MISTI Creative Corners

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Creative Corners™ re-positionable internal bumpers and additional corners to create off-edge designs and precisely layered sentiments and images.


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  • Stamp positioning tools for perfect stamp alignment with MISTI™ family of stamp positioning tools.

  • Create internal bumpers and additional corners to create off-edge designs.

  • Use for angled sentiments with a professional, polished finish.

  • Make quick and perfectly consistent work of a single card or mass production projects.

Product Description

Product Description

Creative Corners™ are a collection of small, acrylic pieces to accompany the MISTI, Mini MISTI and Memory MISTI. There are two corner squares with magnets, two acrylic triangles and a longer L-square. The pieces can be used alone or in different combinations to allow for a variety of more difficult techniques and impressions with the MISTI™ stamp positioning tool.

A few ways to use the different pieces:

  • Stamp in the center of the MISTI platform for off-edge designs and incredibly straight
  • Repeated sentiments and images consistently angled for a polished, professional look.
  • Multiple steps of a stamped project to be set on the MISTI at one time for efficient mass
  • Accurately stamp on small pieces of paper in the middle of the MISTI that were impossible to
          use up close to the side wall.

  • Creative Corners store inside the original MISTI or Mini MISTI hinged lid for safe keeping between projects. (The L-bracket does not fit inside Mini MISTI for storage.)

    The MISTI family of stamp positioner tools allow for consistent stamping results for the novice or experienced crafter. This tool accommodates rubber cling mount or clear stamps. A foam mat is included with the MISTI to raise the cardstock when using clear stamps. When you are using thicker, rubber mounted cling with cushion stamps, simply remove the foam pad.

    Manufacturer Description

    Iliana Myska has been paper crafting since 2001. She initially started card-making when she was asked to serve on a women’s ministry. By agreeing to be in charge of the card ministry, Iliana began a new journey. Using her scrapbooking supplies to embellish pre-made card bases, her addiction to crafting grew into stamping.

    While making one hundred Christmas cards for her church, Iliana became frustrated with errors and inconsistencies while stamping. After her failed attempt to Washi tape a stamp press to a mouse pad, an idea occurred. Several trips to the hardware store and MISTI™ - most incredible stamp tool invented - was born.

    You can learn more about using the MISTI Creative Corners in this video:

    See a start-to-finish project with the MISTI Creative Corners in this videos:

    Find answers to Original and Mini MISTI comparisons in this short video:

    A complete Table of Contents for MISTI video tutorials may be found in here in the My Sweet Petunia forum.

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    1. Embrace Precision Stamping

      By Stephanie Severin

      I've always been more of a free-form stamper, so I typically avoided techniques that required precision (multi-layer stamping, etc.). Now with the MISTI and Creative Corners, I can embrace and execute a wide variety of precision stamping techniques.

      The magnetic corners allow me to shadow stamp sentiment, create multi-stamp backgrounds, and stamp off the edges of my card fronts. The angles and L-piece allow perfect placement of sentiments and background designs. It's like having a whole new creative toolbox at my disposal, and I'm having so much fun experimenting.

    2. New Ways to Use the MISTI Stamp Positioning Tools

      By Jeanne Streiff

      I just love the new Creative Corners set from My Sweet Petunia! The new magnets and clear pieces open new ways to use the MISTI Stamp Positioning Tools. You can use the 3 magnet corners like the original round magnets without worry of the magnets snapping together if you get them too close and for other techniques like making new corners in your MISTI (other than the 4 corners) and using them along with the grid of the MISTI for new placement of your paper. My favorite use for the corner magnets is holding down a watercolored image where the paper is a little warped. It holds it so snug to the MISTI for re-stamping or adding a sentiment.

      The L shaped and triangle rulers are also fun! It’s hard to get a precise angle for sentiments and images sometimes and the angles on the triangles make it very easy. Because they are clear you can position them over your card and lay your sentiment stamp exactly where you want it at the perfect angle.

    3. Perfect MISTI Tools

      By Nancy Littrell

      I opened My Sweet Petunia box expecting a pamphlet with instructions on how to use my new Creative Corners tools. There are a couple of photos with short instructions on the box, but I wanted more. So...I went to My Sweet Petunia.com and found their very helpful YouTube Creative Corners video. (You can view this video above.) I was then ready to create!

      I placed a smooshed background from my stash into my Original MISTI and started arranging the Creative Corners, discovering quickly that they were all going to be useful, especially the 2 corners with magnets. These magnetic corners really secure the card front you will be stamping. The first card I made I also used the “L” ruler for a very straight sentiment that was tricky, because I was using 2 rubber cling mount stamps next to each other. The ruler worked beautifully. I was sold on my new Creative Corners after only one card!

      I used spotlighting, stamping out of the box and masking techniques on my 2nd card. Wow...I was so pleased with the results. I arranged each step in my MISTI, it was so easy with Creative Corners.

      My 3rd card was all about being Straight! I am very picky about not only about straight sentiments, but images too. I was thrilled with the results and it was so easy. BTW...a plus, all of the tools store nicely inside your Original MISTI and all except the “L” ruler can be store inside the Mini MISTI.

      I love useful, versatile tools. I can honestly say that the Creative Corners are “must have” tools.

    4. so many uses for Creative Corners

      By Ceal Pritchett

      Creative Corners is a must have addition to your MISTI, whether it be the Mini, Original or Memory you will get tons of use with them. One of my favorite uses with them is to help me with getting the front on the card base straight, you can use the magnetized pieces to line up the front on the base of your card and you will have no more crooked fronts.

      I love the fact that I can create a corner when I need one to stamp off the edge. It also comes with some ruler pieces that allow you to line up a greeting or border stamp straight or diagonal. There are so many uses for the new Creative Corners, it makes it a must have in your craft room.

    5. Stamping Just Got Better

      By Ilina Crouse

      The first time I saw the Creative Corners I fell in love with them. There are so many possibilities and uses! My favorite piece is the L shaped with the embedded magnets.

      And here are some of my favorite uses with Creative Corners:

       •  Stamp on thin strips of paper. This has been an issue for me as the stamps would tend to pull the paper strip when I lifted the MISTI lid, then I would have to try and perfectly re-position the papers. Centered sentiments are a big deal when you strive for perfection and you are an engineer (lol).

        • Off-set stamped image one or two millimeters to create shadow under the image. This is particularly great with large and bold sentiments.

        • Create additional corners in your MISTI, to utilize the entire surface area of the lid, especially helpful if you are doing color layering.

        • Offset the paper from the wall of the MISTI for a partially stamped image, or if the image is larger than your cardstock panel, you can stamp “hanging” off the edge of the paper and no interference with the “wall” of the MISTI.

      I also love the additional corners without the magnets, they are like little rulers. You can use them inside your MISTI (position them against the wall) and you can make sure dies are centered and parallel to the top of sides of your card, as well make sure sentiment or image are straight. Draw parallel lines (slide the L or triangle pieces along and wall and draw lines) etc. So many more uses! Stamping and card making just got even better!

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    Thank you so much for this video on the Misti Creative Corners!  WHERE have these been all my Misti life.  Can’t wait until they are in stock—-they’re in the cart.  WHAT a time saver, and what perfection is the end result!

    Prissequito   |  Wed Mar 8, 2017 at 8:28 AM

    Thanks for a great video by Iliana on the Creative Corners and for the reviews by the SCS gals! I love my Creative Corners and was delighted to see other ways to use it (especially making plaids). Thanks!

    CherylQuilts   |  Fri Mar 24, 2017 at 2:42 PM
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