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Create snow globes and other fun projects with Flower Soft's new CD.


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  • > Creating snow globe cards is easy with Flower Soft Display Globes, matching cards and a CD.

  • > CD contains several different paper tole, 3D stackers, backgrounds, oval apertures, and much more.

  • > CD is packaged in a booklet with instructions for ten projects.

  • > Display Globes make creating snow globes easy.

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
This Christmas is all about Polar White, the fantastic new color from Flower Soft. Now, the company has released the perfect accompaniment in the form of their first CD and project booklet, Snow Globes & Other Fun Projects.

This CD is packed full of images for the crafter to print out and make hundreds of fabulous shaker cards and exciting paper crafts. As you would expect with Flower Soft, the CD is totally unique and allows the crafter to make the most fun snow globe cards ever! The beautifully illustrated design work on this CD is taken from the Polar Friends range. Use in conjunction with Flower Soft’s new display globes and Polar White Flower Soft (sold separately) to create the most realistic snow scenes. There is plenty of opportunity to get creative with this CD as it holds a variety of paper tole and 3D Stacker designs, backing papers, background scenes and characters which can be printed out over and over again. The images are provided as PDF files so novice crafters can click and print. For those adventurous crafters, many images are also available as JPEG files, allowing them to be taken into graphics programs where the possibilities are endless.

Product Description
Flower Soft Snow Globes & Other Fun Projects comes with a project book that includes instructions for 10 projects. The CD contains 100 different patterned papers (25 designs in 4 colors), background scenes, sentiments, paper tole and stacker snow globe images, single images and image sheets. You will need a computer with Windows 2000 or newer and an Adobe Reader 8.1.3. It is not Mac-compatible.

Flower Soft Display Globes come five in a pack and are great to show of your snowy scenes or floral designs. They fit in perfectly in the Flower Soft™ Apeture cards.

Flower Soft Polar White is semi-translucent and creates frosted effects. It has been specifically created to work on white areas within designs.

New Flower Soft Products in action

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  1. Flower Soft Snow Globes - Christmas Sprinkles

    By Mary Brown

    Flower Soft has come out with a product line of snow globes, Polar White Flower Soft, and a CD filled with Christmas images for fun and fast Christmas cards...well...you could also do ornaments and tags with these, too! For our review, we focused on making fast Christmas cards.

    The CD easily opened on my computer. The images are organized by images that layer to go under the globes, background scenes, individual images, greetings, and background paper. Some of the images are PDF files only and others are both PDF and .JPG images. I used both. I took the JPG files and copied them into Publisher so I could do a wide variety of images on a page and also to make them the sizes I wanted. I have a HP Photosmart 4100 series printer and printed the images on Whisper White cardstock. The images turned out wonderfully...nice and bright!!! I did some of all the different images on the CD (okay...the polar bears and the penguins are just TOOOOOOOO cute and my very favorites!!!) and several of the background papers. I then cut out the images one night while we were watching tv. In an afternoon I easily made 5 cute cards in a variety of sizes. I loved using the globes both with the cut out images and also just with the scenes. The polar white Flower Soft is just PERFECT for the snow, both adhered to the card and just loose in the globe! One of my favorite things was how the snowy hills on the scenes matched up perfectly with the snowy hills in the globe images.

    The CD comes with some inserts for the inside of the cards. These coordinate with the main images on the CD. These are designed for a variety of sizes. I could see these also being used as postcards or as an insert for invitations. Finally, one of the other features I like with the images is the background papers. You get 25 designs and EACH design comes in 4 different color combinations! That makes it really easy to get what you want and in the color you want. All of the images and background papers are designed to coordinate so the possibilities are endless. Since you print them out yourself, you will always have what you need...well...as long as you have paper and ink!

    Although I just used these to do cards, I could see these easily being used to make quick tags and toppers for gifts. The snowglobes would be fun to make to hang on the tree. These would be fun to print out and let children make cards and projects to give for Christmas.

    The only downside I see with the CD is that it is not Mac compatible. It is designed to work with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. I used mine on a Vista system and did not have any problems with it at all.

    Check out the cute images! Although there are images which are specifically for Christmas, many of images are great for general Winter projects! And don't forget to get some of the Polar White Flower Soft...you can't have a snow globe without the snow!

  2. Sparkle-licious

    By Beate Johns

    When we received the new Flower Soft CD for review, I wasn't too excited. I am not into printing out images and using them for my cards. After printing out several backgrounds and looking at the adorable characters, though, I changed my mind. This is FUN!

    There are several characters, backgrounds, sentiments, background papers and snow globe scenes to choose from. Each one is cuter than the next. Along with the CD comes a booklet with instructions for ten projects all layed out for you. The projects range from simple cards to a darling tri-fold card.

    If you like cutting out images (I find it very relaxing) you will like this product. Your cards come together quickly once everything is cut out and everything goes well together. Add a little glue, sprinkle a little Polar White Flower Soft, and your cards or other projects are done.

    The Polar White Flower Soft is my absolute favorite Flower Soft color. I love that it's a bit translucent and sparkles. Perfect for snow, white fur, clouds, white flowers....the possibilities are endless. And did I mention that it sparkles? Sparkles are good!!!

    The Display Domes make creating snow globe cards so easy and they keep the Flower Soft locked away so it can't stray. If you know me, I like sparkles and dimensions as long as they can be controlled.

    This is wonderful product I enjoyed playing with. It will provide lots of fun for me and my girl. She already asked if she could print out some sheets as well.

  3. Play with Paper Tole

    By Jami Sibley

    I love Flower Soft and have been looking forward to playing with the new Polar White color for Christmas projects. I was surprised when I found out that we would also be trying out the new Display Globes as well as the Snow Globes CD. I immediately opened up the instruction booklet and was intrigued by some of the sample projects presented. Being a visual learner, I am not very good with written directions so I decided to pop the CD in the computer and give it a try. The CD was fairly easy to use and I printed out several images on both SU! Whisper White as well as some thicker, inexpensive Wausau white cardstock. The images printed out nicely on both cardstocks, but they certainly used a lot of printer ink. I must admit that I did have trouble following some of the directions in the booklet to complete projects similar to some of those featured and finally decided it would be better for me to just use what I had printed to create without trying to follow the samples.

    I have always loved the look of paper tole and learned to do it around age 10. Some of the images on the CD are perfect for the paper tole technique and are made more special with the addition of Flower Soft for texture. This could be really fun to use with kids and teens. If you enjoy digi-stamps or digi-scrapping, this CD might be a fun resource for you to play with. Honestly, I found this not to be my thing. As a stamper, I felt a little lost as to what to do with the full-color images once I had them printed out. I realize there are tons of things you can do with them, but I guess I’m just not really ready to incorporate the computer into my papercrafting.

    The Display Globes are a really cool product. They will make fun shakers as well as party favors. It’s great that Flower Soft is making cards with an aperture already cut out to accept the globes. They are quite large and it would be really nice if Flower Soft also offered a smaller version of the Globes that would fit on a standard size card.

  4. Great Winter Holiday Product

    By Jeni Allen

    I was so excited to get a chance to work with Flower Soft! I had been seeing it around and was anxious to give it a try. I was really excited to have the product arrive on my doorstep and a little nervous when I opened the box and found a CD with images to print out. My printer isn't the greatest, and I wasn't sure how good the quality of my printing would be. I thought I'd just give it a go, and was pleasantly surprised to see the results. My not-awesome-at-all printer did a fine job! My paper was a cardstock weight paper I'd purchased from an office supply store months ago. I'm sure using a better quality paper would produce that more wonderful printing, but even a just ok paper quality gave great results.

    The Snow Globes and Other Fun Projects CD was full of cute images to use in making some great projects! I found that the creation process went very fast and I was really happy with how fast the products came together and how fun they turned out. My kids also had a great time with some of the extra images that I had printed out, and that's always a bonus!

    The instructions that came along with the image CD were helpful to point out the great features found on the CD. There are individual images, scenes for backgrounds, 3-D layering images, and more on the CD. There really is a lot of variety and many options to take into the creative thought process. I LOVED the look and feel of the Polar White flower soft product, and the images on the Snow Globes CD are perfect to add lots of snow to! I had a great time with the Snow Globe plastic forms. EASY and super fun! With the plastic snow globe you can even have falling loose snow...FUN! The process of adding snow is super quick and a wonderful effect!

    The one slight draw back I found in this product, if I can mention one, is that there can be a lot of cutting involved. Depending on what your project is and what images you choose to print, there are varying amounts of cutting. I don't mind cutting at all, and was fine with what I worked with. I know several friends who "don't cut out" and they might not enjoy a lot of the images on CD.

    There will be several more snow globes and many more falling snow cards before the real snow even comes! I really enjoyed working with the Flower Soft products and would recommend them to anyone interested. Don't worry about it being messy either, it cleans up in a snap and is well worth the effort.

  5. Beautiful Snowy Dimension

    By Angel Wilde

    Snow banks, snowballs, snowmen, snow covered trees and mountains…it’s been snowing in my craft room. Polar White Flower Soft snow, that is. I really enjoyed working with the new Flower Soft products. The Snow Globes & Other Fun Projects software features some adorable characters. You can almost picture them in an animated adventure. And the new display globes used on a card or ornament is a fabulous Christmas present on its own.

    If you are unfamiliar with Flower Soft, it’s a plastic pot jam packed full of tiny little sprinkles that stick quite well to high tack PVA glue. It’s very easy to use and brings lots of oohs and ahs to any project you use it on. The new Polar White looks as close to snow as I imagine you can possibly get without meltage. I love the "frostiness" of it. And when you pair it with the characters and scenery found on the CD it’s really a magical combination.

    When I learned we were working with digital images, I was worried that I might not have the technical skills necessary but it was quite easy! All I really had to do was open the program, choose my image and print in either JPG or PDF format. The software does contain well written instructions should you have any problems and there is a little booklet with project ideas and samples included, too. The CD is loaded with cute characters, scenery, sentiments, background papers and much more. With all of the different creative combinations along with embellishments I already have, I can imagine thousands of design possibilities.

  6. Flower Soft Snowy Fun!

    By Rose Ann Reynolds

    I was thrilled to get a chance to create with some Flower Soft products once again, and I was especially excited to get my hands on some of the beautiful new Polar White. I was a bit nervous about printing up the different project images as my printer is not photo quality. I soon realized I didn't really have anything to worry about. (My printer is an inexpensive all-in-one Dell, and I used 110 lb. Georgia Pacific Card Stock from Wal-Mart).

    The Project Book has step-by-step instructions for 10 different projects, and the centerfold gives step-by-step instructions on how to use the Snow Globes in your projects. There is also a step-by-step for applying Flower Soft to your scenes. The CD is enclosed in a clear envelope and attached to the first page of the book. I found the CD was easy to navigate, and the images included within the files are so adorable! If you find you're having any trouble with getting the best use of your CD, the Technical Info area of the CD has many pointers and tips.

    Projects found on the CD include various Snow Globe cards, a Tri-Fold card, a Semi-Circle Pop Out card, and even an Advent Calendar. Doing paper tole can be quite simple with the tole images, but of course, there is a lot of cutting involved. I loved the different snowy backgrounds, and cute frames as well! I thought it was a great idea to make the Backing Papers available in 25 different designs, with four color choices each (white, green, red, and blue). The "Ribbon" papers were also a wonderful idea! I was thrilled that the Character Toppers printed up in a variety of sizes so that I could choose which worked best for my designs. There is a great selection of sentiments to choose from, though I chose to stamp a special one to go with my snow globe ornament.

    The Project Book and CD are chock full of cute images and ideas for your snowy creations, and so fun to do as well! Many of the images are available in both PDF and JPG, which make this product very user friendly!

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Questions and Comments

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Where on earth can your purchase the flower soft CD?

Julia   |  Wed Nov 4, 2009 at 3:06 PM

Julia, the CD should arrive in stores on the 09th of November.
Hugs and smiles

beate   |  Wed Nov 4, 2009 at 3:24 PM

Julia, you can also purchase the CD direct from the Flower Soft website.

Pam   |  Thu Nov 5, 2009 at 5:24 AM

What stores will this product be in. I only have Joanns and Michaels around me.

Brenda Burns   |  Thu Nov 5, 2009 at 7:17 AM

Sorry I just saw the store list. I am new to this site but love it already.

Brenda   |  Thu Nov 5, 2009 at 7:36 AM

I own a Mac….  :(

Dianne   |  Thu Nov 5, 2009 at 9:43 AM

Does anyone know how you would mail one of these?  Or are there padded envelopes in that card size available?  This is absolutely adorable and I really enjoyed the tutorial!  My LSS carries the globes so I’m hoping they’ll get the CD, too.

Mitzi Koons   |  Thu Nov 5, 2009 at 1:23 PM

Great project.  Love those snow globes

Jacki   |  Thu Nov 5, 2009 at 2:59 PM

I recently watched this video and am interested where I can obtain the Scor pop dots?  They are not on their web site yet several of the tutorials feature them?  Hexigon shaped dots that have no waste as the round dots seem to have.  Please reply.

Sharon Cloutier   |  Sat Nov 7, 2009 at 10:43 PM

This is absolutely adorable and I really enjoyed the tutorial!  My LSS carries the globes so I’m hoping they’ll get the CD, too.

Communication Skills   |  Fri Mar 26, 2010 at 1:07 AM
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