Embossalicious Embossing Folder

Brought to you by Crafter’s Companion

Add texture and depth to your paper crafting with embossing folders in two different sizes for a variety of projects.


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  • >Embossing folders for deeply etched cards and embellishments

  • >Add texture and style to cardstock, acetate and thin metal sheets

  • >Available in 6" x 6" and 8" x 8" formats

  • >Larger sizes allow you to cover a standard card front and choose the design direction

  • >24 affordable and on-trend designs

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

New Embossalicious Embossing Folders from Crafter's Companion build upon one of the hottest trends in crafting by offering you folders in a 6” x 6” and 8” x 8” format. Each of which gives you the flexibility to use them with a wider range of cardstock and paper sizes to achieve the perfect results. Simply place your paper or cardstock in the desired location inside the folder and then run it through your favorite embossing machine. The 6” x 6” folders are also the perfect choice when making the popular 6” x 6” or 5.5" x 4.25" card sizes with an overall embossed design.

There are currently twelve 6” x 6” and twelve 8” x 8” designs available, with a brand new line of Christmas Embossing Folders also coming soon, just in time for the holiday card making season. And, our embossing folders aren’t just for card making. Use them to create embossed borders, backgrounds, photo mats, frames and more for use with your other crafty projects & scrapbook layouts. You’ll be amazed at the variety of uses.

Product Description

Embossalicious Folders are heavy plastic embossing folders that allow you to make an impression design on your cardstock, acetate and thin metals. The folders, in both formats (6" x 6" and 8" x 8") have an opening in the center of the fold that allow you to emboss longer strips of cardstock, acetate or metal for your paper crafting projects.

The folders work with most common embossing and die cutting machines, like the eBosser from Craftwell. Our team tested the folders in the Grand Calibur from Spellbinders, the Cuttlebug, Big Shot, Big Shot Pro, Big Shot Express and Vagabond from Sizzix with beautiful, crisp results. A larger format machine, such as the eBosser, the Grand Calibur or the Big Shot Pro is required for the 8" x 8" folders.

For more information about Embossalicious Embossing Folders from Crafter's Companion check out this video:

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  1. Embossing to the Edge

    By Michelle Giraud

    Ever notice that many embossing folders don't emboss all the way to the edge of a standard size card? I usually end up trimming it down rather than leave the little unembossed strip. With the Crafter's Companion 6x6 Embossalicious Folders you can emboss the full front of a card. Plus you have the ability to also emboss other card sizes such as 5x5 or even 6x6. It really opens up the possibilities!

    Another really cool thing about the size of these folders is that you have the option of embossing in either direction. It you don't want your stripes or design going one way, you can simply rotate the paper in the folder and there is enough room to emboss in the other direction.

    The Crafters Companion embossing folders are a great quality as well. The plastic leaves a deep impression and also inks up evenly with a brayer for an ink and embossing combination. The 6x6 folder is the perfect fit in my Cuttlebug.... Kinda makes me want a bigger machine so I can try some of the 8x8 folders since they are completely different designs than the 6x6!

  2. Emboss with Ease

    By Bev Rousch

    We have reviewed Crafter's Companion products in the past, and I've been very happy with this company's marketing of well made and easy to use products. I was excited to get my hands on their embossing folders.

    I've had my favorite black Big Shot for a few years and I love embossing and cutting new things with it. These embossing folders are an easy way to inject a new pattern and texture into your stamping with minimal cost.
    The folders are nice and big, and the 6x6 works perfect in my Big Shot, but they have an 8x8 line for larger machines, too. The folders are hinged for easy use and they embosses deep and even patterns.

    What more can you ask from these folders? Well, they also happen to come in cute and trendy patterns.
    I'm quite happy with these and see a lot of embossing in my future!

  3. Trendy Embossing

    By Teresa Kline

    I was so excited to learn we would be reviewing the Crafters Companion Embossing Folders, they are the coolest designs....so trendy and fun! I was drawn to the designs first, it is all about shape now days and these folders are sensational! I could not stop using them and found myself reaching for them for every creation. Now, let's talk about size; another huge plus. They come in two sizes 6x6 and 8x8, insert more whoooing and aaahhhhing here. The size makes them so versatile, you can emboss an entire card background in either direction or use larger pieces of embossing in your scrapbooking layouts and designs.

    The folders also have a slit in the top so you can emboss even longer strips of paper, another wow factor with these folders. Meaning that you can emboss your own border strips for those 12x12 pages, how cool is that?

    I am so very happy with these folders, fantastic designs and extremely functional for all of your creating desires. I will be shopping for more popular designs and shapes to add to my collection.

  4. The Many Textures of the Delicious Embossalicious!

    By Amanda Havon

    I'm always looking for ways to punch up my cards and projects, and I sometimes forget about embossing folders. But, thanks to Crafters Companion, their Embossalicious Folders are so unique and diverse, they're hard not to use.

    The Embossalicious Folders come in a 6X6 or 8X8 size, so they are perfect for any project or card. When I used mine, I loved that it was easy to shift my paper to where I wanted my design and emboss smaller sections. One of my favorite things is that these folders didn't tear the paper when I embossed with them. (If you run into a tear issue with thicker or corse cardstock, lightly mist your paper with water then emboss, and it will be perfect every time!) I appreciate the thick plastic design of these folders, when I store my embossing folders upright, they won't warp or bend.

    I have loved everything that I've worked with from Crafter's Companion. These embossing folders offer a variety of styles from the elegant to industrial designs, and they emboss a piece of cardstock that is large enough to create almost anything! This is a company who knows their consumers and products well, and I will be buying more of these.

  5. Clearly Embossalicious!

    By Beate Johns

    For this Crafter's Companion Product review, I received 8" x 8" embossing folders. They come in 12 different designs, including five frames and seven full designs. The folders are made out of clear plastic, held together by two inch wide hinges on top, leaving a four inch gab in the middle. The gap allows you to emboss longer strips of paper by embossing and sliding the paper through the folder.

    I used my Grand Calibur machine to emboss cardstock. For these folders, I used the base plate, a thin cardboard shim, embossing folder with cardstock inside and a raspberry plate. The embossing turned out gorgeous and deep. While the frame folders designs were a bit too big for the smaller cards that I tend to make, I think the 8" x 8" designs would be great for larger cards and scrapbook pages.

    I like the designs of all the folders and loved playing with them. I will definitely use them more.

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woohoo! it’s about time! love the idea of larger folders!!

DawnL   |  Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 4:28 PM

Love the 6x6 folders that will be perfect for cards
what a wonderful idea thanks Lee

Lee   |  Mon Jun 17, 2013 at 1:29 AM

These look fantastic. I’ve recently used an EB and it cut in parts, I don’t know if it was meant to cut but it did and I liked it very much. Do these EB folders also cut? Many thanks in advance. X

Andrea H   |  Sat Mar 10, 2018 at 6:33 PM
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What you'll pay

6" x 6" Embossalicious Folders $6.95 each
8" x 8" Embossalicious Folders $9.95 each

Enter coupon code SCSDEAL when checking out online to save 40% on our 6x6 and 8x8 Embossalicious Embossing Folders. Offer expires June 24th, 2013 and cannot be combined with any other offer.

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You can purchase Embossalicious Folders directly from Crafter's Companion.

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