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Organize your ribbon with style and functionality in clear acrylic holders without dowel rods.


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  • >Made of clear acrylic for easy viewing

  • >No dowel rods

  • >Great for shelves or walls

  • >Available in two sizes

  • >Original Ribbon Roll Control holds ribbon spools up to 5" in diameter

  • >Petite Ribbon Roll Control holds ribbon spools up to 3 1/2" diameter

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
As the ultimate ribbon roll holder, the Ribbon Roll Control allows you to organize your ribbon the way you want – by color, size, style or use.

The Ribbon Roll Control is made of clear acrylic, so unlike wooden holders, you can easily see the style and quantity of all your ribbon at once, and there is a built-in ruler for easy measuring.

The Ribbon Roll Control comes in two different styles – Original and Petite. The Original can accommodate crafting ribbon rolls up to 5 inches in diameter, and the Petite can accommodate rolls up to 3.5 inches. Both models fit up to (16) 3/8” ribbon rolls in one holder and can be stacked up to three holders high or mounted to the wall – freeing up valuable table or desk space.

Product Description

No Dowel Rods
Unlike typical ribbon holders, the Ribbon Roll Control doesn’t use a dowel rod system to hold a collection of rolls – which means you don’t have the inconvenience of removing all your ribbon rolls just to get to a specific one. Ribbon Roll Control’s unique angled cradle uses gravity to keep your ribbon in place, so you can save time by easily grabbing just the one roll you need.

Go Big
Instead of being limited to only small ribbon spools, the Original Ribbon Roll Control can accommodate virtually all diameters of crafting ribbon – up to 5 inches.

If space is of utmost importance to you, the Petite Ribbon Roll Control is the same length as the Original, but not as tall, so it holds spools up to 3.5 inches in diameter.

Crystal Clear
The Ribbon Roll Control is made of clear acrylic so you can easily see the style and quantity of all your ribbon at once, and there is a built-in ruler for easy measuring.

A Little or a Lot
The Ribbon Roll Control is perfect for all quantities of ribbon. If you only have a few rolls on a unit, an included spacer keeps your ribbon upright (additional spacers can also be purchased). If you have a lot, the Ribbon Roll Control can be stacked up to three units high or mounted to a wall – freeing up valuable table or desk space.

The Original and Petite Ribbon Roll Controls can be used together as long as the base holder is the Original.

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  1. Ribbon organization made easy!

    By Beate Johns

    I was looking forward to this review for Ribbon Roll Control. I had been storing my ribbon in clear acrylic boxes that have a front opening. While it worked and they stacked, the sides of the boxes were not tall enough to stack them once I put larger ribbon rolls inside.

    When I received my holders I wondered if assembly would be hard, since it came in multiple pieces. I shouldn't have worried. It came with instructions, but it was very easy to assemble without reading those. (I only read instructions if I can't figure it out on my own. LOL).

    I am super excited about the Original Ribbon Roll Control. I have a lot of May Arts ribbon spools that are higher then my little boxes would hold. The Original even holds my spool of seam binding and I can still stack another Ribbon Roll Control unit on top of that. The holders are clear, and it is easy to get my ribbon spools in and out of the holder. The ribbon doesn't shift around because of the deep V they are sitting in. And, if you don't fill one of your Ribbon Roll Control, a spacer comes with each unit that will keep them standing upright. (Additional spacers are available, if you need more.)

    This makes ribbon organization so easy. I store my ribbon on book shelves, but you can also hang the units if you do not have shelf or table space. I loved them so much, I already ordered six more. (If you order three or more, the holders are cheaper and shipping is free.) I LOVE this product!

  2. Rack and Roll!!!

    By Amanda Havon

    When I received my Ribbon Roll Control it was completely unassembled, but the directions couldn't be clearer and simpler to read. I had the original and two petite Ribbon Roll Control racks put together in less then ten minutes. Easy.

    The Ribbon Roll Control is clear and 8 inches wide, allowing it to fit perfectly on my desk. I don't have much space to dedicate to crafting, so anything that's compact and helps me organize is always appreciated.

    My favorite key elements about the Ribbon Roll Control are:

    * The thick acrylic pieces.
    * Ability to hang or stack the units.
    * The handy numbers in front of the ribbons placed one inch apart.
    * The four inch depth of the units, to hold larger spools of ribbon.
    * The eight inch width of the units make it an easy fit in a tight crafting space.
    * The sturdy units can be picked up and moved easily without collapsing.

    Because the unit is clear acrylic, I can see the colors easily no matter how much light I have or where I am. This allows me to discern all of my many different ribbon colors/shades with ease (my favorite detail). And pulling the ribbon out for use is smooth and leaves the spool free from any tangles. The design and acrylic makes this the sturdiest little unit I have ever seen. When I took it to a crop at my LSS, I left it completely assembled and it transported easily and never got "rickety”. It held my adhesive, ribbon, glue dots and lace spools in place like a dream. This truly is a must have tool for your scrapping spaces or crops.

    I feel more confident now about expanding my ribbon collection, knowing that these stackable Ribbon Roll Control units can help me with organization. I will be purchasing more in the future, because I am new a fan for life of this product. This is a one of a kind, must have tool for your scrapping spaces or crops.

  3. It’s Finally Under Control!

    By Colleen Schaan

    This month we were sent three ribbon racks from Ribbon Roll Control for review. I can’t tell you how much I NEEDED this product. I’m completely OCD and my studio is super-organized and almost industrially spotless… with the exception of one little cupboard. It’s like the twilight zone when I open this cupboard... twine and twill, gingham and grosgrain, organza and lace… all stuffed haphazardly into boxes and bins. Shudder… I needed help – badly!

    Help came in the form of three clear acrylic ribbon rolls. The ribbon rolls are shipped unassembled for less costly shipping and environmentally friendly packing and they are SO easy to put together. The pieces just snap into place, creating three separate (but stackable) ribbon holders.

    I’ve got all three of mine stacked up (to save precious counter space) and I am pleased with how sturdy they are. I don’t have to worry about them falling over or pulling apart when I’m using them.

    I can store my larger ribbon rolls (up to 4.75” in diameter) in the larger bottom unit and my other smaller rolls in the top two.

    Some of the things I like the most?

    • I can stack and mount on my desk or attach them to the wall.
    • I can SEE all of my ribbon at a quick glance.
    • I don’t have to fill an entire unit. There are spacers included to hold ribbon firmly in place even when the unit is not entirely full.
    • I can pull a length of ribbon and cut it without ever having to take the actual roll from the unit. (Love this!)

    I am pretty excited about getting my ribbon under control, and I plan to purchase three more of the units to reign in the rest of my ribbon beast!

  4. Clearly Beautiful

    By Bev Rousch

    I was thrilled to get to review the Ribbon Roll Control ribbon roll holders (say that five times fast)!

    When you first start out crafting you only have a few rolls of ribbon, but when you put those rolls together, it's like they multiply. Soon you have so many rolls that you are desperate to figure out a way to manage them. As most of us know, if our materials are accessible and we can see them and be inspired by them, we will USE them. Ha! A novel concept to use our pretties!

    The Ribbon Roll Control organizers came nicely packaged and with wonderfully drawn instructions which made assembly very simple. While I was putting them together, my husband happened to walk by and he picked them up and remarked at how well they were made. I had him mount them onto the wall for me, since I wanted them hanging (and, he's a little better at doing that than I am). Once they were on the wall, I did notice that I should have used white screws as the units are perfectly clear, and I would be looking at black screws when glancing up at my ribbons. Not a problem! I could have chosen to just quickly paint over them, but I went for an even easier fix and stuck buttons over the screw heads with glue dots. Quick and crafty. Perfect!

    You can organize your ribbon rolls however you would like, but I am serious about my ROYGBIV color organization. smile I like that these units have slots and stoppers to keep your ribbon rolls standing up if you don't fill an entire organizer. (I'll take this moment to encourage you to buy more ribbon and fill them up! Hehehe.) But seriously, these organizers are clear and beautiful and you will want to fill them up for how prettily it displays your lovely ribbon. I've used 2 other organizers in the past for my ribbons, and I'm going to be buying more of the Ribbon Roll Control organizers and give the others away. It is worth it to me to be able to see my ribbons displayed in front of me so nicely. I highly recommend this product.

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It looks really nice and handy.  However, I have more spools of ribbon than it would possibly hold, even if I stacked them.

sally   |  Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 2:09 PM

We are collectors, aren’t we, Sally? There is no way I could store all of my ribbon on my work surface, but I was happy to find something that would let me keep a small stash favorite ribbon rolls in plain sight and at arms reach. For me, seeing them leads to actually using them. smile

lori   |  Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 2:18 PM
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