Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter®

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Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter® is an electronic die cutting machine that connects to your computer and uses a small blade to cut designs that you have created, downloaded or purchased.


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  • >Create and cut sentiments and shapes for your crafting projects

  • >Freedom to cut fonts, downloaded images and your own original designs

  • >Everything you need to draw, emboss, engrave, distress and pierce your projects

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Pazzles® At Home
Pazzles Inspiration® products are used in the home in a variety of ways from scrapbooking to school projects to home décor. Our products and services are there to enhance the lives of our customers by helping them to realize their creative potential. Do what you want to do, better than ever, and in less time with Pazzles.

Pazzles For Business
Businesses use Pazzles Pro products to create unique products and provide custom services. With specialty products, services and support, Pazzles works to ensure the success of our business customers.

Pazzles In Education
Pazzles brings new and exciting options to educational institutions, like public schools, universities, and day care and after school care facilities. Pazzles products can enhance educational capabilities by:
• Replacing expensive, bulky and restricting die cutting systems in school resource rooms
• Rapidly generating customized educational aids
• Producing large quantities of classroom educational material
• Expanding the creativity and capabilities of students

Product Description

Ever wish you could make your own designs on your computer and cut them out? With the Inspiration Creative Cutter you can.

The Inspiration Creative Cutter connects to your computer, similar to a printer, but instead of printing, the Inspiration uses a small blade to cut designs that you have created, downloaded, or purchased. Imagine cutting any shape, font, or design in a variety of sizes with the click of a button. The Inspiration is capable of cutting paper, cardstock, stencil plastic, chipboard, fabric and rubber stamp material. The Inspiration offers amazing flexibility and power. Using our added tools, you can even draw, engrave, emboss, distress, and pierce with your Inspiration.

Using the provided Inspiration Studio software, you can design any shape, image, or text that you want to cut out. You can create and cut any words using almost any font on your computer, easily trace around any picture or clipart using our tools, draw your own free hand design or use one of the thousands of purchasable or Pazzles-provided images.

There are so many powerful tools built into our software that are easy to use; the only limit to your design ability is your imagination. As a beginner, you can easily use favorite features such as welding shapes together, creating shadow mats, creating titles, resizing and auto tracing. As you learn and grow, you will find that the software contains every tool you could possibly want to create the most advanced projects. This carefully thought out balance between ease of use and design possibilities is something very unique to the Pazzles Inspiration system and part of what sets it apart from any other cutting system.

There are three ways to use the Pazzles Inspiration with a Mac:
• Using Illustrator CS5 or CS6 and the Inspiration Illustrator Plug-In
• Running Windows on a Mac, using Parallels, Boot Camp, or VMWare.
• Using Sure Cuts a Lot

Learn more about the Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter in this video:

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  1. Click and Cut!

    By Beate Johns

    I am an old-fashioned kind of stamper. I still like to use stamps instead of digis, I don't digital scrap and I don't own an electronic cutting machine. So when I heard we were to review one, I was a bit intimidated. When I got the Pazzles and first looked at the instruction manual, I put it all back in the box. The next day, after a few diet cokes, I was ready to tackle this "new adventure." I read through the first chapters as suggested in the manual. It wasn't as scary as first thought. If you are using a photo editing software, you already know quite a few of the commands.

    Here is one thing to remember if you are new to the electronic die cutting world like me: When you start working with a new cutting mat, you need to condition it before you start cutting. After my introduction of peeling ripped paper from the mat, I found a great video on how to prepare your cutting mat on the Pazzles Craft Room site. That is a great thing about Pazzles. They have a lot of informative videos on their site that walk you through everything step-by-step. They also provide lots of resources to help, including live chat. Pazzles customer service is definitely amazing!

    After taking those first few hurdles, cutting simple shapes was a breeze. The Pazzles Inspiration can do a lot: resize, outline, create outlines for your stamped images (after you scan them in)..... You can even get different tools, so it's not just for cutting (piercing tool, distress tool, pen tool).

    I am still an old-fashioned kind of crafter and prefer my dies and stamps over computer tools, but if you are looking for an electronic die cutting machine, the Pazzles Inspiration definitely deserves consideration.

  2. Thoroughly Modern Me

    By Lydia Fiedler

    You're not going to believe this, but even after stamping for decades, I have not ventured far into the digital world. Since my work is 100% computer based, I've never thought of crafting with it - I've thought of it as something I really need to turn off to craft. So the Pazzles was really my first opportunity to see if digital cutting was something that a completely inexperienced person could enjoy.

    The machine is very easy to set up right out of the box. The software installed quickly and easily and there are just a few physical steps to take with the machine - popping in the blade housing and hitting the on button. While I do recommend reading instructions to other people, I don't typically read them myself, so I was very pleased to see there's a one page quick setup sheet, like you get with Apple products. The important thing you need to know that is not on that one page sheet is that you need to condition your mat before using the machine. I missed this step, and had to scrape patterned paper off my mat after my first attempt at a cut. So don't be like me!

    The mat has a guide on it that matches what you see when you open the software, so you can easily make cuts out of little paper scraps positioned on your mat the way they are on screen.

    If you upgrade to Inspiration Studio Pro version of their software you can use .svg files. I just had the basic version, so my projects were with their image library, which is quite extensive and contains both simple and very detailed shapes. I think the library and their online educational materials are outstanding, and made me feel a lot more comfortable experimenting. The videos are great. You can get short little bits of info on whatever you are trying to accomplish.

    One thing I learned about digital cutting is you need to be an experimenter. You need to change your blade settings and tweak things sometimes when your cuts don't come out perfectly the first time. Every cardstock is different, so you just need to learn how your supplies and the Pazzles will work together. I think this is the biggest adjustment for traditional die cutting stampers. I used a few different materials and just tweaked a few times until I found what worked with Stampin' Up! cardstock and paper.

    So to begin with, I tried letters. I was tickled pink to see that I could use my own fonts, including my beloved Helvetica. I could cut and crank out a very quick, cute greeting with it. This cut went flawlessly with my cardstock on the first try. Next, I got very adventurous and cut out a rubber stamp with it. They include the supplies and instructions for doing this with the machine - how could I resist that? Again, this went flawlessly. Then I got even more froggy and decided to try the beautiful koi image from their own library. First, I resized the image so that it was much smaller than the original. While it cut the image out of cardstock, the little scales were too hard to poke out, so I tossed that one. I increased the size and did it again and I loved it. I never consulted any help to use tools like resizing and placing images - it's very easy and intuitive. I even welded two images from their library together into a single image to cut with no problem at all. Normally I turn off help tips for most software, but the tip you get upon opening the software for this cutter each time was very helpful and I was glad they were there.

    The only thing you can't do with the software is open your images to work with them unless your machine is turned on and connected to your computer, so don't forget that step.

    This machine takes 12x12 paper and the mat is a little bigger than that, so you do need to dedicate some real estate next to your computer to accomodate that. My office / craftastrophe is very tiny, so I'd probably opt for using it in a more spacious area with a laptop if you don't have room in your studio.

    I think after spending time perfecting the cutting medium settings, I'd definitely get the pro version so that I could use .svg files I've seen shared on my favorite designers' sites. I think that's where a machine like the Pazzles Inspiration really holds appeal for old fashioned girls like me.

  3. Cut. It. Out.

    By Bev Rousch

    A cutting machine that hooks up to your computer and you can design whatever you want it to cut out? Sounds good to me! The Pazzles Inspiration promises just that, and I was pleased to give it a spin.

    The important thing to remember when you are purchasing a new piece of technology is that it's going to take effort from you. You will need to learn new-to-you software to achieve good results. There is a learning curve, but once you navigate it, all sorts of possibilities open up.

    I attempted a few different projects to test out its perimeters, though really, I'm a beginner, so I'll need lots more practice to master it. What I've found so far is you can't go at this willy-nilly. You need to sit and really plan out each project in detail so that your cuts are true. Plan out the paper thickness, the exact measurements, and bring patience.

    I'll just tell you that it's my opinion that some just "click" with electronic cutting, and others don't. My husband sat down with this software and within a half hour he had it down and was cutting projects. To be honest, I was flabbergasted and a little miffed since I had put in some time and he blew right past me with the technological edge. Yes, go ahead and have a chuckle at my expense! LOL

    I'm a "choose as I go" kind of stamper with loose ideas of what I want to make, so this is different for me. Planning! I know a lot of you are planners, and I am too normally. When it comes to stamping though, I like my projects to just flow along happily till I can put them down. I think that this sort of cutting can bring in a "goal oriented" sort of feel to crafting, and that too can be rewarding! Accomplishment can feel good!

    If you think that an electronic cutter might be your next crafting purchase, try out the Pazzles Inspiration. (And, don't let your husband near it. Hee! Hee!)

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Questions and Comments

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions.

I currently have a cricut expression and hate their mats. How is yours different from theirs and how often will we have to buy a mat?

willie ehrlich   |  Thu Nov 1, 2012 at 1:58 PM

Ours uses a different adhesive which is sprayed on instead of rolled on and starts out super-sticky but keeps a lot longer because of it. We are able to use our mats for quite a long time with proper mat care, which is something we do ‘refresher’ courses on all the time on our blog: We’ve heard tales that some people who own other cutters prefer our mats. I think you will like them better. But maybe I’m biased smile

Pazzles   |  Thu Nov 1, 2012 at 4:07 PM

Hi: I was wondering if you could download any clip art and cut that without it being an SVG file.  Or do you have to use only the files in the Craft Room.
Thank you,
Sandra Miaskoff
[email protected]

sandra miaskoff   |  Thu Nov 1, 2012 at 8:26 PM

Pazzles Craft Room is a wonderful resource for Inspiration users, but you are not limited to using only files from the Craft Room! You do have the ability to cut files from other sources, files you create yourself, or images converted to cutting files.

The Inspiration Studio software included with the Inspiration uses WPC files, however will import other files like JPG, AI (version 8), DXF, and EPS (version 2).  Files that are not vector or cutting files, like JPG, will need to be converted to vector files and there are tools within the software to do that. For more information on converting clip art to a cutting file you can visit and half way down the page is a series of videos with information on choosing and converting clip art to cutting files.  You can also use clip art to ‘print and cut’ by creating a cutting outline around the image clip art.

Hope that helps!

Pazzles   |  Fri Nov 2, 2012 at 3:15 PM

I just want to say….I absolutely ADORE my Pazzles!  smile  Not only can I cut out my die-cuts, but I can use the pen tool for writing on my sentiments (something I used to pre-print on my cards before I stamped them)  and so many other things.

I have planned a design for vinyl to go on my bathroom walls and I’m looking forward to trying that out…. and I can’t WAIT to get the pastry tools so I can make cute goodies using my Pazzles.

Sheri   |  Sun Nov 4, 2012 at 2:41 PM

This question is for Lydia Fiedler. From your review, I noticed you were able to tweak a few times and cut Stampin’ Up’s cardstock and paper. I’ve tried lots of times and have not been able to cut SU’s cardstock or paper. Could you please share the settings you used for SU’s papers?  Thank you so much!!

Kathy Ann   |  Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 2:58 PM

Hi Kathy Ann! That’s a great question!

There’s a combination of things that factor into a great cut - I had to experiment. Stampin’ Up! Whisper White and Very Vanilla are lighter weight than the colored cardstocks, so they will cut differently.

So what I did is I started with colored cardstock on the default blade setting and I tried at first simple shapes from the Pazzles library, and worked my way to more complicated shapes like the koi in my gallery, experimenting with blade settings.

I found that with more intricate die cuts, I needed a higher blade setting, so if I started with the default and I found that it tore, I re-cut the same image with both higher and lower settings to see what worked. I found that with images like the koi, I needed a higher setting than the default and it cut like a dream.

With simpler shapes the default worked fine.

lydia   |  Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Lydia, Thank you.  I have just gotten so frustrated with trying to cut SU cardstock. I have a lot of SU cardstock and need to be able to use it.

I’ll try again today with the default settings and go from there. But are you also increasing the blade length and pressure? And did you have a problem while you were tweaking that the image would cut on one side, but not the other? 

Thanks again. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions!

Kathy Ann

Kathy Ann   |  Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 7:45 AM

I bought the Inspiration when it first debuted on HSN several years ago.  I have never looked back and now own two of them.  I love the versatility and I don’t have to store dies or cartridges.  I got so carried away with designing that I had to make a website so that I could share all of the designs…..for free in case anyone is interested.  So, if you are on the fence, jump down to the Pazzles side and you won’t regret it.

Vicki   |  Mon Mar 25, 2013 at 8:11 PM
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