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Create professional quality scores and embossed lines by hand.


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  • > Scor-it™ board measures 12 3/8" x 13 3/8"

  • > Centering ruler is available in inch or metric measurements

  • > Includes a scoring tool and stop-guide

  • > Board is available in different sizes

  • > Replacement scoring tool and stop-guide available

  • > Score up to 24 pt. cardstock, plastics, thin metals, coated paper more

Product Description

Create professional quality scores and embossed lines by hand with the innovative Scor-it. It will score with, and against, the paper grain up to 24pt chipboard. Score and emboss any paper stock, thin metals, plastics, synthetic and hand-made papers, metallic coated paper and much more. Please visit to watch videos and webisodes as well as view step-by-step projects. You can also see our product line including the new die-cut cards and envelopes from Teresa Collins!

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  1. Crisp and Clean Scoring

    By Mary Brown

    I was excited to be able to review the Scor-it this month. First, I will have to admit that I own (and use) a variety of scoring tools. This is probably due to the fact that I'm ADDICTED to making small boxes. What I find is that different scoring tools work best for different projects.

    Let me start with I really like the Scor-it tool. I like the crease I get with the platform and tool. Besides cardstock and designer paper, I find the Scor-it is the best scoring tool I have when scoring acetate. I get a MUCH better crease with this tool then any of the others. I also love the fact that it is easy to get any measurement from inch marks to 1/16" marks without much thinking. The foam pad on the base really grips your paper...once you have your paper placed, it holds it there. You also get a screw on 'stopper' that you can position so if you are doing the same scoring on multiple sheets of paper, there is no thinking involved after you get that set. I do know that some people have problems with smaller increments on the ruler and this is helpful! The scoring tool is very sturdy and made of wood. The tool has an indent in the end and you score your paper by running this indent along the centering line. The end result is a crisp fold line every time!

    Really, the only con I find with the Scor-it is that you only have 6" on each side of the center line. Now, this is the version I have and use. Scor-it does sell larger ones that eliminate this problem. I will have to say, I like math and for the most part, figuring score lines from each side of a template is usually not a problem for me, but I do know that can be difficult for some. If that is a problem for you, going with the larger model would be best.

    Overall this is a great scoring tool! As I said in the beginning, I find having more then one scoring tool is good as you will find different tools work best for different projects!

  2. Perfect and Precise

    By Silke Ledlow

    I was excited to try the Scor-it. I like that this product came in a nice box, which makes it easier to store again when not needed. The instructions are very clear on how to assemble the scoring tool and the stop guide.

    The next thing I like about the Scor-it is that the scoring tool itself is attached to a chain which prevents you from losing it - if you are like me I'm always looking for my tools....not anymore!

    What strikes me most about this durable board is the precise measuring table on top. It lets you score from 1/8" to 12" and up - perfect for any project you'll be working on.

    Don't forget the perfect scored lines you can accomplish. I like that you can see the scored line on top of your paper so you can see exactly where you are. I'm definitely giving this product two thumbs up.

  3. Professional Looking Score Lines.

    By Beate Johns

    I was excited to receive the Scor-it board. I have been curious about this scoring tool for quite a while now.

    I love the box it came in. It is very sturdy and opens like a pizza box. It makes the board easy to store away if you need to, but believe me, it will stay on your table.

    The top of the board is lined with no-slip foam. It makes the cardstock stay put. I love that.

    The board is very easy to use. I really like that you can score at any measurement you need. Just line the paper up at the measurement you want your score to appear, line up your scoring tool with the scoring metal strip in the middle and start scoring. Easy peasy!

    The scoring tool has a little groove on the bottom of it that glides across the metal strip creating beautiful, deep score lines on paper, cardstock, thin coasters and acetate (I still had to use the bone folder to fold the acetate down because the material is so stiff, but the score lines were clearly there). I am sure there is more that this board can score, but these are the materials I tried.

    The board also comes with a stop guide. It's a screw with two metal squares. You can place it at the measurement where you want the score to be. It's not necessary for the score, but handy if you have several cardstock pieces to score in one place.

    The great advantage of being able to score anywhere comes with a small inconvenience. You have to move your cardstock piece for every score.

    It took me only a few moments to get acquainted with the tool. It is easy to use and produces professional looking scores. It is a wonderful and very helpful addition to the scoring tools I already own.

  4. Scor-it, Baby!

    By Jodi Collins

    I was very excited when I received my Scor-it and could not wait to try it out. When I initially took the Scor-it from the box, I was very impressed with the sheer size of it. The size makes it so easy to use and score 12" X 12" paper, which is wonderful for scrapbookers. I must admit, I had a bit of a difficult time figuring out how to actually score, but that was pure user error, as I did not read the instructions before starting. Once I read the instructions, it was very easy to use. The scoring tool glides on the score blade so easily, and I love the crisp score lines you receive from this tool.

    The board is made of a rubbery material that really allows you to have a lot of control over your paper. There is no slipping and sliding, which is wonderful, as you can achieve perfect score lines.

    One of my favorite aspects of this product is that the scoring tool is attached to the board. What a genius idea! I tend to lose my tools while stamping, so this is a wonderful feature for me. I also love that there is a ruler at the top of the board. This makes is super easy to score at any measurement. For those of us that are mathematically challenged (like me!) this is very user friendly. I was able to make an explosion box and cover in less than 5 minutes, which is wonderful when stamping multiple projects.

    All in all, I think the Scor-it is a wonderful product, and it has replaced the other scoring tools I had been previously using. It now has a place of honor on my stamp desk, and I am sure I will use this on every card.

  5. Deep, Professional Score Lines

    By Jami Sibley

    A good scoring tool is a must for every stamper whether it’s simply for scoring cards down the middle for a crisp fold, for making boxes, favors or other 3D items, or for decorative score lines on cards and scrapbook pages. I was anxious to try out the Scor-it Board and although I was momentarily perplexed, the enclosed directions were very clear and made it very easy to get started. First, I just scored down the middle of a card and I was impressed with the deep professional “w” score – very nice! Then I went to the Scor-it website and watched a couple of fantastic video tutorials. I was inspired by the Michael Strong video and decided to try score lines as a decorative element on a card. I loved the way the Scor-it has 1/16” markings so you can easily score at any measurement by moving the cardstock. I know this will be useful on many projects.

    The directions say that you can do gate-fold, accordion and other fold cards and projects, but I wish they would have given the specific measurements for the different folds on a standard size card – having that information at my fingertips would have been extremely helpful.

    The board is very sturdy and the non-slip rubber mat is easy to work with. It’s great that the scoring tool is attached with a chain to the board so it can’t be misplaced on my piled up stamp table. The tool is a must since a bone folder will not work with this board.

    Overall, I was quite impressed with the deep score lines and ability to score at any measurement.

  6. Crispy Crease

    By Christine Okken

    Having never used another scoring tool outside of the scorer on my Fiskars cutter or my bone folder, it was fun to play with the Scor-it tool. I can see it used for many applications, and I have lots of projects in my head to try!

    Positives I found:
    Having the scoring ruler tool attached to the board is wonderful, especially for someone like me who’s always losing the tools I need. All you need to do is follow the attached chain. Never lost for long! I really liked the grabby rubber surface on the Scor-it board. It’s a nice, large space and your paper doesn’t slip at all, helping get it positioned where you like. I like the long track to score on (a 12 inch track); you can start a crease anywhere on the track, and use big pieces of paper like 12" x 12" or larger. Unlike a scoring blade on a cutting tool, you don’t have to keep picking up the channel to change scoring positions, which takes time. With this tool, your embossing positions are completely visible (since the crease is upwards toward you) and very exact, unlike a Fiskers channel-type scorer where you can’t always see exactly where your crease is going (and the crease is pushed down away from you). I also appreciate the easy-to-see measurements. Above all, I really love the especially crisp embossed lines or creases you can achieve. For embossed lines, because you are creasing the paper between the wooden scoring tool and over the metal track, it really gives you an almost double-edged sharp raised section. It’s a really pretty and precise effect. You could score many types of material without cracking and even against the grain.

    Negatives I found:
    I would actually like to see a snap-in spot for the wooden scoring rule for storage. It will just be hanging when I store it, and I think that might be frustrating. I did find that you have to use care when sliding the scoring rule down the track. If the scoring ruler slips out of the track, it scars your paper (I found this out the hard way several times). I think it just takes some getting used to. Overall, a very handy crispy creasing tool!

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Questions and Comments

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions.

I LOVE my Scor-it.  I can never find a bone folder (although I must have at least a dozen around here!), but I never lose track of my Scor-it!!

ReindeerTrout   |  Fri Oct 3, 2008 at 1:18 AM

I have had my score it for more than a year and was picked on by a couple of friends about it.  I see they now have one!  It is one
of those great inventions worth every cent.

Penny   |  Fri Oct 3, 2008 at 4:23 AM

What is the difference in this “tool” and Scor-Pal? Different company? Seems like the do a lot of the same tasks.


Wanda   |  Fri Oct 3, 2008 at 1:57 PM

Wanda, I just had this conversation with some card making friends last week. I teach paper crafts at a local craft store and have worked with both boards. I find the “Scor-it” superior over the other brand for a few reasons.

1. The competing brand has “side stops” on the board which limits how far you can move your paper across the board to score multiple lines. When I tried to do this I had to move my paper over this edge of the other brand which then took it out of “square” to score.

2. Plastic Channel vs. Metal ridge. I’ll take metal over plastic any day for MY tools!

3. Non slip rubber surface on the Scor-it is great when you are using score lines as a design element.

4. “The Chain” you will never lose your scoring tool, its attached to the board by a chain. I don’t store mine in the box as I use it so often, so I put a tiny piece of Velcro on the tool to attach it to the top of the board, this works well for me and keeps the tool in the same spot and out of the way.

I hope this helps, as you can see I really am a big fan and know you won’t be making a mistake.

Karen Wayne Easterling   |  Sun Oct 5, 2008 at 9:18 AM
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Scor-It™ board in inches or metric $49.95
Mini Scor-It™ board in inches or metric $29.95
Scoring tool replacement $8.95
Stop-it Guide replacement $8.95

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