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Precision measurement for perfect borders, alignment, and cuts with Cut-Align from My Sweet Petunia.


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  • 8" and 15" rulers with precision cutting track.

  • Centering ruler with height guides to 1/16" of an inch.

  • Accurate measurements for perfect cuts.

  • Stabilizing track for safer craft knife cuts.

Product Description

Product Description

Cut-align™ is a collection of two acrylic rulers to accompany the MISTI family of products. The rulers are 8" and 15". Both feature a grid measurement for even borders, a centering ruler and a slotted track for safe and stabilized cuts with a single blade craft knife.

Manufacturer Description

Iliana Myska has been paper crafting since 2001. She initially started card-making when she was asked to serve on a women’s ministry. By agreeing to be in charge of the card ministry, Iliana began a new journey. Using her scrapbooking supplies to embellish pre-made card bases, her addiction to crafting grew into stamping.

While making one hundred Christmas cards for her church, Iliana became frustrated with errors and inconsistencies while stamping. After her failed attempt to Washi tape a stamp press to a mouse pad, an idea occurred. Several trips to the hardware store and MISTI™ - most incredible stamp tool invented - was born.

You can learn more about using the Cut-Align in this video:

A complete Table of Contents for MISTI video tutorials may be found in here in the My Sweet Petunia forum.

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  1. Even on all sides and straight as an arrow.

    By Stephanie Severin

    I will confess that in my many years of card-making, I have never effectively used a craft knife. I owned a few, but whenever I tried to use them, I could never cut straight. I always felt so out of control when I was cutting, that I was afraid I would slice my finger. The Cut-Align has changed that for me. I now confidently wield my craft knife to make precision 1/16" cuts.

    I love that the Cut-Align comes with two sizes, so I always have the length I need for the project at hand. I often find myself reaching for the extra long Cut-Align because then I never have to worry about the alignment channel extending beyond the edges of any size piece of paper. I have always loved tiny typed sentiments for my cards, but trimming them close with scissors meant it was never quite exactly straight ... and with paper cutters, it was challenging to get as close as I wanted to the words evenly on all four sides.

    With the Cut-Align, I use the stamped sentiment as my guide, so the border can be as close to the sentiment as I want, even on all sides and straight as an arrow. I also love that there are both vertical and horizontal grids on the Cut-Align, because they make it so easy to get the end result I want ... the first time ... every time. The Cut-Align is a tool that is now front and center on my studio table.

  2. Double security for perfectly straight sides.

    By Dina Kowal

    I'm so happy to have the Cut-Align rulers in my "keep-within-reach" tool stash! I work on a gridded mat, and I often forget to use it as a guide for keeping layers straight. My first and favorite use for the Cut-Align was simply lining up the 1/8" grid side of the ruler with the bottom edge of my card and using the opposite edge to align my sentiment panels! I love having that tiny parallel grid right on the ruler's surface.

    I most often use a guillotine cutter to trim my layers, and I'll admit there's sometimes a fair amount of eyeballing involved. With the Cut-Align, I'm able to layer untrimmed pieces and produce an even cut border all the way around. On one of my samples, I had a foiled image that was slightly off kilter - once I had a straight edge cut, I was able to use the Cut-Align to square off the other sides. Aligning it with my gridded mat gave me double security for perfectly straight sides. One idea I had for using the ruler was to cut between two points, like you would for an angled cut on a box or a slot in a pop-up card. I did find it hard to focus my old eyeballs on the pencil dots inside that narrow opening... but if you're keener than I am, this can be a useful function too! My little house card roof slants (in the gallery) were cut this way.

    I'd definitely advocate following the directions for cutting lightly with multiple passes in the cutting slot - that's great advice for keeping paper and ruler in place and not accidentally cutting into the plastic around the slot itself. Cheers for a new tool with so many possibilities!

  3. Easy alignment and perfect borders.

    By Julee Tilman

    When I first heard about the My Sweet Petunia Cut-Align I was excited to test it out. One of my crafting pet peeves is uneven borders. I prefer a guillotine paper trimmer, so those little sentiment strips were always a challenge… until now.

    I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I’ve never been very adept with a craft knife, so wasn’t sure if this little tool would be my thing. There’s a a tiny bit of room for error if you don’t place your blade in the same position for each pass, but the guided slot in the ruler really keeps that to a minimum. Using the Cut-Align, I was able to cut straight lines with ease, which I’ve never been able to do with a traditional ruler.

    I was impressed by how many guidelines there were, making it easy to align things perfectly to frame stamped images and sentiments as well as create perfect borders of varying thicknesses to use as mats. Both horizontal and vertical guidelines as well as a 0 center are printed on the rulers. I can tell that the Cut-Align will be one of the most reached for tools in my craft room.

  4. Perfect mats and image stacks.

    By Janine Tinklenberg

    I was excited to try the new Cut-Align rulers from Sweet Petunia. I’ve tried a lot of different tools for creating perfect mats for squares and rectangles of card stock, and I thought that these rulers would be perfect for that purpose. I’ve also been cutting using a straight edge ruler and an X-Acto knife for years, and I have the scars to prove it from where the blade jumped the ruler, so anything that would make that process safer sounded great to me.

    I grabbed some of my own Mitten State Stamps to use these rulers with because most of them have a frame around the image. The first card I made with Cat Frame, a small framed image of a cat’s face. I used the smaller ruler to cut the stamped image out with a small border outside the frame by lining up that frame with the line 1/8” from the center of the ruler then running my PenBlade down the slit in the center. I find it’s easiest to get a perfect edge by positioning the ruler so I’m cutting at about a 45 angle toward me. It’s safer and makes the straightest edge.

    I then thought about card techniques that used layers, and I made a Triple Stamping card using my Mitten State Stamps Rose Background stamp. I stamped the image three times, colored them with Copics, then used the Cut-Align ruler to cut two of the pieces down by cutting an equal amount off each edge, making the second one smaller than the first to get three graduated shapes. I then adhered the colored images to black card stock and then used the Cut-Align ruler to trim down the black card stock to a perfect 1/8” mat around each piece. I stacked up my images so they lined up with each other perfectly and had the same border around each edge. This was really easy to do with the Cut-Align.

    My third card used my Lilacs Background stamp to do a spotlight card. I stamped the image twice, then cut one of the images down using the Cut-Align Ruler, this time creating my cuts over the lilac blossoms, not equally around each edge, and colored it with Copic markers. I then created a black mat the same way as the previous card. I mounted that on top of the uncolored image, again perfectly aligning the images. I’m really thrilled with these rulers and find myself reaching for them often as I craft!

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where can you buy the cutter that is being used in the video?  the one that is wapped around the finger thanks.

ctnana   |  Sun Apr 21, 2019 at 5:17 PM

Hi - I purchased my finger cutter from Taylored Expressions:

lori   |  Sun Apr 21, 2019 at 5:27 PM
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