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EZMount™ is static cling mounting cushion that makes use of unmounted rubber stamps quick and easy.


  • >EZMount Static Cling Mounting Cushion Sheets measure 8 1/2" x 11"

  • >Available in 1/8" and 1 /16" thickness

  • >Allows you to turn any rubber stamp into a cling stamp in minutes

  • >EZMount Mini Binder measures 7" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/4"

  • >Binder holds 4 of our EZMount stamp sets or 4 of the Mini-Binder Stamp Storage Panels with stamps stored on one side

Product Description

Manufacturer's Description

EZMount™ has become the brand people trust when it comes to using rubber stamps with acrylic blocks. With over 10 years in innovative solutions for unmounted stamping, Sunday International has led the way in making rubber stamping affordable enough for any budget.

EZMount is created with the best materials available and is proudly manufactured in the United States. One side has a permanent adhesive that sticks to your rubber stamp piece, while the other is a super smooth surface that adheres temporarily to an acrylic block for stamping and then to our storage panels for organization and easy retrieval. What’s more, we guarantee EZMount will cling for life! So you’ll never have to worry about replacing or re-doing your stamps once they’ve been mounted to our product.

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  1. A Must-Have for Unmounted Stamps

    By Rose Ann Reynolds

    I've tried various techniques for stamping with unmounted stamps, and I must admit, EZMount is not a product that I'm unfamiliar with. EZMount is simple to use, and turns your unmounted images into exceptional cling stamps in minutes.

    The EZMount sheets are generous in size, and the adhesive is very tacky. I like to trim my rubber stamps down just a bit before I adhere them to the tacky side of the foam, so that I can maximize the use of each EZMount sheet. I use my Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors to cut the stamps out, and they cut through the rubber and EZ Mount quite easily. (The scissors may gum up a bit, and I've heard that Goo Gone is a great cleaner to remove the sticky adhesive left behind.)

    Storing the stamps after mounting them may be another issue you face, and using the Binder Box is a wonderful option. Just install some storage panels into the binder rings, and you'll be good to go! The stamps cling to the panels beautifully, and there are clear over-lays on the outside of each binder so that you can use to label your binder boxes. When it's time to stamp, just remove the stamp from the panel, and attach it to your acrylic stamping block. Again, they cling beautifully. Clean your stamp when you're finished, and place it back into your binder box for storage.

    If you like to purchase unmounted rubber stamps, I highly recommend EZMount for ease of use, and the Mini-Binder Box to store them in.

  2. EZMount Indeed

    By Beate Johns

    I was excited to hear we were going to review the EZMount Static Cling Mounting Cushion. I always use it when mounting stamps. I love how easy it is to adhere to your stamps, it clings well to acrylic blocks and makes it easy to get perfect stamped images with your now cling mounted stamps.

    Cut a piece of EZMount just a bit larger than the size of your stamp, adhere the stamp and then cut closely around the stamp images. I use Tim Holtz scissors to trim. The scissors get a bit sticky, but you can get them clean again with rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone (check your husbands garage...I bet he has it). Mounting stamps with EZMount is super easy. EZMount sheets are 8 1/2" x 11", which means you can mount quite a few stamps with just one sheet.

    The EZMount Mini Binder and matching storage panels are wonderful to store your mounted stamps in. The Binder holds 4 panels with EZMounted stamps. It has a clear sleeve panel on the front so you can personalize it. The binder shuts tight for easy storage and transportation.

    EZMount products were already part of my stamping supplies, and I will continue to use them.

  3. Truly EZ!

    By Lori McAree

    Our product review this month is for EZMount from Crafters Companion. This was a really fun review for me because I love to buy “bare” rubber because of the cost and space savings. EZMount is truly easy! The foam is incredibly sticky which is great, no worries that the stamp will come loose, and I just love how it clings to clear blocks. Another great thing, if you have trouble with your cling sticking to the acrylic block, just wipe it with a damp paper towel or cloth, and it is as good as new.

    We also received a binder box and panels which I love to store my unmounted stamps in. They are fun to decorate and I label the spine so I know exactly what stamps are inside. Another great space saver for me, as the stamps stick well to the panels.

  4. Cuts Like Buttah

    By Heather Pulvirenti

    I first started using EZMount Foam back in 2008 when I wanted to convert some of my wooden stamp images to cling mounts, and I am still completely smitten with this product. I love, love, love just how much space you can save using cling foam vs. traditional wooden blocks! And as someone who has more craft supplies than allocated space, this is so important to me.

    Using EZMount Foam is very fast and easy. You simply peel the sticker sheet off of the adhesive foam side, apply your rubber stamps, then trim around the images. To save foam, you could cut out your stamps first, then apply the foam, then trim it again, but for me, I prefer to only have to do any/all trimming one time.

    For the current product review, we were also sent a Binder Box and coordinating insert sheets. This was my first time using this product to store cling stamps, and I think it’s fantastic. Not only is it a neat and orderly way to store stamps, if one should happen to fall off of the insert sheet, it won’t get lost because it’s completely contained inside the box. A great advantage over traditional loose binder storage!

  5. No More Naked!

    By Colleen Schaan

    That’s right… I’m a nudist. Well, at least where rubber is concerned. Or I should say… I WAS a nudist.

    Up until a few days ago, I enjoyed stamping with nothing but bare-naked rubber… no wooden blocks, no cushy foam, just the ink, the rubber and an acrylic block.

    Now, I wouldn’t exactly say that I enjoyed it… it was probably more like endured it. The gummy “repositionable” adhesive, the inhuman strength I needed to press down, the spotty and inconsistent stamped images. But… what other option did I have? I wasn’t a fan of mounted stamps and I didn’t really buy into the whole “cling foam” idea… after all… if I was going unmounted… I’d go all the way!

    And then I was introduced to EZ Mount Cling Foam. That’s right… I’m admitting that I’ve been a stamper for over 20 years and I never used it before. (Read illogical reasoning above…) When the review for this product came up, I grudgingly agreed to try it. I had my system… I wasn’t going to be swayed from my ways.

    That silly thinking lasted about as long as it took for me to give EZ Mount a try. That’s right… the very first try – that’s all it took to rock my world and throw my archaic stamping ways out the window.

    I LOVE this stuff! It’s so aptly named… EZ Mount. Nothing could be easier. It comes in sheets with one sticky side and one cling side. Just swipe a damp cloth over the back of the naked rubber stamp to remove any dirt or dust and dry it completely. Next, peel back the paper label on the sticky side of the EZ Mount foam sheet (don’t remove the whole thing… just pull it back far enough to position the stamp). Place the stamp on the foam and press down evenly to adhere. Then, cut out the stamp! (I did find it easier to place the paper label back down over any remaining visible foam to avoid the sticky scissors syndrome.) Once the stamp is cut out, remove the paper lining from the cling side and either attach it to an acrylic block and get stampy or place it in storage for future use.

    Speaking of storage… there’s a whole storage system that is also EZ! Just place your cling foam stamps on an EZ Mount Stamp Storage Panel and place 3 or 4 panels in a Translucent Mini Binder. I’ve actually been using this system (minus the cling) for the past few years and I love it. It’s clean and organized and space saving. All important aspects for craft space storage.

    I knew I liked the storage, so I don’t know why I resisted the EZ mount cling foam.

    I’m in love! No more bare naked for me… from now on… it’s easy… EZ Mount Cling Foam!

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Questions and Comments

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For those who like to trim their stamps before putting them on the EZ Mount to maximise the use,  (me :D) I find that sprinkling cornstarch or talcum powder on any remaining exposed sticky areas after you’ve positioned your stamps makes trimming them an easier job, as it stops the exposed areas sticking to your fingers so much. And any powder is easily brushed off the stamps with a soft brush.

Cook22 (Sabrina)   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 2:23 AM

They also have a thinner version of EZ Mount, 1/8 inch thick, that is wonderful for those teeny tiny stamps.  I use that for small sentiments and long skinny stamps like flower stems, and it works a treat.  I also use a hot knife to cut out the stamps…faster and easier for me than using scissors.

Christy S.   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 3:37 AM

I also love EZ Mount and have been using it for years.  What I loved not so much was the sticky scissors..I purchased a hot knife set at Mike’s to use with the EZ Mount. I apply my rubber to the sticky stide and then use the hot knife to cut.  It zips thru the EZ Mount easily with great control, but won’t harm the rubber.  When the knife cools, you can scrape any left over adhesive off with a putty knife.

Arlene   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 5:12 AM

I’ve tried this, so I can personally say it does work….I saw a video by Mary Fish at Stampin Pretty who used a hot gun rather than scissors to trim around the rubber and it glides around very smoothly and results in much cleaner rubber edges.  I think it was faster, too.  I’ve done both methods and the hot gun is definitely my preferred way to trim.

Jan D.   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 6:29 AM

P.S.  My heat tool is by Walnut Hollow called Creative Versa-Tool that comes with many tips, one of which is an exacto type tip that is perfect for this type trimming project.

Jan D.   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 6:54 AM

Love, love, love the EZ stamp storage system. This is fantabulous. What a great way to store those stamp which are unmounted. Wowers!

Liz Coffiel   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 7:24 AM

I tried this product and if failed for me. After a year the the rubber started to slip off of the cushion. I did have the stamps stored up right in binders. The cost and effort required to mount my many stamps was wasted.  In fairness to the manufacturer, I must say I never contacted them after the product failed.
Now I just put my unmounted rubber on a block with a temporary adhesive and stamp with paper on a lightly padded surface. I get good results doing this.

Donna Scanlon   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 10:33 AM

I just posted a question regarding EZ Mount in the forums.  I had a weird thing happen with my EZ Mounted Stamps.  I started putting my stamps in a bin and some of the stamps clung together in the bin.  When I pulled them apart the EZ Mount was no longer “clingy” and turned real smooth.  Is there a way to get them “clingy” again?  I tried cleaning them and it didn’t work.

Tara   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 10:34 AM

To Tara:  Have you tried rubbing the stamp on a shirt or fabric to create the static cling.  I do not use cleaners.

Ruthann   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 11:31 AM

I use both the regular EZMount and the thin EZMount, but I index the cling side before permanently adhering the rubber to the sticky side.  It’s a couple of extra steps but oh so worth it to be able to see the image through the acrylic block.
Step 1 - trim rubber
Step 2 - apply light coating of Alene’s Tack It Over & Over (or can also use Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive) to the back side of the trimmed rubber
Step 3 - adhere the now sticky side of the trimmed rubber to the paper covering of the STICKY side of the EZMount
Step 4 - use the hot knife to closely trim the EZMount
Step 5 - remove the trimmed rubber from the trimmed EZMount and position on an acrylic block
Step 6 - peel off the paper covering from the CLING side of the EZMount
Step 7 - use Jet Black Stazon or Noir Black Palette to stamp the image onto the CLING side of the EZMount
Step 8 - clean rubber
Step 9 - peel off the paper covering from the STICKY side of the EZMount and adhere the trimmed rubber (matching up the orientation of the stamped side)
Step 10 - let dry more thoroughly, CLING side up, before placing into your storage system

KellyRae   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 1:19 PM

Is it possible to convert wooden block stamps to cling stamps?

pbuandj   |  Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 5:06 PM

many people have chosen not to use EZ mount foam if the rubber stamp was already mounted to foam before it was permanently mounted to a wood block.  Therefore, I can see that there are several videos for unmounting wooden block stamps and converting them to cling mount, where by some use the rubber only to the ez mount foam, and others don’t because they remove the foam with the rubber by microwaving it off the block.  Isn’t it more expense and a waste if the rubber is already mounted to foam, and you want to turn that into a cling mount?  or is there some quality issue/reason it comes out better?

Cheryl Powers   |  Thu Oct 27, 2011 at 12:51 AM

A tip that has been useful for me is to coat my scissors with VersaMark ink before cutting the EZ Mount.  Then the scissors clean up well just using stamp cleaner after I’m finished.

Cheryl   |  Fri Oct 28, 2011 at 7:16 PM

Can you store ex mounted stamps on tin? I have some DVD tins that would be great for storage but am unsure if there are any problems doing that. I remember reading somewhere that you can’t put clear stamps on all plastics due to a chemical reaction so just wanted to check that ez mount isn’t the same. Thanks for the article and your help!

Jillian   |  Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 2:43 PM

Well, after using EZ Mount for 20 years I’m rather disappointed. I’ve been storing my at least 8000 rubberstamps in CD and DVD cases, Acetat sheets, acrylic glass sheets. CD cases cause a severe chemical reaction which doesn’t take long to show. But as it ages it get’s harder and loses the cling ability. Many of my stamping friends have experienced the same. No wiping with a damp cloth will do the trick. If there really is a life time guarantee Sunday Int. owes me about 1000 full sheets…..

EvaJ   |  Thu Jan 23, 2020 at 7:36 AM
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