Smooch Spritz™

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Create shimmery backgrounds with Smooch Spritz.


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  • >Shimmery spray for use on cardstock, chipboard, wood and more

  • >Product line includes eight new vintage colors by artist Donna Salazar

  • >Blend and layer for creative backgrounds

  • >Use with Color Catcher for easy clean up

Product Description

Smooch Spritz™ is a pearlized accent spray that works on cardstock, chipboard, wood and more. It comes in 32 colors, including 8 new new vintage colors by artist Donna Salazar. Shake well before spraying so that the shimmery powder mixes well with the fluid in the glass containers. Pair with the Color Catcher for easy cleanup.

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  1. Versatile, Shimmery and Fun!

    By Beate Johns

    I was excited to have a chance to try out the new colors from Smooch Spritz™. I did not own any before this review. I like the feel of the glass bottle that the spray comes in. The colors that I received are rich and beautiful!

    You need to shake the bottle well to mix the pearl powder with the fluid. I tried shaking in an up and down motion as well as shaking the bottle sideways. Either way works well to mix your Smooch Spritz. The spray worked great for me. I got even coverage and hardly any big splotches. I sprayed from about 6" to 8" away directly onto my paper.

    There are several cool things you can do with the spray. You can spray it directly on cardstock, white flowers, ribbon, boxes and wood.You can also mask areas and spray one color, take the mask off and spray another color for fun multicolored backgrounds. Or, you can emboss your image with clear embossing powder, spray, and wipe spray off the embossed image for a cool resist. You can spray a bit of Smooch Spritz™ on your craft mat or on a piece of acetate and use it to color your image with a paintbrush.

    I used my craft sheet under the cardstock. Before wiping the excess spray away with my clean up cloth, I first dragged a piece of cardstock over the spray on the sheet for another beautiful background. You never quite know what you will end up with. If you are not quite satisfied how that background comes out, just spray a little bit more color directly on to the paper. Now that's recycling for you. smile

    The shimmer the spray creates is very sparkly. I love it! Once the spray is dry, the shimmer stays put. A big plus for me! I will definitely play more with these sprays. They are versatile, shimmery and fun!

  2. Love at First Spritz!

    By Joanne Travis

    I love the various colors of Smooch Spritz now available! I am having a really hard time deciding just which one is my favorite, they are all so lovely, rich, and vibrant with a beautiful pearlescent finish.

    To start, I ran my fingernail around the bottle cap edge to break the seal and then tore off the cellophane more easily along the perforated edges. You will want to make sure the cap is tightly sealed before you begin to shake the bottle. I shook mine in quick, circular motions until it was well mixed. You will be able to tell by looking at it, the glimmer will be distributed evenly through the color and not in a layer on the bottom. I had better luck shaking it this way and not turning it upside down to shake, for some reason I got some running with it this way and messier spraying.

    Another thing you will definitely want to watch out for is to have your nozzle pointed in the right direction. I think the spritz will look much better on your project than on your face! Take a few practice sprays to see what kind of coverage effect you will want on your project- heavy or light depending on the distance. I found that you really can’t go wrong with either way. No matter which way I sprayed it on I was happy with the results.

    I tested it on various cardstocks and found my very favorite to be glossy cardstock. I also tried it on plain white, and Stampin’ Up’s Presto Patterns embossed specialty cardstock which was quite lovely with this finish.

    For a really pretty effect I tried it on the cardstock that had first been spritzed with water. Immediately spray on your desired color or colors and it will run together. You can blot it if you like with some paper towel for another cool effect. I also used a blotting, swirling motion for my card I made to resemble water and love the way it came out. The Sea Breeze, Splash, and River Moss Smooch Spritz together made the prettiest water! I tried using one, two, and three different colors. I was hesitant to use more than three colors on one background because I was worried that it just might be too much.

    I did all of my spraying with the cardboard color catcher. Make sure you have some paper towels, or baby wipes handy for easy clean up. This washes right off of your hands with soap and water, easy as can be.

    You are absolutely going to love this product and want it in every color for beautiful and unique backgrounds and finishes for all of your projects. Experiment, create, enjoy!

  3. Love The Shimmer!

    By Kerri Michaud

    I was so excited when we found out we would be reviewing Clearsnap Smooch Spritz! I had been wanting to give Smooch Spritz a try, and I knew exactly what I wanted to attempt first. I recently bought a huge roll of Seam Binding and wanted to try and dye it different colors. Smooch Spritz worked perfectly for this! I simply dampened my Seam Binding with a spray bottle, then colored it with my Smooch Spritz. I crinkled and balled up the binding and left it to dry. I had a blast trying different colors, and adding two colors at a time to achieve different effects.

    Next I wanted to see how it worked with chipboard. I cut out a couple of numbers and letters from chipboard, and put the Smooch Spritz to work. I just love the overall shimmer that it gave the chipboard! Not to mention the great color coverage! I also tried spraying it on some white paper flower embellishments that I had and the bright color and shimmer it gave them was just gorgeous! Finally, I tried spraying a lighter color over a stamped and colored flower image. This added a beautiful shimmer, but left a couple of larger splotches on the image. I think painting over a stamped image with Smooch Illuminate would be better for this.

    The most important thing to remember with Smooch Spritz is that you have to shake it really well before you use it. A lot of the glitter settles on the bottom of the bottle and you need to shake it up to prevent clogging the nozzle. Another very important thing is make sure you have a well protected work area! The spray tends to go everywhere, so something like the Color Catcher would be wonderful. I actually made my own using the box that my Smooch Spritz was mailed in. One last tip, make sure the nozzle is pointed in the right direction! I made the mistake of spraying some Cosmic Pink Spritz in the wrong direction, and this made quite a mess! Luckily it wipes up pretty easily.

    Overall this is a GREAT product, with lots of wonderful uses! I know you will continue to find ways to add beautiful color and shimmer to your projects with Clearsnap Smooch Spritz!

  4. Smitten With Smooch Spritz

    By Carolina Buchting

    This month’s product is Smooch Spritz by Colorbox. This lovely product was so much fun to work with. I have to warn you it can be quite addicting because it’s one of those products you just want to try on everything. With a little experimentation, I can happily report that it worked on pretty much every medium I had in my studio.

    The product comes in .37 oz glass spray bottles, with the a label stating the name of the color, and shrink wrapped all the way around. I didn’t care for how the label was placed. In order to open the sprayer, you need to remove part of the shrink wrap and along with that comes the label. So I had to move the label down and position it below the cap every time in order to begin using it and to still keep the label with the bottle.

    Prior to using it, I made sure to read and follow the tip sheet Clearsnap shares on their site. Two of the most important things to keep in mind here is to shake the sprayer quite well before each use so the pigment and liquid mix well and to make sure you protect your work surface. They recommend their Color Catcher but if you’re unable to get one a cardboard box works pretty well.

    The biggest challenge with this product is getting used to the sprayer. You get closer to the project for heavier applications, but the problem with this is that you will get glops or puddles on your project. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way. I found after some trial and error, anywhere from 6” to 8” from the item seemed to work perfectly. I suggest you practice spraying on a scrap piece first until you get comfortable with the amount of paint that is landing your project.

    My goal with this product was to showcase how Smooch Spritz works on different mediums I have around the house. Paper was the first and obviously one that worked wonderfully on. I did find on thinner paper such book pages it tended to curl up a little bit. On ribbon it worked just took a little bit to dry and found that using a heat gun I was able to speed up the process. Next was plastic buttons. The first time I sprayed the buttons and the paint seemed to run a bit. The second time I decided to sand the buttons a bit with sandpaper and then worked like a charm! Chipboard gave me the same results I experienced with paper. Wood took a couple of coats but worked well. Lastly, metal also required some sanding as well.

    I’ll just leave you with this suggestion, don’t be afraid to mix the colors. You’ll be amazed at the result!

  5. Skeptic to Fan

    By Joanne Grzelak

    As a reviewer I feel I must truly be honest in my review of the products we test and play with. My initial response to this product was skeptical. I just could not seem to get a smooth and balanced look to anything I sprayed. Discouraged, I put it aside.

    Then I decided to give it another try and took a more artsy approach. Let's see how much fun I can have with this! I sprayed and sprayed, layers of colors. AND....lo and behold....I LOVED the effect I was able to achieve. I especially love the effect on one piece, used on one of the cards in the Smooch Spritz gallery, which ended up looking very much like cork - which, as you know, is all the rage right now! How cool that with this product you could make cork 'of many colors'!

    I then ventured out to chipboard. My first attempt was on some white chipboard that must have had some type of a coating which was resistant to the Smooch Spritz. It just puddled. However, when I used a piece of 'virgin' chipboard (actually a coaster), I had wonderful results and used it to create a flower I used on an altered pad.

    Distance from your object while spraying, as the manufacturer suggests, helps create a finer and more even spray. You will have to play to figure out what distance works for you. Over 12 inches seemed to work best for me.

    So, I suggest that you invest in some Smooch Spritz and let yourself play.You will create cardstock, chipboard, and altered items that can be used in many ways in your creative life. Layer colors you wouldn't normally put together, working from lighter to darker, and you will see some magic happen. Try it lighthanded for a softer touch, OR heavy handed for a complete covering.

    I really do think you will enjoy the experience!

  6. Smooch Spritz Shimmers and Glitters

    By Michelle Burress

    When I received the Smooch Spritz in the mail, I was a little intimidated because I have never have much luck with sprays before. But never having used the Smooch Spritz product, I was really excited to see the outcome.

    I was pleasantly surprised! The spray nozzle handles easily and the spray will mist out smoothly and evenly with a beautiful shimmery sheen. The drying time was also much faster than I thought it would be and the card stock did not curl or warp. The finish product was a beautiful, even, rich shimmer!

    You will need a lot of space to "spritz" in, or perhaps you might might to do it outside. Like spray paint, you will end up with a fine mist on everything if you aren't careful. On a positive note, I didn't have any trouble washing the ink off my hands.

    You will have to shake the bottle completely if you want a smooth, fine mist. The one time I forgot to shake, it came out clumpy and blotchy and did not shimmer as well on the paper.

    The only problem I had was a couple of times the nozzle did clog, but it was easy enough to fix by just rinsing it some with water. The bottles are glass, which might also be of some concern regarding breakage, but small and easy to store.

    All in all I think the Smooch Spritz is far superior to any of the other glimmer sprays I have used and will definitely continue to use it on my products in the future!

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Questions and Comments

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions.

Thanks so much for this product rating!!  I have played with smooch and wasn’t all that happy with it.  Debated whether to try the spritz and now I think I will:)  Great gallery of ideas ladies!!!

Sandy Calder   |  Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 9:39 AM

Thank you for all your input and thorough testing of Smooch Spritz.  I appreciate all the tips for working with different materials. I will definitely be trying this product.

Wanda Sapatnekar   |  Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 10:59 AM

how can I purchase these colors…stampin up only offers 4 but I would like to buy the whole set

shelley   |  Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 11:22 AM

How is it different from Glimmer Mist in appearance and performance?
Thanks and much appreciation.

Leslie   |  Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 11:34 AM

Hi Shelley!

There’s a link in the right column that says “where to buy”. smile

Lydia   |  Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 12:22 PM

I would also like to know how it compares to Glimmer Mist. The other thing that was not addressed is economy. It lists for less than Glimmer Mist but it only contains 0.37 oz as opposed to maybe 2 oz? How is this high a price justified? I would think you would do through a bottle VERY quickly.

Lynne Phelps   |  Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 4:58 PM

I used the SU Smoch Spritz in gold and “log cabin” in creating a small scrapbook from a water color tablet.  I loved it!  I actually liked using the gold up closer and deliberately tried to get a few “splotches” [less than 1/4” diameter].  For these I aimed directly at the paper from about 7 inches away.  Then I used a fine spray of the log cabin to make the pages look more “vintage” by placing the tablet in the bottom of a copy paper box, spraying horizontally just over the top edge of the box and letting the pigment settle onto the paper.  I got a very subtle aged look which was perfect for this scrapbook.  The color catcher may be handy, but my copy paper box worked very well.  I only had to clean my hands and that was a snap.  I can hardly wait to get the pictures in it and the journaling finished!!

Dona Stallworth   |  Sun Aug 1, 2010 at 3:23 PM

I have used smooch since it came out way back when and absolutely love it. I work in a scrapbook store and have sold lots just by me playing with the product. It also works well on gesso it just takes a little while to dry i made a door for a book i was making. Newspaper it also works great on, yea it curls the edges but when making flowers you want the edges to curl i sprayed both sides of the paper. Another great use is if you put viva paper towels under it while you spray different things you can use the towels afterwards cause it creates a beautiful pallett of colors. I also have used the smooch paints on my hair to see if it would work and it did it washed out. So don’t be afraid to experiment with it, it’s one of my favorite products.

Karen Demas   |  Mon Aug 2, 2010 at 7:25 AM

I love smooch spritz, It would be nice in a bigger size for value. thanks Karen for the suggestion of using it in hair… wow I love to change my look every now and again. Smooch spritz’s colours are deeper than glimmer mist… still love mist tho too. Using both on old book pages for fun.

tanya soutar   |  Mon Aug 2, 2010 at 5:46 PM

Hey tanya, It was the smooch paint not the spray that i used in my hair haven’t tried the sprays yet but im sure i will but as always you want to use it at your own risk. Happy crafting and good luck.

Karen Demas   |  Tue Aug 3, 2010 at 10:33 AM

Smooch Spritz compared to Glimmer Mist—I added the question above, and now I’ve tried both Vanilla Smooch Spritz and Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Mist.  They Are Both So Pretty.  Smooch Spritz is slightly whiter and sparklier. Glimmer Mist is slightly more subtly shimmery.  Very similar products.  Both lovely and both important for sparkly, shimmery cards.  But no one needs both.

Leslie   |  Sat Aug 7, 2010 at 2:10 PM

I ended up putting the Spritz in a Mini Mister bottle (Ranger) and now loving using it.  Before no matter how I tried, globs would end up on the project.  Be careful if you decide to use the mini Spritz filled it to the top and I already used some. You don’t want it to overflow.  Adding any of the “mists” on the market is a fun and pretty addition to many cards.

Christine   |  Sun Nov 21, 2010 at 10:49 AM

It’s been a while since I used my spritzers and they are clogged. Would appreciate any suggestions for clearing the tips. Many thanks!

Seattle Lou   |  Thu Nov 8, 2018 at 1:35 PM

Hi Seattle Lou - Personally, I would recommend two things, in this order: 
1) Try removing the spritzer head from the tube/jar and soaking it in warm water - not hot. See if that loosens up the dried spritz.
2) Use a small sewing pen or needle and see if you can “fish” the dried particles from the nozzle. Be careful not to increase the size of the spritz hole.

Hope that helps!

Lori   |  Thu Nov 8, 2018 at 2:38 PM
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