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  • >Perfect for cards, scrapbook pages and home decor projects.

  • >Sponge or airbrush ink over your cut images before lifting the die from your cardstock to make the details pop.

  • >Nested Shapes can be used alone, or to create layered images.

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
Spellbinders™ Paper Arts develops, manufactures and markets a unique collection of die cutting and embossing tools, including the Wizard™ and the Grand Calibur™ Embossing & Die Cutting Machines. More than 250 die and embellishment templates offer up to 5-in-1 functionality. Spellbinders' products allow crafters, hobbyists, artists and teachers to create one-of-a-kind, beautiful paper art projects.

Product Description
Spellbinders Heraldry Line dies are made of metal and can be used to cut, emboss and stencil cardstock. They come in several different shapes and sizes and will work in any manual die-cutting machine. Shapes included in this theme are Heraldry, Nested Hearts, Nested Crowns, Antiquities and Fallen Angel.

Learn more about Embossing with Nestabilities in this video:

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    By Lisa Lara

    I must say I was little intimidated when I first received my Spellbinders Nested Hearts Shapeabilities. Once I started using them, I fell in love. I just love the pretty flourishes that come to life when sponged with ink. I attached it to a gift as a tag. I will definitely be making more of these.

    I also tried something using these hearts I had never tried before, I embossed the shape on the front of my card without cutting it out. The detail came through brilliantly. This would make an elegant notecard or sympathy card even.

    I used my Cuttlebug® with these dies. My sandwich plates were a bit worn, so to get a crisp embossed image, I just ran it back and forth a few extra times. On the smallest heart, with the most details, I found I just had to touch from the opposite side to help get the paper out of the die.

    I am one lucky stamper to have these Nested Hearts in my stash.

  2. En Garde my Shapeabilities!

    By Beverly Rousch

    Spellbinders Shapeabilites are always a fun product to play with. I've run them through my machine more than any other product, and I have YET to have it not turn out well. They come in so many beautiful shapes, you just can't lose with these babies!

    The Heraldry Shapeabilities made me sing when I opened my package!

    I have four little ones on my hands who are so very into knights, princesses, and the land of Narnia. Before I even got to play with this set myself, I had to "pay" my munchkins off with little shields, and swords, crowns, and lions. And when I was done with that I got down to business! What fun! These shapes are perfect for a project on my to do list: birthday invitations for my soon to be seven year old, Seth. He's all about the sword action, so I was all about these Shapeabilities! Perfect for my little kings and queens.

    This set is a must have for fairy tale lovers and just as with all of the Spellbinders Shapeabilities, they cut and emboss beautifully!

  3. Gorgeous Hearts

    By Beate Johns

    I am a big fan of Spellbinders products and was excited when I received the Nested Hearts for this review. They were on my wish list anyway. The Nested Hearts come in a pack of three and have wonderful detail on their embossing. The hearts look fantastic when you emboss and then sponge them.

    The smallest heart is a great size to make an embellishment for a project, the medium works perfectly as a card focal point and the biggest heart is big enough to be a card base, photo frame for a scrapbook page or an ornament.

    I use the Wizard or Grand Calibur for all my cutting and embossing of Spellbinders dies. I love how deeply the embossed designs come out with these die cut machines.

    I love the Nested Heart dies and will definitely use them a lot. The heart shape and the embossed detail is just great.

  4. A New Collection of ‘Magical’ Dies

    By Julie Campell

    Spellbinders has released a new collection of specialty dies called Heraldry. If you’ve tried Spellbinders' dies in the past, these are very similar. The dies allow you to cut, emboss, and stencil and come in some really unique new shapes.

    I received the Heraldry set called Fallen Angel. This set includes a pair of intricately cut wings, a heart, and a sword. These have a magical, almost medieval feel to them and would be great to decorate those types of scrapbooking pages, cards, or projects. Our local high school mascot is a knight, and I could see graduation cards or gifts made using the sword die cut.

    All of Spellbinders' dies cut and emboss really well. I love using my Wizard die cutting machine to cut and emboss paper and cardstock. When I cut fabric or felt, I’ve found that the Cuttlebug works really well with the Spellbinders dies.

    This new set of dies really helped to stretch my design style. Their cleverly designed details really add a lot of uniqueness to any paper crafting project. No matter what your style, I’m sure that there’s a die set that you will thoroughly enjoy.

  5. Royal Fun!

    By Jimmi Mayo

    I was very excited to get new Spellbinders dies to play with and then I saw Crowns…and I was scared, LOL! But they turned out to be VERY cute and FUN…not scary at all.

    The dies I received are called Nested Crowns. At first I thought I needed to do something different than my style, something out of the ordinary for me, but when I finally took a moment and realized that these would work perfectly with my style I had a lot of fun with them.

    For my first card I cut out the largest and the middle sized crowns out of cardstock, layered them and stamped right onto the crown. The crowns have lots of little details on them and they cut perfectly right away - all of the details came through. I think this is much more interesting than an ordinary circle or oval, which is my norm and really works for many occasions.

    For the next card I also stamped right onto one of the crowns, only this time I used one of the larger crowns as a frame around the smaller one. I also just added a little sponging to give it color and another quick and simple card was born using these extraordinary dies.

    I definitely think these dies have brought me out of my shell and have helped me see the world in more shapes than circles and ovals! I hope my thoughts on these dies do the same for you.

  6. Queenly Papercrafts

    By Lydia Fiedler

    I really enjoyed using these heraldry dies from Spellbinders. This was my first experience with Nestabilities that had very intricate designs - like most of you, I started my collection with the basic nesting shapes, so this was a very fun surprise and learning experience for me.

    Antiquities is a set with four images - a crown, a key, a keyhole and a gorgeous fleur-de-lis. I find it very cool, efficient and useful that the packaging also is a booklet containing the instructions. In these instructions, they include an exhaustive list of sandwiches for various machines, which I'm fairly sure is the most frequently posted question in our forums, so it's so nice to have it included with these dies. I used my Wizard for all of my projects for this review.

    The first thing I did with Antiquities was to try to think outside the die. Since the shapes are so ornate and beautiful, I thought I'd cut out the key and use it as a spray mask. Since these dies have intricate cut out details it was absolutely perfect for this. The key is gorgeous as a spray mask. The crown that came in this set is probably going to stay on my desk - it's a beautiful shape and I had so much fun making some queenly cards with it.

    Thanks to the instructions, I tried something I've never tried before with my Spellbinders Dies - embossing without cutting. I am completely enthralled with this, and cannot believe I haven't tried it before. I made these cute little princess notecards with just the crown embossed into them for this extremely sassy letterpress look. This is going to make quick stationery gifts so fun. That's what I get for never reading instructions. I think that especially with these ornate dies, this has become my favorite new crafty technique.

    Like the other dies, I love their minimal storage space and ease of use. Seeing the detail in the heraldry dies and playing with techniques gave me a new outlook on what I can do with die cutting and embossing.

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I have been trying to find out how to emboss with a dye for weeks now. Thank you so so much. I knew I needed a tan mat..but wasn’t sure what a tan mat was. I am uber happy. Thank you!

dellsdani   |  Sun Dec 19, 2010 at 10:32 AM
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