering the larger beads to projects. Perhaps a bit more glue would create a heavier coat, but that would get a little chunky for my taste.

    Foil Transfer

    I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by the foil transfer - how to use it and incorporate it into my style on projects. Although it was the last item I used, it was the easiest and cleanest. Simply adhering the foil to adhesive and rubbing it creates a new effect. It is a bit shiny for my taste, but is something unique to add to projects. I think this is a great addition to make your own custom embellishments pop.

  4. Sticky Fun

    By Rose Ann Reynolds

    I have to admit, I'm not a paper crafter who uses much glitter and/or beads on my projects. I had never even attempted using foils before, so I was excited to give everything a try using the variety of glues and adhesives from Stix2.

    I tried the PVA Glue with the nib first, and I really like how it performs with beads, glitter, and adhering tiny pieces of card stock to my projects. The ultra-fine nib makes it easy to get into even the smallest areas. I really didn't like the fact that you had to wash the nib after each use, but appreciated that the tip was never clogged when I was ready to use again (which is not the case with my other liquid adhesives). I really need A LOT of practice with steadying my hand so that I am able to get nice, even dispensing when I want to create designs to use with my foils. This is an easy process, but because of my irregular lines...I really didn't care for my results. I am going to keep practicing though, because I love the look of the foils with the glue!

    I really liked the Ultra Clear Tape and used it in my usual ways first (for my die cut boxes, and to adhere ribbon flat to my projects). It performed beautifully! I also tried the tape with the different beads and glitter, and I loved the look with the Fine Glitter best. It makes a nice, sparkly frame for stamped images!

    Lastly, I tried the Double Sided Punch Adhesive Sheets. It did not punch very well with my detailed snowflake punch, but worked just fine with my butterfly punch. What a simple and beautiful way to create beautiful punched shapes!! I have yet to try the sheets with my chipboard, but I think I will love that look as well.

    In conclusion, I don't know if I will be using the sparkles and beads much more than I already am, but I am convinced that these adhesives are high quality, and can be used in so many more different ways. These Stix2 adhesives will be handy in my craft area for sure.

  5. Stix2 Great Adhering Tools!

    By Jeni Allen

    I am a glitter loving person. I love glitter and use it regularly. Naturally when a box arrived at my door with glitter, seed beads and microbeads (all with coordinating colors) I was excited. I was equally excited to find several great ways to get the glitter, seed beads and microbeads to stay put on a card, or anything else for that matter! I set off to work and was happy with the results I found.

    Stix2 PVA adhesive. This bottle of adhesive is great. I love the super fine tip that allows great attention to detail. With the fine tip, you can put adhesive in super small areas for just a little bling, or use it to cover a greater area for a lot of bling! I used the adhesive to attach glitter to my cards and was very happy that the glitter - once it met the glue - stayed put. The adhesive dries clear and is super strong. I used the PVA adhesive to cover some chipboard with glitter - and was very happy with the result. I found that the glue allowed great coverage and didn't take forever (but does take some time) to dry. I think the PVA adhesive is great for multiple tasks.

    I loved the roll of Ultra Clear Tape! It's similar to other adhesives in that it is a great double-sided adhesive. It is strong adhesive! I find it a great tool to use with glitter, beads etc., but I also really like the way it holds ribbon in place. It allows me to pleat the ribbon and it stays in place nicely. This tape is great for holding beads and glitter. I was pleasantly surprised to find the great holding power that the Ultra Clear Tape has when I introduced my microbeads to it.

    Can there be more fun than Double Sided Punch Sheets? Combine it with any of your favorite paper punches to make a sticker. And not just a sticker, a SUPER sticky and not going to move anywhere sticker! I was very happy with the fact that the Double Sided Punch Sheets didn't gum up my punches or die cut machine. I've had some bad experiences so I was skeptical. This product did just what it said it would do and I didn't have any adhesive residue on my punches, dies or in my die cut machine.

    I was super happy with all the products I reviewed from Stix2. Adhesive makes or breaks your crafting project and these adhesives are keepers for sure.

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where do you buy the stix2 glue and foil
have tryed all the craft local stores

Joan Morrison   |  Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 12:39 PM

Hi Joan,
Check the right hand bar right here next to the reviews. We listed the Stix2 site. You an purchase the items right there. You will have to log in as a customer first though. Click on Registration, check the bottom of the screen and click on continue.

Hugs and smiles

Beate   |  Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 1:25 PM

The link for the Stix2 PVA glue and foil transfer paper is for retailers. Is there another link?

Ann Murray   |  Fri Dec 6, 2013 at 9:17 AM
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PVA Glue & metal nib $12.99
Adhesive Sheets $3.99
Ultra Clear Tape between $2.49 and $15.79, depending on size
Shiny Transfer Foil Sheets $3.19
Beads, Micro-Beads and Glitter Pack $5.99

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