Nestaboard & Nestabling

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Detailed rhinestone and pearl accents with precision cut chipboard shapes that are designed to fit many popular Spellbinders™ dies.


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  • >Nestabling™ are rhinestones and pearl pattern accents that coordinate with shapes cut from Spellbinders™ Nestabilities™

  • >Nestaboard™ are chipboard pieces that coordinate with shapes cut from Spellbinders™ Nestabilities™

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Want2Scrap manufactures Nestabling™ (rhinestone and pearl design embellishments), as well as Nestaboard™ (precision cut, quality chipboard pieces), to coordinate beautifully with many of the today’s most popular Spellbinders™ Nestabilities™ die templates. The combination of chipboard for durability and rhinestone or pearl embellishments to accent cards, paper crafts and scrapbook pages gives the customer countless options that are as easy to use as they are pretty.

Nestabling, Nestaboard, as well as various other rhinestone and pearl embellishment packs, unique laser die cuts, chipboard pieces and acrylic albums are proudly manufactured by Want2Scrap in the state of Indiana, USA.

Product Description

Want2Scrap produces one-of-a-kind rhinestone and pearl patterned embellishments and matching chipboard pieces that coordinate perfectly with some of Spellbinders most popular Nestabilities die templates. This easy-to-use product offers style and flexibility for today's papercrafter.

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  1. Fun with Boards and Bling

    By Rose Ann Reynolds

    I'm so excited to be joining the SCS Product Focus Team to review Want2Scrap products! I was really happy for the opportunity to use all of the pretty bling products, but to be honest...I wasn't sure of how I would like using the Nestaboard chipboard.

    The Nestaboard products I chose to try out were Fleur de Lis Rectangles, Lacey Ovals, and Fancy Tags Two. I was thrilled to learn that the card stock shapes I cut with my Spellbinders dies matched perfectly with the Nestaboard shapes. There was no sanding of the edges at all, and I easily adhered the card stock to the chipboard with my Tombo Mono Multi Glue. I was impressed with the nice dimension and quality the Nestaboard gave to my projects! If you use these for your greeting cards, it will add a bit of extra weight and bulk, so it will require more for postage.

    Okay, so bling isn't difficult to love, but the Nestabling is quite impressive in that it matches your Spellbinders dies! You must be a bit careful when applying the larger shapes so that the product doesn't stick to itself. I applied the bling slowly and with very light pressure, so that I could make slight adjustments as needed. Once I had everything where I wanted, I just applied more pressure for a permanent adhesion. The Finesse Swirls are also a favorite. I chose to cut the pieces down a little so one package can really go a long way! The 72 count bling packages have a great variety of sizes to chose from, though I noticed a couple came loose inside the package. No problem removing and re-applying them to the holding sheet. The Baby Bling is very pretty and has a great quantity in such a small package.

    Want2Scrap has great products to use with your Spellbinders dies, if you're looking for a way to really enhance them. I was quite impressed with their products, and know that I will be purchasing more in the future.

  2. Match made in heaven

    By Beate Johns

    I was excited when I heard we were to review Want2Scrap. Who doesn't like bling? And when the bling is already shaped to match Nestabilities die cuts, what's not to love? It makes framing an image a breeze. I really love this product. You just have to be careful when peeling off bigger connected pieces, so that they don't stick together. I started pulling only one corner of the Nestabling or bigger swirls off the plastic, then tacking that part down before taking off the rest of the plastic protector.

    I also received some Nestaboard, chipboard pieces that are shaped to match Nestabilities die cut shapes. I love them as well. The edges of the shapes are a bit darker and have a finished edge, they don't look like plain chipboard. Nestaboard is great for adding more stability to pieces you want to embellish with techniques or to very delicate pieces, like the fancy tags.

    I also love Want2Scrap's finesse swirls and baby bling. They are very reasonably priced and stick to your project very well. From now on, Want2Scrap will be my go to source for bling.

  3. Sparkly Fun!

    By Lori McAree

    I was so excited to find out we were going to be doing a product review for Want2Scrap. Like most of papercrafters, I love bling and especially sparkly bling. They have a lot of great products at great prices and they ship super fast.

    We received 4 products to review, and one of the things I loved about all of them is they have a bit of a “give” time. When I am applying single self adhesive bling I seem to run into a problem with getting things down straight, all of the products were so easy to pull up or use my finger to adjust - bonus!

    • Baby Bling - A great assortment of colors, the packages include 100 pieces and are a great size to use for adding a bit of sparkle to smaller areas
    • 72 Count Rhinestones - Lots of fun colors to choose from and oh so sparkly. One of my favorite things I like to do to my cards is, starting with the largest size in the corners, work my way down. It is also so nice to have different sizes of uniform bling for different spaces on your project.
    • Nestaboard & Nestabling - I’ve never used this type of product and it was a lot of fun! I used my Nestabilities to cut a piece of cardstock to adhere to the Nestaboard. I really like this option as I like to add dimension to my cards. The Nestabling is so sparkly and fun to add to the inside or outside of the Nestaboard. No matter the look you are going for, the Nestabling is easy to adhere and keeps it shape beautifully!
    • Finesse Swirl - I was nervous to try this product, it looked like something I would struggle with. I was pleasantly surprised. It was so easy to remove from its packaging and like the Nestabling, the swirl kept its shape beautifully, so it was easy to apply. Initially I didn’t lay it down correctly but it was easy to pull up (not bringing the cardstock with it), reapply and it stayed sticky throughout the process.

  4. Razzle Dazzle

    By Anne Ryan

    For many, seeing is believing. For me, it’s not a question of seeing, it’s a question of using something hands on. This month’s review team had the privilege of using a‘hands on’ approach with Want2Scrap products.

    With a wide array of products, Want2Scrap has an incredible product called Nestaboard. The name is exactly what this product is ~ a nesta-board. Each of these Nestaboard sets compliment the coordinating Nestabilities die templatres. Not only that, but Want2Scrap has created an entire line of Nestabling to razzle dazzle your Nestaboard art.

    From the Say it with Pearls adhesives to the Nestaboard, Nestabling, butterflies and more, I found the Want2Scrap products to be a welcomed, easy to use, addition to my crafting. Being able to add their bling with little or no effort, pull them off and apply them, really adds a quick punch of glamour to your crafts. I do not have a stamping space, so using Nestaboard rather than dragging out the CB, was a bonus for me.

    Overall, I really enjoyed using Want2Scrap products. Although their packaging is really attractive, it’s what’s inside the pretty package that counts. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, ease of use and presentation this company brings to our crafting efforts. If anyone should like to ask me, on a scale of 1 to 10, where I would rate Want2Scrap, it would definitely be a 10. There is no doubt this company has created a niche with products to punch up your art work.

  5. Sparkle and Shine

    By Heather Pulvirenti

    Want2Scrap is an online store that offers a multitude of scrapbook and card making items. Everything from chipboard albums, rhinestones, and embellishments to Nestaboard (chipboard that has been precut into Nestabilities shapes) and coordinating Nestabling.

    As a first time buyer of Want2Scrap products, I wasn’t sure what to expect after completing my order, but was blown away with the speed in which my package arrived on my doorstep. Simply fantastic! For my review, I used a variety of products including flourish rhinestones, individual rhinestones, individual pearls, Nestabling, Nestaboard and a chipboard album.

    After using all of the different products in my order, I must say that I am in love! Every item met or exceeded my expectations. The rhinestones and Nestabling sparkle beautifully in the light and you get a large sheet of gems for a reasonable price. The chipboard albums and Nestaboard appear to have been laser cut, and are made with a sturdy material that can withstand some man-handling without being too bulky.

    My favorite product overall were the rhinestone flourishes. I’ve purchased other brands of flourishes, and sometimes had to worry about whether or not my design would shift and cling to itself after being pulled from the acetate sheet, thus ruining the bling. Keeping this in mind, I slowly peeled my rhinestone design from the sheet, closed my eyes and held my breath… Low and behold the flourish retained its shape perfectly. Yessss!

    The only recommendation I would make to the owners of Want2Scrap would be to add more colors to their rhinestone/pearl and Nestabling line. I love, love, love gems/pearls and reach for them all the time when creating. A greater variety of colors would be a bonus.

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Nestabling $3.49 each
Nestaboard $3.99-$4.99 each

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