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Create big and bold scalloped borders and shapes with new die templates from Spellbinders.


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  • > Perfect for cards, scrapbook pages and home decor projects.

  • > Borderabilities are metal die templates for cutting, embossing and stenciling card bases and borders.

  • > Petite Borderabilities measure 5 1/2", a perfect size for cards.

  • > Border Grands measure 12", a perfect size for scrapbooking or larger projects.

  • > Nested Shapes can be used alone or together to create layered images.

  • > Rectangles, Squares, Circles and Ovals are all available with wider scallops.

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
Spellbinders™ Paper Arts develops, manufactures and markets a unique collection of die cutting and embossing tools, including the Wizard™ Embossing & Die Cutting Machine. More than 250 die and embellishment templates offer up to 5-in-1 functionality.

Spellbinders' Big Scalloped Collection
Big, bold fun with big, bold scalloped shapes available in Nestabilities® and Borderabilities® to inspire big, bold creativity on cards, scrapbook pages and more. Big Scalloped Borderabilities offer 12” and 5 1/2” lengths, however, the pattern can be extended simply by repeating the cutting and embossing process. The Big Scalloped Nestabilities shapes, ovals, circles, squares and rectangles coordinate with the standard Nestabilities - allowing crafters to mix, match, layer and mat. Cut, emboss and stencil your Big Scalloped die templates for big, bold designs.

Product Description
Spellbinders Die templates are metal dies that can be used to cut, emboss and stencil cardstock. They come in many different shapes and sizes and will work in any manual die-cutting machine.

Learn more about Borderabilities in this video:

Learn more about Embossing with Nestabilities in this video:

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  1. Fabulous Big Scallops

    By Beate Johns

    I am a huge fan of all Nestabilities and Borderabilities die templates from Spellbinders. I was very excited to receive the Big Scalloped Border Petite Borderabilities. And what a surprise...I love them! smile

    I always use my Wizard when cutting and embossing cardstock with Spellbinders' dies. It just gives me the deepest embossed impressions. I love the big scallops these die templates give you. They make the perfect borders for cards as well as for decorating 3D items. If you need a strip longer than the 5 1/2" it comes in, just cut a longer strip and run the die through your die cut machine two or three times. Easy peasy.

    Some of the Borderabilities available make very intricate cuts and need to be fed through your die cut machine twice, but not these dies. They cut through your cardstock the first time and come out of the die very easily.

    I will definitely use these Borderabilities, and I know I will order more of the large scallop dies.

  2. Enjoy and Enhance

    By Joanne Grzelak

    This month’s product to review was from Spellbinders. I received a set of Nested Large Scallop Oval Dies. I really could have written the review right then, because I haven’t met a Spellbinder Die I haven’t just loved. I use Spellbinders dies with my Cuttlebug&trade. I have embossed, cut, and stenciled with them. They work wonderfully for each of those tasks. These new ovals can be used to frame/enhance the original oval sets.

    As a punch-a-holic, I will certainly never part with my punches, but since Spellbinders have been available I prefer them as they do the three tasks already mentioned (cut, emboss, stencil) and take much less room to store.

    In my samples this week, I used the Large Scallop Oval Dies to frame an image, to die cut a main image, and as a topper on a 2-5-7-10 Box. It could also be used as a horizontal panel on an A2 card as the largest die is just about 4" at its widest.

    I would highly recommend the use of this Spellbinders’ tool to enhance your stamping project of choice AND to enable you to get wonderful and professional results with little time and effort.

  3. Spellbinders Keep Me Spellbound!

    By Michelle Burress

    I absolutely love the Spellbinder dies. I was so happy to receive the big scalloped rectangles to review. There are so many ways you can use these dies and the results are always beautiful and professional looking. The dies work well in most die-cut machines. I use mine in my Cuttlebug. To use it in the Cuttlebug, you need to use the A and C plates, your die and paper with the B plate on top. You may have to play a bit to get the dies to work just right in your machine. One problem I had with the Cuttlebug was that depending on the weight of your cardstock, you may have to run the die through the machine twice to get a clean cut. When I was working with heavier cardstock I had to do this. Thinner cardstock (65 lb) and patterned paper cut completely on the first run through.

    Another minor issue with the Cuttlebug is that these dies will cut deeply into the plate and may stick. Sometimes removing the dies after running them through the machine can be a bit of a challenge. I found that using a small flat tip screw driver to gently pry the die up from the plate works well. The die only stuck deeply enough to have to pry it up on three occasions, however, it is something you will need to be prepared for.

    In order to emboss using the Cuttlebug and Spellbinder dies, you will need to have a embossing mat. I do not currently own one of the mats, so the embossing effect was not very noticeable.

    The dies are metal so they should last forever without wear and tear. You can easily store them in CD cases or food storage bags and a file box.

    Creating frames and borders with these dies is so easy and you will have such fabulous results, the only downside I see is that you will probably want them all - I know I do.

  4. More Fabulous Nesties

    By Kerri Michaud

    I was so excited to receive the new Spellbinders' Nestabilities Big Scalloped Circles. Of course, I would be excited to receive anything from Spellbinders - LOL. These Nestabilities are just as fabulous as the others and I really love the look of the large scallops. Even though they are the small Big Scalloped Circles, they work well with both the small and large Standard Circles. I made projects using both, which you can see in the gallery.

    I actually use my original Sizzix die cut machine to cut with my Nestabilities. I do have a Big Shot&trade, but find it quicker with the original. To cut with my Sizzix, I place my paper on my cutting pad and place the die on top of the paper. Then I add one of the Spellbinders spacer plates and run it through my machine. You must have a Sizzix machine system converter for it to cut thin dies. To emboss, I simply flip my die over, and place a Spellbinders embossing pad over it. Then I run it through my machine once again.

    I definitely think the Big Scalloped Circles are another wonderful product from Spellbinders, and I know you will love them too.

  5. Jumbo Scalloped Border Petites

    By Carolina Buchting

    Spellbinders' releases are always so fun to look forward to because they always think of something new and different to make paper crafting easier and faster. They did it again with the Jumbo Scalloped Border Petites which are the dies I am reviewing.

    In this package you get two dies. The first is a jumbo Borderabilities die with really big scallops - the double scallop strip measures 5 1/2” x 2” and the single scallop strip measures 5 1/2” x 3/16”. The other great thing about this dies is that like other Spellbinders dies, you get three functions for the price of one. You can use them to cut, emboss, stencil, or if you’re feeling really creative, all three.

    I love the fact that they thought about the card maker in designing these dies - they’re perfect for the average 4 1/4” x 5 1/2” card base. With that being said, you are a bit limited if you want to use them for something larger. I tried to connect them without there being an obvious line, but could only make it work by placing an element on top, such as flower or bow.

    At each intersection of the scallops, there is a hole that gets cut out when you cut the border, or embossed if you emboss it. I feel there is a positive and negative side to these holes. The positive side is that you don’t have to punch holes to thread ribbon; the negative side is that you can’t make those holes go away if you want just solid scallops.

    All in all, I’m very happy with these dies. I was able to use them to put together cards, a 3D item and they worked great on a scrapbook page.

  6. Grand Possibilities

    By Joanne Travis

    I must first confess my serious addiction to Spellbinders Nestabilities. I love them! I just purchased four different sets and already have my eye on more that I simply must have. They really are the perfect addition to your basic stamping supplies. These versatile dies are fabulous for precision cutting and layering each and every time.

    The die that I received to try out was the Big Scalloped Border Grand. The die is 12” long and is excellent if you scrapbook and favor a 12” x 12” page. This particular size is also great for many 3D projects since you can get one nice length of a border strip and be able to wrap it around an alterable item without having to piece it together. I used this on peanut, hot chocolate, and chip cans with ease. The possibilities with Borderabilities are endless.

    I had some difficulty with the particular set up that I currently have when cutting and embossing with my die. I have a Big Shot and do not have the extended platform necessary for using this extra long die. In the past I have only used the Bigz XL dies and have not yet needed any additional accessories for my Big Shot. To test this Grand die, I used my extended Decorative Strip spacer platform with the two strip cutting pads and layered with some thin cardboard until it made it to the required cutting thickness. I had a bit of trouble getting it to take a good embossing impression without the long cutting pads though. I will definitely look into purchasing the extended platform should I happen to buy more of this extended size die. I am sure with the proper setup these will cut beautifully.

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Questions and Comments

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions.

What are the best shapes in Spellbinders to use to get the most out of for card making?? I would like to get a few shapes and want to know which ones would I use the most in card making??? Please let me know. There is a sale on them for the next couple of days at a store near me.

Laura   |  Wed Mar 17, 2010 at 9:09 AM

Hi Laura,

I’d love to give you advice on what are the ‘best’ Spellbinder Dies. Unfortunately, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. 

I would recommend some basic rectangle or oval shapes (based on your preference) and then a label pattern. Those are so popular right now, and they really help you dress up a card in a hurry. Have fun shopping.

Lori Craig   |  Wed Mar 17, 2010 at 9:34 PM


Hello, oh boy which ones that is such a hard question and really is an individual preference.  I started out with the round/oval/square ones because I thought I would use them the most.  BUT I have come to find that I really enjoy the label ones better and rarely use the original shapes.  But that may be because there are so many new ones. 

So my recommendation is to find a shape you love, considering the type of images you like to work with and just buy it. I am sure that you will love it and use it alot.

Heidi   |  Fri Mar 19, 2010 at 1:58 PM

Can I use the Nestables with my Sissix that has a converter plate with it.

Pat Kelley   |  Sun Apr 4, 2010 at 3:06 PM
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