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Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Watercolor Stamping Marker - Specially designed with the stamper in mind, these 2-in-1 stamping markers from Inkadinkado feature a fine tip brush and an innovative dabbing end which quickly applies ink to large areas. Unique square barrel provides comfort while adding control. Available in sets of four color coordinating markers in watercolor or pigment inks

Dye Ink Pad - Fast-drying, permanent, acid-free, archival ink stamps crisp, clean images on most paper surfaces – ideal for coloring with pencils or blending chalks. Inkadinkado® designed this Dye ink pad with an innovative locking case that is ergonomically designed with an over sized raised pad for easier stamping. Neatly stacks right side up or upside down.

Pigment Ink Pad - Slow-drying for embossing techniques, yet will air dry on porous paper. This popular ink stamps precise, neat images in acid-free, archival ink. Inkadinkado offers a complete color palette in rich colors including rainbows and metallics. Ink pad is extra deep with a raised over sized stamp pad for easy, smudge-free handling and stamping.

Iridescent Pigment Ink Pad - This slow-drying, acid-free, archival, pigment ink from Inkadinkado dries to a gleaming iridescent shine and is suitable for use with embossing powders. Innovative locking case is ergonomically designed and neatly stacks right side up or upside down. The over sized stamp pad is raised for easier stamping making it great ink for everyday use. Ergonomically designed locking case allows pads to be stored for easy storage and can be stored right-side up or upside down to keep ink fresh.

Chalk Ink Multi-Pad Stack - Color coordinated sets of six mini ink pads, captured in one convenient stacking set from Inkadinkado. Convenient and sturdy base securely stores all ink pads upside down to keep pads moist without taking up a lot of space. Each color is labeled on the bottom of the ink pad for easy color identification and the ink pads are raised for easy stamping. Available in many popular color groupings. Chalk inks are fast-drying and create beautiful, soft-muted colors.

Dye Ink Multi-Pad Stack - Inkadinkado introduces handy stacking sets of six mini ink pads in one nifty stacking set. The pads are stored upside down to keep pads moist and the sturdy base secures them from tipping over. The ink pads are raised for easy and neat stamping and each has its own bottom label for simple color identification. Offered in many fashionable color coordinated sets, these inks pads are ideal for working with popular Inchies sized stamps. Dye inks are fast-drying and stamp crisp images making them ideal for coloring with pencils and chalks.

Inchies Stamps - Inchies are cute little 1” x 1” works of art and Inkadinkado has grouped Inchie stamps into coordinated sets for an incredible range of creative choices. Each set contains nine Inchie stamps and one clear block that can hold up to three different Inchie stamps for your stamping needs. See how the possibilities add up – one Inchie at a time.

Learn more about the watercolor markers in this video

Learn more about the new ink pads in this video

There are four great projects provided by Spotted Canary in our project instructions forum using Inkadinkado products.

Click here for instructions for the star book project pictured above.

View the Product Sample Gallery


  1. Getting Inky with New Ink Pads By Inkadinkado

    By Julie Campell

    For my product review, I got to try out Inkadinkado’s new dye ink stack. The stacks include six 1” ink pads that are stored in a stackable design. The inks come in several different color varieties, and I reviewed the Blues & Purples Dye Ink Stackable Multi-Pad.

    There are several different things that are really neat about these new inks. First of all, I really love the design. Each ink square clicks tightly onto the next, creating a small tower. The base of the ink stack is slightly wider, creating a nice, stable foundation. I really appreciate any product that takes storage constraints into consideration. The design was well thought out, and these stacks require very little space.

    I also had the opportunity to try out some of Inkdadinkado's other new ink pads. One of my favorite pads was their iridescent pigment ink. The ink has a slight shimmer to it and looks beautiful when applied to paper. All of the pigment ink pads that I sampled had a soft, chalk-like finish and come in a variety of great colors. Again, I was very impressed with the unique way that Inkdadinkado packages their inks. The larger pads have a lock mechanism on each side of their cases, ensuring that the pads stay tightly closed when not in use. The locks open easily with slight pressure when you're ready to use them again. Each edge of the ink pad is contoured to fit your hand, making it very comfortable and easy to stabilize when in use.

    On the underside of each ink square, you’ll find a very informative label. The labels correspond to the color of ink, giving you a quick visual aid when choosing ink colors. The name of each color is clearly printed on the label, and the type of ink is included also. On my stack, the letter “D” is boldly printed in the center of each label with the word “dye” printed just below. These carefully thought out labels make it easy to keep multiple ink colors and types organized.

    In the blues & purples stack the colors are very fresh and complement each other really nicely. The inks seemed to stamp fairly true to the colors indicated on the label.

    I tried the inks out with fine detailed stamps, as well as solid, bold images. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the inks retained the detail of the stamped image and produced a nice, crisp image. The inks worked well with the solid stamps too and produced a soft, clean image. The inks are not overly juicy, and seemed to work a little better with the finer lined images than with any other I tried. I’m not sure if there are refills available, but they would be a great thing to have as a companion for these smaller sized pads.

    Overall, I think the dye ink stack is a really neat idea. The design is great for those with space constraints, or for those who just like to keep things well organized. If you’d like to add some fresh new colors into your craft projects, I think these ink pads would be a great product to try out.

  2. Inkadinkado - Ink’s a Fun “Do”

    By Jimmi Mayo

    One of the inks I was sent was a chalk ink multi-stack called Garden Flowers. The size of these inks is really cute and they actually fit exactly on the inchie stamps. That’s a fun element - you just press the ink to the inchie stamp and they are both the same size. You can feel the ink pad fitting perfectly over the stamp, which is a pretty cool,original idea.

    Another stack of inks I received was a dye ink multi stack, the same size as the ones above, so they also fit on the inchie stamps perfectly. The color family I received was reds and purples and they are very juicy little pads.

    Both of these also work with larger sized stamps by dabbing them over the whole area of the stamp.

    The only issue I have with these stacks is not being able to see the color without taking them all apart. I think a sticker on the side somewhere of each little pad would be ideal.

    The inchie stamp set I received was Birthday Inchies and it’s a very cute set that comes with a nice sized acrylic block - a size I don’t have already. The block fits three inchie stamps on it perfectly which is nice for stamping a row of inchies all lined up straight. When I put the chalk ink to these stamps they stamped fine, but the dye ink required a little sanding on the stamps, which is not uncommon for some clear stamps and was no trouble for me.

    I also received several wood mounted stamps. These are very nice quality stamps that stamp clearly with nice detail.

    Overall, Inkadinkado has quite a variety of fun stamping products that any stamper would love to play with!

  3. Inky fun

    By Beate Johns

    I had the pleasure of trying out Inkadinkado's new watercolor markers. I absolutely love them! The barrel of the marker is square, so your pens don't roll around. They stay where you put them. The markers have two ends, a fine brush tip to write or add tiny details and a wide dauber end, which is perfect for inking your stamps directly with the marker. You can also scribble your marker on an acrylic block and pick up your color with your aqua painter.

    Another product I tried out was Inkadinkado's iridescent pigment ink. I LOVE the shimmer this ink produces. Your stamped image looks like it was stamped on shimmery cardstock. I love it. The big ink pad it came with has a locked lid. It's a very cool feature. You have to press two buttons on the side to open it up, and the pads are made so that they stack up on top of each other perfectly.

    I also received one chalk and one dye ink multi pad stack. These stacks come with six one inch ink pads on top of each other. They interlock and have one lid. The ink color is indicated on the bottom of each pad. I do wish it was also posted on the side of the stack so you could look them up without having to take the stack apart. This is a great product for a beginner, because you get a lot of colors at once.

    Along with the ink pads, we received wood and acrylic mounted stamps to play with. Both work great. I love the deep edge rubber images. They gave great stamped images. The acrylic stamp set I received was an inchies set. I have a hard time stamping small images - I just like larger ones, but the stamps themselves worked great!

  4. Coloring With Eye Candy

    By Beverly Rousch

    I got the chance to try the Inkadinkado inks and have been playing with these colors ever since!

    First the Primary Chalk Ink Stack. This little tower of stacking ink pads look like a roll of candy that you take apart to try out each color. These primary colors are perfect for using their inks in the ROYGBIV rainbow of colors. I like that they are easy to store and pretty at the same time.

    The chalk medium works quite nicely with clear stamps and rubber alike. It provides an even coating of color with a matte finish. And if you look at my "Warhol Butterflies" example, you'll see I was able to stamp with the chalk ink and watercolor with it without having the lines bleed into each other. Handy!! (For the watercoloring, I just smooshed each color on an acrylic block for a pallet and painted with my aqua pen. These inks are not only versatile, but conveniently storable, and I give them high application marks. Well done, Inkadinkado!

    Then there are their large ink pads. I tried both the dye ink and the pigment ink with great results. The dye ink has a nice coverage on both clear and rubber stamps, and the pigment ink leaves a good opaque coverage and holds to embossing powder well (see my "Bleached Fairy Butterfly" card example). Their cases lock the lids on - a handy feature since I have little ones running around - I like it.

  5. Chalk It Up To Inkadinkado

    By Lisa Lara

    I was so excited when I received my box of goodies in the mail. I received a treasure trove of stamps and inks!

    I am primarily focusing on the Chalk Multi-Stack Inks. The inks are a small tower of square ink spots. I found them easy to store, take up little space and stay securely closed. I love these features. Also the tower has a sturdy base so they stand firmly.

    When I first opened my chalk inks I separated each one so I could see all my colors. I got primary colors to work with. My own rainbow. I liked that each square is labeled on the bottom its color and type of ink it is. When they are stored the inks are upside down.

    This was my first time using chalk ink and I am in love. My favorite technique to use with these is to take one square at a time, tilt it and drag one side across my white cardstock. I did this with each color and loved the result. The chalk had a muted matte color. When I used my Clear Inkadinkado Inchies with the chalks, I stamped the square on white cardstock and matted with black and loved the look. On the tree stamp, a silhouette stamp, I dabbed my inks from lightest to darkest and got a beautiful fall look. I also found the colors came out a bit different on textured cardstock. Fun to have options.

    I played a bit with the other inks I received, pigment, dye and iridescent pigment ink pads. These pads are normal ink size pads. I loved that the lids are so secure. They open by pressing the sides in, so they do not come off in storage and can be stored upside down. Also all the ink pads I tried are raised so I could ink up any size stamp.

    What fun it was too, trying out the clear inchies set that comes with its own acrylic block and the wood mounted stamps. They ink up and stamp beautifully. I was also pleased with the variety of styles the stamps come in - there was something for everyone.

  6. It’s all About the Basics

    By Lydia Fiedler

    This product focus was fun because I got to put some of the core products of our craft to the test. At the end of the day, our most loved and most used products are stamps and ink.

    I got some of the most beautiful images, in both wood mounted and clear stamps. My inchie set was a set of very graphic, modern clear stamps, that I used for a nice masculine card and also a softer, Asian themed card. The inchies come with an acrylic block in the package that is the perfect size to hold three of the inchies at a time for perfectly even stamping. Great idea.

    With the clear stamps I tested two of the pigment inks, because I like the way they completely cover clear polymer.

    The first ink I tried was blue of course, and I stamped it on smooth white cardstock. What surprised me about this ink is how quickly it dried. I typically don't use pigment ink because I'm an impatient stamper, but no worries here - it performed beautifully. The case of the ink pad was designed for a household with bad animals like mine, also, which I appreciated. The case locks onto the ink pad, and you gently squeeze the sides to open it, thus preventing the accidents that happen several times a day when an ink pad goes color down onto the tile floor. The second pigment I tried was the Glam Gold pigment, which is GLAM. Extremely sparkly and glittery gold - truly unlike any other gold I've ever used. Same beautiful consistency and drying time.

    The stacks of small dye inks were a blast. I got the Earthtones Dye Ink Stackable Multi-Pad set, which ranged from a dark brown to an ochre, but also included a blue and a burgundy. I used the dye inks to do a combination of stamping and watercoloring. I stamped the beautiful fawn image I received, and then colored over it with a blender pen to soften the image. I took the little ink pad spot and rubbed it on one of my acrylic blocks to use as a palette. They are intense colors, and they seem to hold their pigment more evenly when combined with water than other dye inks I've used. Again, I thought the packaging was innovative - I liked a little stack of varied colors that I can travel with. The fact that they click together endlessly is nice - you don't have to worry about them coming open or getting lost.

    I really loved all these products, and even though this is a company whose stamps I was already familiar with, these inks were new to me, and will stay on my desk for frequent use!

Product Gallery

See a gallery of creations made by our review team using products and materials from Inkadinkado.

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Questions and Comments

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions.

I bought a bunch of their new inks and I too love the little stackable ones. However I thought their large black ink was terrible. It was gloppy and did not stamp my design well. I tried a stamp with both the inkadoo black dye ink as well as with Versafine onyx black ink. I used the same stamp and the same paper.The Versafine was by far superior.

Karen Hanim   |  Wed Jun 16, 2010 at 6:33 AM

I played with the stackables at a trade show recently… they DO NOT fall apart like Cat’s Eye ones… everyone who owns the cat’s eye stackables will know EXACTLY what I mean…

Amy   |  Wed Jun 16, 2010 at 9:26 AM

No mention was made of re-inkers. I would never buy an inkpad without one, especially a small inkpad. Will they be offering re-inkers?

Also, for the previous commenter, Versafine is a very high quality pigment ink, not a dye ink (and yes it does perform fabulously!) It would be more interesting to have a comparison of two different dye inks with the same stamp and paper.

Last, I think any review of inks offered by SCS should include a mention about how each performs with Copic markers. Not that I would expect every ink to work well with alcohol markers as most don’t, but I was surprised that it was not mentioned.

Other than that, thanks to the product review team for all their investigative reporting! I love these product reviews!

Lynne Phelps   |  Wed Jun 16, 2010 at 12:13 PM

would loe to check the videos out but they say they are private..

Aimee30   |  Wed Jun 16, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Hi Aimee - you may have our video page cached from a prior week - the settings are public. Can you clear your cache and try again for me?

lydia   |  Wed Jun 16, 2010 at 12:57 PM

Hi - nice pieces of info!  Really helps a girl ‘pre-shop’ smile
I had a question about Jimmi Mayo’s comment about ‘sanding’ acrylic stamps.  What’s that all about?  Will this take care of ‘beading up’ issues? 

Beth Warner   |  Wed Jun 23, 2010 at 10:54 AM

Hi Beth,
Yes the sanding is exactly what will help with the ink beading up on your acrylic stamps.
I use my little sanding block, the same one I use to sand the edges of paper to distress them.
You can also use an eraser, that works very well, too!
Hope this helps smile

Jimmi Mayo   |  Wed Jun 23, 2010 at 1:24 PM


I was wondering if there is a difference between using water color markers and adding water, or let’s say Stamping Up markers which are water based (I think.) and adding water?  Thank you for taking the time to answer.

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Traci S.   |  Tue Jun 29, 2010 at 2:41 PM

Hi Traci,
I think the biggest thing is the different tips. The watercolor marker from Inkadinkado has a dauber tip on one side and a pointy tip on the other.

It seems to me though as if the watercolor marker ink is a bit thinner, more for watercoloring, then the Stampin’ Up! Marker.

But you are right. Both of those markers are water based and both work great for thumping as well as watercoloring.

Beate   |  Tue Jun 29, 2010 at 4:35 PM

I purchased and used the Inkdinkadoo glue pad with my rubber stamps. Now I can’t get the glue off of my stamps. I have tried regular rubber stamp cleaner, StazonOn cleaner and soap and water. Help! My stamps are a mess.

Beth   |  Mon Aug 9, 2010 at 1:29 PM
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