Perfect Squares

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90-degree angels are quick and easy with this simple tool that helps you cut perfect squares of any size or square up crooked folds.


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  • >Create 90 degree angles with every cut

  • >Each straight side is 8" long and has built in measurements

  • >Straight edges have a "lip" that makes lining up paper edges easy

Product Description

Manufacturer Description:

Perfect Squares is designed to create perfect squares and right (90-degree) angles; it is fantastic for scrapbooking, card-making, rubber stamping and general paper crafting. Squaring and cropping images becomes a simple task using Perfect Squares.

The tool has the same “catch lip” mechanism used in Perfect Layers to hook along the side of a picture or project, for effortless, perfect alignment.

How does it work? Five easy ways to use Perfect Squares:

1) Cropping photos - get perfect 90-degree angles every time. Catch the lip along one edge of the photo, and look through the square to see where to crop the image.

2) Quickly create a square - cut one flat edge on an item, and work your way around to turn ANY uneven scrap of paper into a perfect square!

3) Custom-make ANY size card - Perfect Squares is superb for scoring, folding, and making cards. The tool is eight (8) inches long on each straight edge, and has built-in measurements. Catch the lip along one edge, score along the other edge, and fold! Use Perfect Squares to trim a card evenly, or to custom-make ANY size card!

4) Fix mis-aligned card folds - it’s a lot cheaper to make your own cards out of card stock than to buy pre-folded cards; but sometimes, the fold is not aligned. Perfect Squares can be used for a quick fix: find one straight edge, and even it all out in a matter of seconds!

5) Bonus! The circles on the inside of the square are designed for different hand positions, to hold paper in place while using the tool; but you can also use the circles as templates, to round the edge of an image, or to draw circles of three different sizes!

Learn more about the Perfect Squares Tool in this video:

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  1. Perfect Squares is the Perfect Tool For You!

    By Amanda Havon

    I confess, I had never heard of the Perfect Squares tool before receiving it to try. But oh, I wish I had it back when I started to scrapbook! I love it, and it's so easy to store and use.

    When I opened the Perfect Squares tool for the first time, I used my craft knife to cut along the edge guide, and it cut like a dream with out "skipping" like many rulers do. But, what makes this tool so special, is the little "lip" that holds your paper perfectly even and in place with ease. That little detail sets it a part from anything else, and I appreciate the help keeping my lines straight.

    I also used tool as a guide to emboss a folding line on my cards, and it was a breeze. I didn't think it would let me score deeply enough, but it did an impressive job. I didn't even have to lug out my scoring board, like I usually need to do.

    This tool is so easy to store and pull out at a moment's need, and that really appeals to me since I don't have much crafting space. But the best, and my favorite part, of the Perfect Squares tool is that I only need to grab this tool for crops. I can leave my heavy 12x12 scoring board at home!

  2. Perfect 90 degree angles every time!

    By Beate Johns

    After our recent Perfect Layers Product Focus, I was excited to hear that we would try another tool from Perfect Paper Crafting. The Perfect Squares tool did not disappoint. Just like the Perfect Layers tool, the lip on the bottom of the Perfect Squares tool makes it easy to line up your cardstock and use the tool as a guide for cutting. Creating rectangles and squares with perfect angles has never been easier.

    I like to use my rotary cutter with these tools. It's safer for me then the craft knife, since I am a bit of a klutz. Just cut your first straight line, then line up the edge of the tool and cut the other three sides with perfect 90 degree angles. The circular holes in the tool let you grip your cardstock/paper through the holes and help prevent the paper from shifting while you cut it. The ruler on the straight edge makes it easy to create squares and rectangles in a specific sizes.

    What is WONDERFUL about the catch lip, is that it is on both sides of the tool. This means that the ruler will show on whichever side you need it. That's especially handy for left handed people like me.

    I also used the tool to score my cardstock. I placed my cardstock on a piece of fun foam, then used the stylus tool and the Perfect Squares tool to score my card bases and even a 1/8" border on one of my layers.

    This tool is easy to use and does exactly what it says... creates perfect squares (and rectangles, too).

  3. Handy Trim & Crop Tool

    By Rose Ann Reynolds

    To be honest, I was quite nervous when I heard we were reviewing the Perfect Squares tool. I've seen squares used in carpentry, but what could I possibly use it for in paper-crafting? I found out quickly, after I watching the recommended video, which explains many ways to use the handy tool.

    To use the Perfect Squares tool, you will need a sharp craft knife, and a medium to large-sized cutting mat (12 inches or larger, because the tool is approximately 8.5 inches on the straight edges, and 12 inches on the wavy edge).

    I was quite curious to try the Perfect Squares out before I actually used in on my projects, and found it to work exactly as described. Cropping photos was easier than ever because the tool is clear, and I was able to line it up exactly where I wanted. The catch lip secured the edge of my photo, and the holes in the tool helped me to hold everything stable while I cut.

    I like the option of straightening up my stamped images when I don't quite get things centered as well as I had hoped when ink goes to paper. Once I got the first edge lined up where I wanted, the rest of the edges were easy to cut at a perfect 90°. I generally do not make custom sized cards, but it's nice to know that it can be done easily with this tool by using the ruled edge and a score tool. I do, however, find the need to fix my botched card edges sometimes if I haven't scored exactly even. This is so easy with the Perfect Squares, and you can shave such a minimal amount of cardstock that it's virtually impossible to tell that there was a problem with the card edges in the first place. I haven't used the circle templates just yet, but I'm planning to when I scrap my next layout. I will also use the curvy edge of the tool for my page.

    This tool has so many uses while taking up a minimal storage space. I find it a valuable asset to my collection!

  4. The Perfect Tool!

    By Lori McAree

    The Perfect Square by Perfect Papercrafting is easy to use, light weight and takes up little storage space. I like that it is so easy to hold while cutting, the ruler is very easy to read and your cutting blade glides easily along the edge of the tool while cutting so smoothly.

    A really great feature of the Perfect Square tool is that you can turn any scrap paper that's laying around into a perfect square. You only need one straight edge, and then you can easily cut three other sides to quick right angles. The lip that catches the edge of your paper makes all the difference. I did find that using thicker paper was a bit easier as the thinner paper wanted to shift, but all you need to do is put a bit more pressure on the paper and you are good to go.

    I love how the tool fits into a small space on my desk. It's easy to grab and cut.

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Thanks to the comments on an old forum here at SCS, I purchased the Perfect Square and the Perfect Layer Rulers sometime ago. They are THE BEST!!!! I couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend all the tools. Just add a cutting mat and a good blade and you have all you need to get started on a life long craft journey!!!

susie australia   |  Thu Sep 13, 2012 at 4:29 AM

I purchased mine a few months ago and am happy with it, tho I am still getting used to it.  It does work better with thicker paper, high/thick enough to catch the lip on.  I use alot of thin (cheaper) paper for layering so it can be a challenge to keep the paper from shifting as Lori said.

Pati L   |  Sat Sep 29, 2012 at 8:28 PM
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