Punch & Washi Tape Storage Solutions

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Storage options for all of your craft room necessities that are as durable as they are stylish.


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  • >Practical storage solutions for punches, tapes, ink pads, papers and more.

  • >Quality wood construction allows for table top, stacked or in some cases, wall-mounted use.

  • >Functional and visible storage allows you to enjoy using all of your supplies.

  • >Beautiful craft area addition in natural wood or can be painted to reflect personal style.

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Stamp-n-Storage provides a variety of products for paper crafters, card makers and scrapbookers to keep supplies at your fingertips and beautifully arranged. Tired of using a shoebox, cassette tape organizer or a plastic bin that used to hold left-over lasagna to protect your growing collection? Stamp-n-Storage is dedicated to improving your craft area functionality.

All of our products are built from high quality materials, shipped fully assembled and sanded smooth. Right out of the box they can be used in their natural state, or you can paint them to match your decor. Wall mounting is an option that is available on certain products.

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Product Description

Decorative Tape Holder There are nearly four linear feet of shelf space in this compact tape storage unit. Your tapes can be stored right in front of you, ready to be applied to your latest paper project. Tapes may be easily torn away from roll using the back of the shelf as a guide or with scissor. The overall dimensions of the unit are 16.5" wide, 13.25" tall and 3.75" deep.

Lock Down Punch Holder Shelves designed for small, medium, large and x-large lock down style punches. Spacer blocks are included to keep smaller punches flush with the front of the unit for easy identification, removal and return. The overall dimensions of the unit are 18.25" wide, 13.25" tall and 4.75" deep.

Whale Tale Punch Holder Shelves designed for small, medium and large whale-tale styled punches. Spacer blocks are included to keep smaller punches flush with the front of the unit so you are not digging around looking for specific items in the back of the shelf unit. The overall dimensions of the unit are 20.88" wide, 13.25" tall and 4.75" deep.

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Learn more about the Stamp-n-Storage Paper Punch Storage in this video:

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  1. Fantastic, as always

    By Beate Johns

    I was excited to be able to review the Decorative Tape Holder from Stamp-n-Storage for this review. Having reviewed their ink pad holder and shelves in an earlier review, I knew the craftmanship of the Tape Holder would be outstanding. And, I was not disappointed. The shelf is sturdy, and because it's the same height as their ink pad holder and shelves, all of the pieces set side-by-side look great together.

    I started purchasing washi tapes last year and was looking for a way to store them efficiently. I had been storing them on a shelf, stacked up on top of each other. Not the best way... But, this new storage shelf is perfect for storing your washi tape collection, making it easy to see what you have and cut tape from each roll. The rolls stand up on the shelf. You adhere the loose end of the tape on the bottom of the shelf. When you need tape, just pull on the end and cut off. Perfect.

    Another organizational home run by Stamp-n-Storage.

  2. Sweetly Organized

    By Bev Rousch

    In our craft, we need and want lot of tools and supplies. It all sort of multiplies, and before you know it, you can have quite a lot ... And then, have the very real need to organize it. I always have that very very real need to organize it. Stamp-n-Storage offers me that organization in a beautiful package. I got the chance to try out their Decorative Tape Display Rack and Dispenser (washi tape holder), as well as their Six Drawer Storage unit.

    I've slowly become a big fan of washi tape, and it's easy to build up a nice collection of tapes when most rolls are no more than $3. One roll this time and another roll the next... pretty much before you know it, you're in deep with a nice pile of beautiful tapes that you need to organize. Let's talk about how much I love this washi tape dispenser! You can line them all up pretty so that you see the designs (ROYGBIV for me, please), and then these geniuses at Stamp-n-Storage have made it so that you can pull the tapes and rip your edge off nice and neatly while keeping the roll in place and ready for your next use. I want to hug this company.

    The easy use of my tapes is fantastic, so let's talk build. They have used 1/2" thick wood pieces for their organizers, and what that means is they are STURDY. Believe me when I say that you are going to pull them out of their shipping boxes and be instantly impressed with the workmanship. Also, the surface of the wood is smooth and it looks like it's going to be perfect for when I'm ready to paint it down the line.

    The Six Drawer Organizer is spacious and just as sturdy as the dispenser! The drawers are deep (about 3 1/2") and wide (about 7 1/2") and perfect for tools and various supplies that can accumulate on your desktop. Being able to place these items in a drawer not only frees up your desk space, it can also make your area beautiful! The drawers slide out and back in easily. I placed my favorite adhesives in one drawer so I can just pop the drawer out on my table when I'm ready to stick elements down and not have adhesives piled up all over my workspace. This even makes my table look tidy when I'm in the thick of a pretty messy project. I've become a fan. Oh, and did I mention that you can make one of these drawers a stash drawer? As in, a chocolate stash? As in, it's hidden and if it's found out you can just switch the drawers around like a Las Vegas try-and-find-the-ball-under-the-cup trick? Not that I have experience now. Just an idea.

    Stamp-n-Storage has made order and tidiness attainable and attractive. I am forever in their debt.

  3. Space Saving Storage

    By Michelle Giraud

    I was really excited about using the products from Stamp-n-Storage in my studio. I have a pretty small work space, so a lot of my tools are stored away from my desk which means I'm constantly getting up to search for the next product I want to use. I chose the Whale Tail Punch Storage because I knew I didn't have enough punches to fill up 12 spaces on this unit, but the shelf sizes looked like they would fit the bill for some of my other storage needs. My Copic Ciao markers have never had a nice home, so I was hopeful that the Stacked Marker Holder would provide an easy-to-use solution, which it did.

    The solidly built wooden Whale Tail Punch Storage fit perfectly on my existing paper storage drawers, so I didn't have to do any rearranging to get it to work. I loaded it with my 15 x-large through small sized punches which were previously stored in a basket under my desk. I used the smallest shelves on top to store my essential ink pads; black, brown, Versamark and Distress Inks. I was also able to fit all of my Stickles, embossing powders, favorite glitters, acrylic blocks and extra markers on the other open shelves. I'm was surprised by how much the shelves would hold, and now I have it all within arms reach instead of hidden away in storage baskets under my desk or in the closet.

    The Stacked Marker Holder worked perfectly for my Copic Ciao markers. I was a little worried because the website only showed Standand and Sketch Copics, but I could fit 5 Ciao markers per slot, for a total of 120 markers. Previously my markers were stored in a wire silverware basket which made it a little difficult to keep organized. Now my markers are organized by color and are easy to take out and replace. I plan on purchasing another holder for my Spectrum Noir markers, which also fit in this holder nicely. The second holder will stack on top of this one for more space saving convenience.

    I'm really impressed with how well these products fit in with my existing stamping space with almost no rearranging. They are very sturdy pieces, so they can be used as a base unit or on top of other storage products. The compartments are well thought out for the intended purposes, but also leave lots of space for other uses as well. I now have products and tools within reach which were previous stored away because I simply didn't have the space for them on my desk.

  4. Organizing Your Way To A Better Craft Space

    By Amanda Havon

    Like many crafters, I love a clean and organized work space, otherwise I can't create a thing! But, organization isn't easy. I can't always find the perfect storage for all of those unique or oddly shaped items. Luckily, Stamp-n-Storage has many storage options for all of those challenging tools and accessories.

    Stamp-n-Storage offers a variety of storage options and quality made pieces to organize many of your papercrafting items. Their pieces are constructed from sturdy wood and carefully shipped. They are immediately ready for use or are easy to paint if you want to personalize them for your own space.

    Each item is carefully planned and designed so that you can use them to their fullest potential. They are stackable and easy to maneuver but sturdy enough so that they won't tip over easily. Honestly, Stamp-n-Storage is my favorite storage company, and I don't want to imagine my craft space without their practical products.

  5. Quality Storage Units

    By Teresa Kline

    I was super excited to be receiving several organization units from Stamp-n-Storage. I could not wait to place them on the wall unit in my crafting space.

    Stamp-n-Storage organization units are awesome. Each piece is well designed and thought out for your die, ink and paper storage needs.

    They are natural wood in color, which is perfect; you can choose to keep them in their natural state or paint them. Because my newly installed wall unit is black, I wanted to paint them to match; I could not be happier. The wood is A+ quality. I did prime the sides before painting, sanded a bit, and then added the gloss black paint... perfect! The inserts were spray painted to make the process a little easier, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

    So, whether you keep them natural or paint them, the easy storage system is still the same. They set perfectly behind my work desk and are in arms length, easy to use and beautiful to look at! Now I must purge my area to make room for the paper storage unit and I will be set...*grin*. I highly recommend these quality units. You should pick up at least one for your creating supplies!

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I recently got the the Stamp-n-Storage ink pad holder…can’t believe how well organized I feel now that I have been using it.  So easy to make sure I have the correct marker and reinker right there next to my ink pad.  This has saved me a lot of time and frustration since I no longer have to spend time digging for markers or looking for reinkers.

Jan Hoyt (inkerzaway)   |  Sun Apr 28, 2013 at 5:50 PM
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What you'll pay

Decorative Tape Holder Desk or Shelf - $47.50
Decorative Tape Holder Wall Mount - $57.50
Lock Down Punch Holder Desk or Shelf - $54.75
Lock Down Punch Holder Wall Mount - 64.75
Whale Tail Punch Holder Desk or Shelf - $52.75
Whale Tail Punch Holder Wall Mount - $62.75

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