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Create decorative shapes with these new Nestabilities™ die templates.


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  • > Perfect for cards, scrapbook, pages and home decor projects.

  • > Nested shapes can be used alone, or to create layered images

  • > Dies work beautifully with classic Nestabilities

  • > Available as Beaded Circles and Ovals, Lacey Circles and Squares, Crown Ovals and Circles, Eyelet Circles and Squares

  • > Check the right side of this page for tutorials featuring Nestabilities die templates.

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
Introducing Spellbinders' Nestabilities Decorative Elements. Each set of exquisitely detailed, decorative elements includes four to five die templates that coordinate with existing Spellbinders die templates in the Circle, Oval, and Square families.

Product Description
Nestabilities Decorative Elements die templates are metal dies that can be used to cut, emboss and stencil cardstock. They come in many different shapes and sizes and will work in any manual die-cutting machine.

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  1. A Review to ‘Die’ for…

    By Joanne Grzelak

    Before ever receiving the newest products to review for Spellbinders, I must say that I was already a fan. The precision and crispness of die cutting is so helpful in the creative process. For this review, I worked with the new Crown Ovals and the Lacey Circles. I used them in my Cuttlebug for both die cutting and embossing. I also occasionally use them for stenciling or coloring portions of the die cut piece.

    These new Nestabilities work just like the older versions many of us have grown to love and depend on. The characteristic of these that really excites me is that these have decorative edges, not just in shape, but in an extension out from the shape itself. The Lacey Circles, which come in five different diameters in the set, create a looped border around the solid circle. The result is similar to a circular punch border, but so much easier to create. The Crown Ovals, which come in four different sizes in the set, have an edge around a solid circle similar to the points on a crown with a 'gem' on the top of each point. The Crown Ovals also make it very easy to add color to the 'gem' area without any masking other than using the die itself. Overall, they both give a very nice dimensional border to the oval or circle.

    Another positive for anyone who has not yet tried Nestabilities is the storage issue. Storing the Nestabilities is so much easier than storing individual punches, because much less space is needed.

    This is definitely a product you want to give a try, and my guess is that you will never look back. I love my punches, but if someone told me I could only have one type of tool for die cutting/punching, Spellbinders Nestabilities would be the one for me!

  2. Gorgeous new dies

    By Beate Johns

    I was so excited to review the new decorative Nestabilities. I had seen them at CHA in Chicago, and I was counting the days until they would hit the stores. I knew I would need them all. Then I received the Lacey Circles and Crown Ovals in the mail to review. How sweet is that? The Lacey Circles package comes with five dies, and the Crown Ovals comes with four.

    I LOVE that Spellbinders came up with new dies that will create beautiful frames with, or perfect layers for, the Classic Nestabilities that I already own. They cut and emboss cardstock beautifully, and the decorative edges on these new dies are just gorgeous!

    Before I remove the die from my cut shapes, I like to either sponge or airbrush color over the die. Color is applied to the openings of the die template, and that gives the paper an extra "frame" on the edge. For example, with the new Crown Ovals dies you can color the "circle" above the oval easily just by leaving the die on your cut cardstock. With the Lacey Circles, you add color to the inside of the circle. The Crown Ovals pieces also lend themselves to be decorated with pearls and rhinestones to make a spectacular frame for your stamped image or photo.

    By looking in my gallery you will see that I have a hard time making any project without Spellbinders Nestabilities, Frames and Borderabilities. These two new additions will be used frequently. They add a beautiful finish to your card. I plan to buy all of the other Eyelet, Beaded, Lacey and Crown shapes as soon as they are available - I am LOVING them!

  3. New Nesties!

    By Joanne Travis

    I was so happy to receive these new Spellbinders Nestabilities to try out. I tried the Lacy Squares and Beaded Ovals and I can’t decide which I love the most. Both are extremely versatile and work so beautifully when paired up and layered with other Nestabilities shapes - the combinations are endless. The large ovals worked so perfectly for creating a lovely frame with the new Beaded Ovals die. The square is even easier to layer or beautiful enough to stand alone with those fabulous decorative edges.

    I really love how the Nestabilities are multi-functional and not only will cut your shapes with ease but can also be used to emboss or stencil. The complete sandwiching instructions are conveniently located inside the die packaging with the appropriate directions for various popular cutting systems. Very handy!

    The pretty detailing on the ovals cut through my cardstock very nicely. Occasionally I find that some cardstocks do not cut as cleanly as others, depending on the thickness. If you find that you are not getting a completely clean cut, try inserting a piece of waxed paper (like grocery store Cut-Rite type) between your die and piece of cardstock. This will almost always do the trick. Or you could try to run your die through twice, giving it a quarter turn after the first run through. Flip it over and gently poke the cardstock out of the die with your paper piercer or thin embossing stylus. I like to cut a bunch of different colors and sizes in one sitting to have them stocked up and ready to go. Once you get your hands on these beautiful new shapes you are going to want to do this too, they really compliment your artwork! They add so much of a wow factor to your stamping and scrapbooking projects you are going to wonder how you ever lived without these. It really is the perfect frame every time!

  4. The new Spellbinders Lacey Squares and Beaded Ovals Dies an absolute must-have!

    By Michelle Burress

    I love these new dies! The new Lacey Squares and Beaded Ovals are fabulous for adding an elegant look to your projects.

    I thought I would first try the new dies out using cardstock and running the die through the Cuttlebug once. I had to work on popping some pieces out by hand when done this way. However, running the die and cardstock through several times resolved this problem and gave me a really good cut. Using designer paper, the cut was clean with one trip through the Cuttlebug. Because I do not have the proper rubber matting for embossing with the Cuttlebug and dies, the embossing was not deep, but still showed fairly well.

    I own several dies now and will continue to collect them as they are the simplest and quickest way to add dimension and pizzazz to all my cards. I believe these dies are one of the best products out there. They are quality made and with proper care and storage should last a lifetime. I love that they are so versatile and can be used not only in the Spellbinders Die-cutting machine, but my Cuttlebug and other systems as well.

    I would definitely recommend them to any papercrafter!

  5. Circle Nesties with Flair

    By Carolina Buchting

    A circle does not have to be just a circle anymore. This month’s Product Focus review is from Spellbinders wonderful new line, Nestabilities Decorative Elements. I received two sets to review, Beaded Circles and Lacey Circles.

    Each design is unique in the sense that each of the shapes has a decorative border. The Beaded Circles dies literally have circles all the way around the edge of the center circle as if they were soldered onto the center circle; while the Lacey Circle dies have an intricate scallop border all the way around the edge of the center circle.

    In order to achieve these decorative edges, Spellbinders designed the dies so that little pieces are cut into your shape. So as on the Lacey Circles dies, there are little pieces that are cut into the middle of each of the scallops. The down side to this is that these little pieces either get stuck on the die, on your cut off piece or on the floor. If it is on the die or cut off piece, then just take a paper piercer or something sharp to scoop those out. If it is on the floor, I suggest you clean as you go so that you do not end up with little pieces everywhere.

    I ran the dies through my cutting machine using felt, magnet sheets, patterned paper, and cardstock of course. I am happy to report that they cut perfectly on each of those mediums. I tried cutting acrylic as well as thin plastic and that did not work so well…I suspect it might have to do with the intricate cuts it needs to make.

    All in all, I am ecstatic with these dies and they make a wonderful addition to my ever-growing collection!

  6. Gorgeous and Fun!

    By Kerri Michaud

    I was so excited to see new Spellbinders Nestabilities Decorative Elements in my mailbox! I adore all things Spellbinders, and the new Lacey Squares and Beaded Circles that I received are certainly no exception! The thing I love the most about these new dies is that they add to the versatility of the standard circles and squares that I already own, giving me even more beautiful options!

    The new dies are quite large, which really give them a WOW factor on your projects. The beaded detail can be used in so many ways! Jazz them up a bit by adding rhinestones, pearls, buttons, dew drops, etc. or leave them plain. The Lacey Squares' detail is just gorgeous, and it's definitely a favorite. I will be reaching for the Lacey Squares time and time again.

    You can’t go wrong with the new Spellbinders Nestabilities Decorative Elements. Spellbinders continues to come up with gorgeous and fun ways to embellish your projects, and I love them all!

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Very informative article as nice designs for cards, scrapbook, pages and home decor projects.Thanks for sharing this article.

Direct Mail Advertising   |  Thu Apr 26, 2012 at 9:44 PM

I love all my Spellbinders dies and I have quite a few.  I am having trouble getting my paper out of the Lacey Squares die without tearing the outside loops.  With thinner paper I don’t have this problem but there are times I want to use the heavier CS.  I tried wax paper and it didn’t seem to help.  Can you offer any other suggestions?

Audrina   |  Mon Oct 1, 2012 at 7:50 PM

Wax paper always works for me. Try rubbing an embossing buddy or a dryer sheet over the edges of the die before using it with paper. Hopefully that will help.

Beate   |  Mon Oct 1, 2012 at 8:10 PM
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