Steel Die and Embossing Folder Totes

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Quality desktop organization totes for wafer thin dies stored on magnetic cards and embossing folders.


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  • >Functional storage for embossing folders and wafer thin dies

  • >Several sizes, with & without lids available

  • >Magnet Cards are sturdy and keep a strong grip on dies

  • >Angled back of Totes allows you to flip through collections at ease

  • >Quality wood construction allows for table top, shelf or even drawer use

Product Description

Manufacturer Description:
Your collection of embossing folders and steel dies needs to be tamed, and the Stamp-n-Storage totes are the perfect solution! They are available in two different widths, three lengths, with and without a cover. Magnet Cards are also available in two different sizes for organizing your steel wafer-thin dies.

The two widths of the totes are specific for embossing folder and steel dies. The Folder Tote will store nearly all of the most common folder sizes, and if you have some folders that are larger, they will fit perfectly in the Die Tote. The Die Tote is perfect for the Stamp-n-Storage magnet cards or your snap envelopes to drop right in. The angled back of the totes makes flipping through your folders a breeze, and you don't have to worry about them getting so packed in that you have to pull out the whole stack to find the one you want.

The Magnet Cards use heavy duty 0.030" magnetic sheet that is laminated to 0.030" chipboard, making them very sturdy with a strong grip on your dies. They are available in two sizes, 5x7 and 6x7, that will store most of the common sizes from your favorite manufacturers.

All Stamp-n-Storage products are MADE IN USA, designed and fabricated with care in central Minnesota.

Product Description
Folder Tote The inside width of the Folder Tote is 4-3/4″, and will store nearly all of the most common folder sizes. (If you have some folders that are larger, they will fit perfectly in the Die Tote.) The small tote will hold 30 folders, the medium will hold 60 folders and the large will hold 120 folders.

Steel Die Tote The inside width of the die tote is 7-1/8″ and is perfect for our magnet cards or your snap envelopes to drop right in. The small tote will hold 30 Magnet Cards (or 10 snap envelopes), the medium tote will hold 60 Magnet Cards (or 20 snap envelopes) and the large tote will hold 120 Magnet Cards (or 40 snap envelopes).

Magnet Cards High quality, sturdy Magnet Cards are available in both 5"x7" and 6"x7" sizes.

Learn more about the Stamp-n-Storage Products in this video:

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  1. Totes McGotes Organized

    By Bev Rousch

    What a treat it is to get to review the latest organizers from Stamp-n-Storage!

    I have a few of their organizers in my stamping space, and I have found their products to be skillfully made, sturdy and cleverly designed to organize tools of our trade.

    The two products I worked with for this review were the new Embossing Folder Tote and the Die Tote.

    I ordered the small Embossing Folder Tote because I really only have 20 or so folders (I know, I know..I should have more). The tote's design is slanted in the front so you can flip through the folders easily while looking for the one you need. Very convenient. A nice bonus is that it has felt pads on the bottom to keep your surfaces from scratching. Well made, smooth wood, and easy to move around. You can choose from small, medium or large for the Die Tote, and you can choose to have a hinged cover on it or not. I took a chance and ordered the large to see how much I could store in it. I also requested it with the hinged lid since it would be taking up space on my stamp desk. When it got here I was impressed with the size! I started slapping dies onto the nifty magnetic cards (also from Stamp-n-Storage), and in a snap all my dies where organized. I was also able to fit some thicker Sizzix dies in the back.

    My favorite find of all? The small Embossing Folder Tote can fit in the die tote and still allow clearance for the lid to close. You couldn't have planned it better. Ok, maybe they planned that when they designed it because they are Smarty McSmartisons (if you didn't plan it that way, then you're welcome, Brett!).

    All the hassles of collecting, I mean using our embossing folders and dies have just disappeared. These totes really do organize them and make it easy to find what we need when we need it. Thank you for another wonderful product, Stamp-n-Storage!

  2. Wonderful Ways

    By Irene Rhodes

    What a wonderful way to keep organized! I find the die totes from Stamp-n-Storage to be well made and very versatile. I am amazed of how many places I can use the totes. They are perfect for my upper cabinets, lower drawers, bookshelves and counter. I could have used the large totes in my bottom drawers because I had more room. The small totes would have worked well for my small bookcase or on the counter, but I like having all of my favorite tools and supplies close at hand.

    Since I am constantly reorganizing, I chose the medium die totes. My upper cabinets are 11 inches deep; the totes will fit in all of my drawers and also on several shelves in my craft space. I love that I can customize them to match my décor and add bookplates or labels to the front to keep organized. I appreciate that the embossing folder totes look the same but are smaller. I can mix and match to fit in my craft space. On one of my shelves I can fit 2 die totes and still have room for one embossing folder tote.

    My next step was to figure out what I could use them for, my dies of course, but what else? I love keeping my brands of craft supplies together. The die totes are perfect for this. I used two totes for my clear stamps. The shape of the tote makes is perfect for flipping through to find the stamp set that I need. I used another tote for my matching dies for the same company, thus keeping the brand together. I found I can also use them for my texture plates. The texture plates are wider and much heavier than an embossing folder. Since the totes are strong, they work well.

    The magnetic cards are a great way to have quick access to my dies. The two sizes of magnet cards accommodate most of my dies. The magnets are strong and hold the dies very well. No more losing your smaller dies through their packaging. You can organize each magnetic card by set, brand or category. I do have a few bigger dies; I can easily stack them behind the magnetic cards and keep them all together.

    To get your creative juices flowing, other ideas that I had for these totes include:

    Texture plates or embossing plates
    6x6 paper pads
    Clear rubber stamps in their packaging
    Large 6x6 background stamps
    Larger Sizzix-type dies

  3. One and Only Die Storage

    By Teresa Kline

    The Stamp-n-Storage die storage system, is peerless! I would highly recommend the die totes to everyone who owns dies. I have the large tote with a lid, and I still have plenty of room to add to my collection. I am thrilled with it. The quality of Stamp-n-Storage items are outstanding and this die system is no different. The Magnet Cards come in two sizes and one of the two sizes fit all the dies I have. The magnets holding power is superb, the dies do not fall off.

    The outside texture of the tote is super smooth. It is ready for finishing, or you can leave it natural. I have painted my other Stamp-n-Storage products, but I am thinking of decoupage for this one.

    I cannot say enough favorable things about the die storage system. It is one of my favorites Stamp-n-Storage products.

  4. A Big Difference

    By Michelle Giraud

    I didn't feel like my dies and embossing folders were disorganized, I kept all the dies in labeled plastic bags in a metal tins with some of the embossing folders mixed in. They were all in one place...... sort of. Was I ever wrong!?

    I spent about an hour carefully organizing my metal dies on the 5x7 and 6x7 magnetic cards. These cards are sturdy! They don't bend, and have a strong magnet to keep the dies in place, so there will be no loose dies floating in the bottom of the box. I ended up using 10 small cards and 10 large cards, which was perfect for my collection. The medium sized die storage tote has enough room for me to add at least another 10 cards, which would be the 6x7 because I prefer the larger size. The cards are so easy to flip through to see exactly what I have to choose from, no more digging in plastic bags. I really didn't imagine that this product would make such a big difference!

    I also added the small embossing folder tote for my collection of 16 folders. I have plenty of room to add more folders to this, as well. The design of the box makes it easy to see the folders, flip and find exactly what I'm looking for.

    The die storage is probably one of my favorite storage additions to my craft room. It made a much bigger difference that I imagined and I love being able to see what I have with a quick flip through the box. Great product!

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Questions and Comments

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions.

I have several of your products and love them. 

Do you sell the magnetic cards for die storage separately and if so what are the prices?

Gayle Hays   |  Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 7:38 AM

Hi Gayle - Yes! The magnetic cards are available in several different packages/combinations. You can see them here:

Thank you!

Lori   |  Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 8:28 AM

These magnetic sheets are AWESOME.  I have both 5x7 & 6&7 sizes. My dies are so much more organized!  And the wood box is very sturdy and well made (+ they have lids if you want).

I wish my brass stencils stuck to them, too.  (Those are in a 4x6 photo flip binder.)

Julie Gerbitz   |  Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 2:48 PM

Great review, gals! We all need organization, and I appreciate seeing this new product and your personal opinions, which mean a lot!!  Thanks, friends!

CherylQuilts   |  Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 5:25 PM

Do you have an Australian stockist?

Katrina   |  Thu Feb 20, 2014 at 7:25 AM

I second that last question, do you have an Australian stockist?  What brilliant storage.

Pamela   |  Fri Feb 21, 2014 at 4:06 AM
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