JustRite™ Harmony Classic Stamper Ensembles

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Mix and match stamp borders and centers to create a multitude of stamp choices.
For more on JustRite, see our July, 2008 focus on the Monogram Stamper Kits.


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  • > Complements JustRite's original stampers with additional shapes, sizes, and fonts.

  • > Hardwood bases with rubber grooves for alignment. Evenly space your JustRite Font to design monograms, words and sayings.

  • > Interchangeable fonts, numbers, symbols and borders in a variety of sizes.

  • > Available in Rectangle, Circle and Oval stamp bases.

  • > Use your favorite stamp pads and inks.

Product Description

Manufacturer's Description

New designs
JustRite™ Stampers takes their innovative, interchangeable monogram stamper and expands their collection to new sizes, new shapes and an expanded font collection. Freshen your existing collection of 1 5/8” designs by adding the 10 Designer Centers and Borders to your assortment. This new addition to the JustRite™ line comes with designer centers that snap into place within your border. Planning a Wedding or an Anniversary Party? Use their Wedding Stamp Ensemble 1 5/8” to create stunning favors, place cards and decor, for a fraction of the price of store bought decor.

New shapes and sizes
JustRite™ Stampers has expanded their line adding 6 new sizes of wooden blocks with their unique grid system to the collection. This unique grid system allows you to interchange borders, centers and fonts in a matter of seconds. Choose from 2 new sizes of Classic Harmony Circle Stampers –2 5/16” & 3 ¼”. These larger circles allow you to design larger phrased interior sentiments and use the border designs as frames for photos or borders for stamps from your personal collection. These new shapes include Christmas and Baking theme images; just in time for your Holiday projects. All three sizes of Harmony Classic Circles are a perfect match for die cutting with Spellbinder’s Nestabilities™ . Plus, 2 New Classic Oval Stampers have been added to the collection in 2 sizes -1 3/8” x 2 1/8” & 2 ¼ x 3 1/16” with baby and birthday themed images.

New expanded font with rectangular font block
Are you always searching for the right words to add to your projects? Or wishing you had a larger verbiage collection? JustRite™ has created the most versatile, inexpensive font system in the world. Introducing two new font styles – Brayton (a contemporary font) and Trompe (an elegant font), Justrite™ introduces five new Font Kits which include 296 characters in 3 font sizes (new 25 point font) with numbers, symbols and flourishes in a convenient storage case. JustRite™ adds to the collection, the new Harmony Rectangular Stamper Set (2 rectangular blocks with the font ready grid system that ensures that your font phrase is evenly spaced and always straight). These new tools are perfect for designing your own words, phrases or interior sentiments. Need a creative way to stretch your paper crafting dollars? This collection gives you the ability to create hundreds of projects with just a few basic supplies. Use the fonts with your favorite images to create fresh new looks with personalized sentiments.

Product Description

JustRite™ added new shapes to their product line. With two different sizes of ovals, three different sizes of circles and two different sizes of rectangles, you're sure to find something that will work for your projects. The stamp bases have wooden handles and a rubber grid that holds borders and stamp centers. Simply snap in to mix and match, or just use the elements separately for more possibilities.

New add on kits offer more borders and centers in wedding, baby, christmas, and birthday themes for each oval and circle size.

JustRite™ is offering five new fonts as well. You'll get three different sizes of each font in stackable containers. Personalizing your projects with just the right sentiment has never been easier as you'll get the one large full alphabet and two full alphabets in the other two sizes. The letters snap into the wooden bases to create your own sentiments or phrases.

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  1. Design - it - Yourself

    By Silke Ledlow

    I was so thrilled to try the new Special Occasions Font - it is so pretty. This font is perfect for creating some elegant sentiments and words. I liked how nicely this product was packaged and how wonderfully it was designed. The font came in stackable trays for easy storage and retrieval. You will receive three different-sized letters, numbers plus some gorgeous symbols. WOW - so many possibilities!!!

    I liked how easy the letters snapped into the grooved Harmony Rectangle Stamper Set Base which came in a smaller and bigger block. It was equally easy to place the letters right back into the tray. On one occasion I had my word put together but I wanted it a little bit more to the side and since the base has the grooved surface, I was able to slide the whole word over with out resetting it! I was really impressed at how even the stamped image looked. After the stamping was done I was able to clean the letters the same way I would clean any other stamp.

    Next, I played with the Baking Stamp and Christmas Stamp Ensemble both sets are perfect for the upcoming holidays and for giving those yummy treats away! I liked the individual storage box it came in which included a 12-page guide for instructions and ideas. Don't forget to check out the fun website; it's great starting point for newcomers like me.

    Each individual set is so fun. It gives you plenty of design options by interchanging the borders and center pieces. It was so easy to snap the whole image in the matching grooved Circle Stamper base which is made out of a great sturdy hardwood block that allows you to stamp the image evenly. The cleaning of these sets was super easy, too.

    Overall, I think JustRite™ products are awesome and I definitely will use them over and over again! My wish list is already getting longer.

  2. OOPS…They Did It AGAIN!!!

    By Mary Brown

    I was fortunate to have been one of the people who did the first review on the JustRite™ Stampers product and now got to do a follow-up with their new product. Circles are just so popular and they have really found a way to give us an excellent, versatile product! Whereas the last time it pretty much was all about monograms, this time JustRite use the ease and interchangability of their system to give us items for a variety of occasions. I received the 2 7/16" stamper system. This is larger then their original system but not their largest one. One of the things I just LOVED about this size is that the inner medallion is the perfect size to be punched out with the SU! 1 3/4" punch. It was like it was made for it!

    When I heard I was going to have to review the 'baking' ensemble I honestly had to laugh (as did those who know me)! What the HECK could I possibly do with a baking set? Well I found that the set is great for anyone who likes CHOCOLATE so it is more of a delightful chocolate set then an actual 'you have to bake to use it' set. As always the rubber easily fits into the holder and is easy to assemble.

    I also got to work with their new rectangular stamper system. In the basic kit you receive two different size blocks and need to get the alphabet separately. The alphabets that are designed to go with this come with three different sizes. Depending on how you are planning on using this system, you may find you need duplicate alphabet sets to get enough letters...especially if using this to make announcements of any kind. One of my favorite things about this is once you have it set up, you can use it on multiple projects.

    The only difficulty I had with the stamps were getting them 'conditioned' to where the image was really crisp. I did use Sharon Johnson's suggestions but found for some reason they just were not cleaning good enough. I finally had the best results by cleaning the rubber with alcohol (not a good thing as it can dry out the rubber) and then conditioning with the StazOn™ cleaner. After that I would sand. I found sometimes I had to go through this a couple times. Even with this, I found that although it accepted the regular ink nicely, I had some difficulty with when I wanted to ink with markers but I was able to get good images. It was worth the effort!

    Bottom line...another GREAT addition to their product line! Yes, you do need to make sure you get them good and clean and conditioned before using especially if good crisp images are important to you. Would definitely recommend this especially for adding that little extra something to quick gift items.

  3. Loving the new shapes

    By Beate Johns

    I was so excited to try out the new Harmony Oval II and Harmony Circle III Stamper Ensemble from JustRite™. The centers and borders easily snap into place. I conditioned each stamp before using it. Sharon's tutorial is wonderful. After conditioning the stamps they held my Stampin' Up! classic ink beautifully and gave me great stamped images. This little bit of prep work makes such a big difference.

    The Harmony Circle III ensemble is a perfect set for creating big card focus pieces or tags for gift wrapping and/or boxes. If you decide to stamp the center with the border, the image will measure 3 1/4" in diameter. But you can also just use the center or the border for even more possibilities. I used my Circle Nestabilities™ to cut out my stamped images. They work great together.

    The Harmony Oval II ensemble comes with six great words that will work well for scrapbooking, altering items and card making alike: Inspire, Believe, Explore, Create, Imagine, Dream. Again, it's fun to just use the words, or use them together with a border. I cut the oval out with my Oval Nestabilities™. Again the stamps and Nestabilities™ die templates were a perfect fit.

    I received one of the new fonts as well. I really liked how the letters come stored on rectangle plastic storage trays that stack on top of each other. What a great idea! They letters snap into each shape like a charm and enable you to create any sentiment you want. Your letters will always line up straight! Perfect for scrapbooking and cardmaking. I lined up words in both my Harmony Circle III as well as the Harmony Oval II. After seeing my fellow reviewers samples, I have to say that the Harmony Rectangle Stamper kit is on my next order.

    I had a lot of fun with these products and will definitely use them more. They make creating gift items a breeze.

  4. Creatively Customizable

    By Christine Okken

    Having eyed the JustRite™ products from afar for so long it was such a treat to be able to finally play with them. I cannot say enough about the versatility of what I found with the JustRite™ products; they did not disappoint. I love the wood handled stamper. I tried the round and rectangle shapes which feel great in your hand, stamp easily, have a wonderful finish on top that won’t stain, and the rubber tracks that connect the interchangeable stamps are perfect. The stamps fit in the tracks nice and snugly and don’t budge, even under the twisting and turning of inking and cleaning. With the circle or oval wooden stampers you have the ability use the outside “track” for borders and the inside section with or without each other, and interchangeably with all the letters, borders, and centers…really, I was amazed at the different options you can achieve. My brain is brimming with possibilities.

    I love the customizable ability of the rectangle stampers. I am a person who often makes up my own sentiment not found on any stamp so I will handwrite it. This stamp tool eliminates the need for that. You can create it yourself with the variety of cool fonts; you can create entire sayings, personalized components, or short poems for any of your creations.

    Significant things I noted: it is crucial I think to condition your stamps before using. I am a person who really wants a crisp image and these stamps need a little more tooth before they stamp crisply. I followed Sharon's advice to the letter and though it is a bit of work to do, the result is so good. As well, I notice that some of the font pieces need to be trimmed to achieve the right fit in a word or sentence. They still work fabulously after trimming! I can also see the need for two sets of a font if you need many of the same letter.

    Overall an excellent product that will be a go-to tool for me a lot in my future!

  5. Say Anything with JustRite™!

    By Jami Sibley

    JustRite™ Stampers has really expanded their product line and they have some fabulous options just in time for holiday stamping! I’ve had the opportunity to play with the Baking Stamp Ensemble and I found that the 2 5/16” images really spark ideas for Christmas treats, favors and gifts. The borders and centers being interchangeable allows for even more possibilities. There’s also the Christmas Stamp Ensemble which has a huge 3 ¼” image – big enough to be the focal point on a card or package. With just this set and some designer paper you’ll be able to whip up a bunch of Christmas cards in no time flat! You do need to be aware that the images in these two sets are different sizes (and both of them are larger than the 1 5/8” Classic Harmony Stamper I that you may already have from previous font sets.) Also, the round blocks need to be purchased separately for both of these sets, unlike the original deluxe kits that came with the smaller round wood block.

    My favorite additions by far to the JustRite™ line are the Harmony Rectangular Stamper Set and all the new font sets such as Brayton and Trompe. The Rectangular Stamper Set gives you two different sizes of rectangular blocks on which to build sentiments with any of the JustRite™ fonts. The rectangular blocks open up a whole world of new possibilities in an already versatile product system. It’s now possible to build long or multi-line sentiments in a variety of font sizes. Of course it takes a little time to set up longer sentiments, but it’s quite easy to do. I always want a sentiment I don’t have, so I know I’ll be using these A LOT! If your goal is to use these for longer quotations and verses you may find it best to have 2 sets of the same font in order to have more of the same letters available. The new stacking storage system for the fonts is much better than the way the original font sets came, but I must admit I’m still looking for the perfect way to store my variety of JustRite products to keep them put away all together and still convenient for use.

    As far as any negatives with the new product line – the only things I found were:
    1. Style - a few of the center images could be more *stampy* and less *graphic design* in artwork style. That’s purely personal preference on my part of course.
    2. Indexing – on both the Christmas and Baking set I had to stamp out all of the images to make myself an index since the images on the packaging (and even on the websites I checked) were too small for me to really see them in detail and know what they said. I’d really like for them to include a full sized index in each package.
    3. Storage – not a negative so much as a hope for the future. I’d love to have a great compact storage system that accommodates a wide range of JustRite™ products.

    I am happy to see that JustRite™ is committed to continually improving their products and I’m sure they will only get better and better with future releases. Overall, I find the products to be of top quality as well as very fun and easy to use!

  6. JustRite™ is a delight!!!

    By Jodi Collins

    I am a huge fan of JustRite™, and I absolutely love my C-45 Monogram Stamper, so I was quite excited to try out some of their new products. Just like my C-45 Monogram Stamper, I was not disappointed!

    Their new Harmony Rectangular Stamper Set is a dream come true! It comes with two rectangle wood blocks (1 3/8" x 3 1/2" and 2 3/8" x 5 1/2") complete with finger grooves and grid. This makes it so easy to create any sentiment or phrase you can think of. It accepts all of the JustRite™ fonts, so you can mix and match styles for a really distinctive look. The finger grooves make it foolproof! You never have to worry about a crooked sentiment. I think this is invaluable for scrapbooking titles, or when you want to stamp something specific and just don't have the right sentiment. I also think this is perfect to create a personalized holiday greeting with a family name, which I plan on doing this holiday season.

    I also received the 2 1/4" X 3 1/16" Oval Stamper with the Baby Stamp Ensemble. All I can say is that I am inspired to finally get up to date with my daughter's scrapbook! I love the stamps that come with this set, and my favorite part is that the oval is a perfect fit for my Nestabilities™! The border sayings are just adorable, and it is so easy to create a professional look with very little effort.

    I have found that in order to get a crisp, clean stamped image, it is best to condition your JustRite™ stamps. To do this I simply take a nail file and gently rub the surface of the stamp in order to give it more "tooth" to accept ink. Once I did this, I received beautiful stamped images every time. Tweezers are also a must have when working with the tiny letters in the font sets.

    All in all, I could not be more excited about these new JustRite™ products, and I just love the endless possibilities that they provide!

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am I glad I found your site. After purchasing a JustRite stamp set I noticed that it required a base.  So I posted this question on splitcoasters.. where can I find the wooden oval 2-1/4” x 3-1/16” stamp base?  I see that this was posted some years ago. Is this something that you can help me with?  Thank you!

jimba   |  Sun Apr 28, 2013 at 9:23 AM
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What you'll pay

  • New Font Sets $21.95

  • Harmony Rectangular Stamper Set $19.95

  • Harmony Classic Circle I, II, III $7.95, $8.95, $10.95

  • Harmony Classic Oval I, II $8.95, $10.95

  • Harmony Classic Circle II Stamp Ensemble $15.95

  • Harmony Classic Circle III Stamp Ensemble $19.95

  • Harmony Classic Oval I Stamp Ensemble $14.95

  • Harmony Classic Oval II Stamp Ensemble $19/95

  • Add on Border/Center Ensembles $9.95 - $14.95

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