Spellbinders 3D Embossing Folders

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Spellbinders 3D Embossing Folders offer a dynamic embossed and letter pressed look with deep impressions and crisp detail.


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  • Add vivid detail and dimension to your paper projects.

  • Extraordinary depth when embossing and using the letter pressed technique.

  • Five beautiful new designs for 2015.

  • 5 x 7", 6 x 6" and 4¼ x 5½” sizes.

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
Sculpt your surfaces with Spellbinders® 3-D Em-bossing Fold'er™.

These unique 3D embossing folders offer realistic, sculpted surfaces with detailed embossing and dynamic letterpress capabilities. Unlike any other embossing folder in the industry, the graduated depth and dimension offers a more dynamic embossed and letterpressed look for an amazing result.

Tip: Spritz cardstock lightly with water before embossing to soften and prevent cracking.
Tip: Insert the hinged end of the Embossing Folder into the die cutting machine first.

There are five beautiful designs new for 2015:

  • Shady Allure - 5 x 7”
  • Dew Drop Delight - 5 x 7”
  • Decorative Applause - 6 x 6"
  • Need a Rope - 4¼ x 5½”
  • Splish Splash - 4¼ x 5½”

    Recommended Machine Sandwiches:
  • Spellbinders Grand Calibur® Die Cutting and Embossing Machine: (stack from bottom up): B-Pink Embossing Plate, 3-D Em-bossing Fold'er with cardstock (or media) inside, D-Raspberry Adapter Plate.
  • Cuttlebug: base plate, 3-D Em-bossing Fold'er with cardstock (or media) inside and the C plate.
  • Sizzix BigShot: multipurpose platform with all tabs closed, 3-D Em-bossing Fold'er with cardstock (or media) inside and one cutting plate

  • You can learn more about the product in this video:

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    1. Gorgeous Sculpted Designs

      By Janelle Stollfus

      The Spellbinders 3D Embossing Folders create very beautiful sculpted embossing on cardstock and 140 lb. watercolor paper. I received two fun designs for this review, one bold with well rounded edges, the other intricate flourishes, and both were great so many different coloring mediums. The folder has a snap apart hinge that makes it easy to clean and create with a letterpress style impression.

      The embossing is deep and soft at the same time, creating a gorgeous dimension to any project. I used different thicknesses of cardstock for standard embossing through the machine and also tried the letterpress technique by dabbing ink directly from a dye base ink pad onto the deboss plate and also inking with a brayer. I had beautiful results. As a test, I also happen to have traditional letterpress ink stashed away so I tried it, but the ink was too thick for these folders and when compressed, the ink spread out of the debossed areas of the plate

      While this was trickier, I cut into the pretty 5 x 7 embossed cardstock apart and created accent pieces to use on smaller projects. The larger format made it nice to have a choice of card size, and with the sculpted embossing, these folders would work well for formal invitations in a variety of sizes.

      3D embossing is a great addition to Spellbinders product line. I think I might be looking for more of these folders soon!

    2. Easy Elegance

      By Angela Bode

      Spellbinders 3D Embossing Folders are high quality embossing folders that are deeply etched and create beautiful, 3D sculpted looks. They are two separate pieces that are held together with two hinges. The 3D Embossing Folders are great for creating larger projects. The finished, embossed layer of the folders I worked with is approximately 5x7". On the inside of the folder there is a very slight border around the embossing area that makes alignment of the paper a snap.

      I have often regaled my stamping friends with tales of how long it takes me to create the simplest cards but that's not the case when creating with Spellbinders 3D Embossing Folders. I was able to create elegant cards in very little time due to the embossing designs.

      I enjoyed creating with the embossing folders and look forward to continued crafting with them.

    3. Add Character to Your Crafting

      By Teresa Klein

      Spellbinders embossing folders give a 3D feel and look; they are wonderful! The folders leave an amazing texture and depth to paper. At first glance, I had to run my fingers over the paper....gorgeous! The folder itself is made of a heavy duty plastic, very durable. The Need A Rope folder is A2 size which is perfect for card making, but of course embossed designs can be used in any of your paper craft projects.

      Spellbinders 3D Embossing is character for your creating!

    4. Love the Look of 3D

      By Robin Clendenning

      I honestly was not thrilled with the folders when I first looked at them, but after using them I changed my opinion. After embossing, the texture is such that it is easy to sponge ink onto it and create even more depth. The ropes were easier to do with their rounded impressions. I had a little bit of minor cracking with some of my embossed waves, even after wetting the paper. It still made a beautiful impression and with some inking, it looked great. I received lot of comments on my projects about the folders I used, which is not usual and I frequently USE embossing folders. People seemed to love the look of the 3D embossing.

      I used the Grand Caliper with the Raspberry plate for a few embossings, but decided to use my Cuttlebug for the next few as a lot of people do not have the Grand Caliper. I found that the base plate, embossing folder with cardstock and the C plate were a great sandwich to use in the Cuttlebug Machine. (The folder itself acts like the B plate, so it's not necessary.)

      Tip: Because the textured paper is so lumpy, a pop dot or foam tape works great for adhering embossed layers to cardstock base.

    5. Splashy Em-bossing

      By Jen Timko

      Spellbinders does it again with its latest release of 3-D Em-bossing Fold’ers! The depth of embossing inspires your creativity. The texture can be the star of the show or an impressive supporting player. Either way, you will be thrilled with the results.

      I was able to work with Splish Splash and had such fun. The folder is sized for your A2 projects and design is really unique. While it is perfect for your masculine, nautical projects it also works in other styles. I took an embossed piece and cut along the wave pattern to create a cute “ocean” on a baby card. Then I used it with freshly colored watercolor paper that was still a little damp and wow! The effect is spectacular! The images have a letter press feel so I inked the folder for another card just to see the possibilities. That, too, did not disappoint.

      I am, well, impressed with all the creative options this product gives. The 3-D style of embossing is a great addition to any stamper’s repertoire. If you are ready to take your embossing to the next level, these 3-D Em-bossing Fold’ers are just the thing.

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    What you'll pay

    Need a Rope $5.99 MSRP
    Splish Splash $5.99 MSRP
    Shady Allure $7.99 MSRP
    Dew Drop Delight $7.99 MSRP
    Decorative Applause $7.99 MSRP

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    You may purchase Spellbinders 3D Embossing Folders directly from Spellbinders or from your favorite online and brick & mortar stores.

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