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Go vertical with easy accessibility for wood stamps and small embellishments in the Drawer Cabinet.


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  • Ten drawers provide a total of more than 10 square feet of storage space

  • Drawers accommodate stamps, ink pads, punches, ribbons and embellishments

  • A convenient label system is included for convenience and customization

  • Constructed of Baltic Birch plywood, sanded smooth, assembled and display ready

  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Stamp-n-Storage is passionate about providing paper crafters with high-quality, space efficient, desktop craft storage and organization solutions which allow them more time to enjoy their hobby. Their newest introduction, the Drawer Cabinet, will help you with some of your most challenging organization problems.

Product Description

The Drawer Cabinet is a compact storage cube with ten drawers to provide more than 10 square feet of organizational space. The cabinets were specifically designed to store wood mount stamps, but they also accommodate ink pads, punches, ribbons, and other accessories or embellishments. The individual drawers can be used for paper storage preventing color fade from bright lighting. A convenient label system is included for more organization options.

The Drawer Cabinet is available in two sizes: 12x12 and the Drawer Cabinet for IKEA® which fits in the Kallax shelving. The IKEA version is 14 3/4" deep to give you the most storage space possible.

You can learn more about the Drawer Cabinet from Stamp-n-Storage in this video:

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    By The Stamp-n-Storage Community

    You will appreciate what Stamp-n-Storage customers of the Drawer Cabinet have had to say after receiving their purchase:

    Crafter's Delight by Sharon Linenkugel
    This new product from Stamp-n-Storage is MOST AWESOME! It's a dream come true for me. It's great for storing my wood mount rubber stamps and many other craft items. Much can be stored in this compact organizer. Labels are provided for easy identification of contents in each drawer. I love this creation! Thank you, Stamp-n-Storage.

    At Last by J-Curtis Thomas
    Wood mounted stamps, how do you store them? Put them in see-through storage containers and stack them on a shelf, never to see them again. Line them up on an a shelf, who has that kind of room? The list is endless. Thanks to you, Stamp-n-Storage, for the genius idea of designing a cabinet with many small labeled drawers. Pull one of the drawers out and there are your stamps at a touch. Thank you, Stamp-n-Storage!

    Great Storage! by Barbara Cauchon
    I'm enjoying re-organizing my stamping stuff using this neat Drawer Cabinet! So far, I've used three drawers for wood stamps, another for precut card stock, one for my brads and tools, and one for my stamp cleaner pad. I still have plenty of space to fill, so I'm very happy with this unit! Oh, and I love the little labels and holders that were included!

    QUALITY! by Annie San Martin
    I received the Drawer Cabinet the week I ordered it. Speedy quick! I couldn't be more pleased with the latest addition to my Stamp-n-Storage collection. Like all of the products that I've ordered, this is a quality product. My stamps fit perfectly inside the slide out drawers, labeling is convenient, and I couldn't be more pleased. Another Excellent product from Stamp-n-Storage!

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How much is this storage piece?  Where would I go to buy it if it is on sale?  Thanks Jan

Jan Leslie   |  Wed Jun 15, 2016 at 7:28 AM

Jan - Pricing and where to purchase links are on the upper right side of this page. smile

Lori   |  Wed Jun 15, 2016 at 7:40 AM
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What you'll pay

The Drawer Cabinet
$114.75 MSRP

An entire system of quality wood ink pad, paper, punch, marker and embellishment organization pieces are available from Stamp-n-Storage.

Where to buy

You may purchase Drawer Cabinet and other quality pieces directly from Stamp-n-Storage.

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