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  • >Designer quality window bags and totes

  • >Easy to personalize your bags

  • >Bags come in a variety of styles

  • >Each product comes with a window to decorate and personalize

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Daily Window Products, Inc. manufactures and sells a full line of designer quality "window" bags and totes, handbags, backpacks, lunch boxes, professional organizers and decorative frames to display artistic or educational inserts. The original Daily Window concept was developed in 2004 by Paula Krieger for the purpose of creating a venue for busy people to learn and be inspired while on the go.

A U.S. patent was awarded to Paula Krieger in 2005 for her unique concept of combining portable accessories such as bags and totes with transparent window pockets to showcase subjects of interest and for mobile learning.

Today the versatile Daily Window® Bags and Cards are used for personal learning, business, Christian ministries, memorable photography, kid's learning, arts and crafts, and personalized gifts.

Product Description

Daily Window offers a full line of high quality conversation starting bags and totes, each with a clear window for showcasing artwork or points of interest.

Check Daily Windows Blog and Gallery for more inspiration and ideas.

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  1. Eight Days a Week?  I’ll Take It!

    By Colleen Schaan

    8 Days a Week Tote? I need an 8-day week ALMOST as much as I needed this tote. With my busy schedule, I’d be happy to have both!

    Daily Window has a number of bags, totes and carry-alls to chose from. I picked the 8 Days a Week bag because I travel a lot and I’m always looking for the perfect bag that I can use as a purse/carry-on. I am happy to say, my search is over!

    The 8 Days a Week bag is made of sturdy, black micro-fiber that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It has smooth lines, classy white stitching, and silver hardware that really complement the style. My favorite part though? The yummy lime-green lining inside! Talk about an eye catcher!

    The bag is the perfect size for me. It has a squat, flat bottom that stands up nicely and holds my laptop, some books, and a sketchbook with lots of room to spare. There is a sizable zippered pocket that holds my checkbook, my wallet, and any other personal items that I don’t want floating around loose. There is also a pocket for my phone and for business cards and pens and pencils. I was thrilled to find two additional snapped pockets on the outside that will hold keys, phones, snacks or even a small water bottle!

    Another winning touch is the adjustable handle straps. Perfect for my small frame! I can carry the bag over my shoulder or easily grip the straps in my hand and not have to worry about it dragging on the floor.

    The very best part of the bag is that you can customize it by putting artwork, photos, cards, whatever you want - into this clear pocket on the front of the bag. It’s a really nice sized window, so you have lots of room to showcase your work. It is a perfect conversation starter and a stylish way to advertise your business. Now when people ask what I do, I can SHOW them!

    Thanks Daily Window for the perfect tote… now if only you could figure a way to get that 8th day into the week!

    Daily Window Shadowboxes – Not Standing in Anyone’s Shadow!

    I’ll tell you right from the start, shadowboxes are COOL! I’m a big fan! I’m not a traditional scrapbooker, but I love to document important places or favorite memories by making shadowboxes.

    Daily Window offers a product called a Design Cube which is PERFECT for creating a shadowbox. It is 6.5 x 10 x 2 and covered with a durable, embossed, black reptile print.

    I LOVE that there are two full inches of depth to work with as I like to put lots of doo-dads and objects in my shadowboxes and with the Daily Window Design Cube, I’ve got ample room to do just that.

    The Design Cube comes with four strong magnets and a magnetic back panel so that you have the option to post photos, cards or artwork temporarily and change it up easily.

    The Design Cubes are made to sit upright on either side to showcase work or lay flat as a great storage for cards or photos. Me, I like to hang my shadowboxes on the wall and I would love to see the Design Cubes some with an optional wall hanger.

    Overall, I’m super impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, and stylized look of these cubes and I can’t wait to craft more memories in them!

  2. Creating Scenes

    By Lori McAree

    I do not make many projects outside of cards, typically A2, with a square card thrown in once in a while. I was a bit nervous after measuring the window and shadowbox because the openings are a bit larger than A2. As I got to work, I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun it was to let my creativity run wild. I normally do not make scenes, but after making my samples, I am finding myself thinking of other projects to make. Since I want to hang my box in my stamping room, I thought instead of a traditional shadowbox it would be fun to make different scenes depending on the season, holiday or my mood. I would like to get myself another box or two, I have a couple of ideas on what I would like to make and display at home and my desk at work.

    I chose The Daily Carry-All which is a great all around bag. I really like that it has two spots for water bottles, a separate pouch inside for small items and lots of room. My laptop fits comfortably with plenty of room to spare for books, notebooks along with water bottles and so much more!! This is a top quality, heavy duty bag that I will be using for years.

  3. Treasured Memories

    By Heather Pulvirenti

    When the Daily Window package arrived at my doorstep, I couldn't wait to tear it open and see what goodies were inside! The first item I spotted in my package was the Daily Window Design Cube, and I was so impressed with the craftsmanship. The cube is incredibly sturdy, and has a lovely embossed leather trim around the outer edges of the box.

    The Design Cube is designed to lay flat and be used as a box to store cards you can't bear to part with, or sit upright and display smaller memorabilia items. It's a fun size, measuring 6 1/2” x 10” x 2”, and works great as a shadowbox!

    Truth be told, I am much more comfortable as a cardmaker than a scrapbooker, but I couldn't resist the chance to create a display showcasing a treasured photo of my daughter. I love, love, love this product and would definitely use one again in the future.

    The Surprise Inside

    I am a huge fan of color, and I'm definitely not afraid to take risks with colors when creating cards - it's just paper after all, right? One of the most unexpected features about the Very Necessary Mini tote is the lime green lining of the bag! I thought (assumed) the lining was going to match the exterior, and when I opened it up and caught a glimpse of the interior, I couldn't help but smile. Such a fun feature!

    The Daily Window Very Necessary Mini measures 11” x 11” x 2 1/2” and is perfect for those times when you head out to run errands and you don't want the hassle of a large purse or tote. It's large enough to accommodate a wallet, keys, cellphone, etc. without being too bulky. It's made of a high quality microfiber material that resists stains and cleans easily with a damp cloth (or baby wipe).

    As with the other item I reviewed, I would love to see this product be offered in additional colors, and since this product does not have a zipper (it has a drawstring closure), it would be great if there was also a magnetic snap inside the mouth of the bag (to add just a touch more security for your contents).

    I would love to see these boxes be offered in additional colors and have an option to purchase a coordinating cover should you choose to convert your Design Cube to a shadowbox.

  4. Portable Wisdom

    By Anne Ryan

    Urban Sport Tote
    Wow - was I in for a major surprise when a stylish tote arrived on my doorstep from a company called “Daily Window”.

    I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of tote bags, but after actually using it on a daily basis, I’m convinced this is really a bag that stands apart from its competition. It's got a great clear window area to insert cards or photos. Equally impressive is the construction and fabric used to create this hip, urban bag. You’ll be comfortable taking it to work, school, meetings and even airports. This bag will live up to all your expectations from day one and look great no matter where you take it. The fabric is trendy and the straps are fastened to the bag with leather strips to make it easy to carry and easy to store. It’s versatile and functional. It has everything you’ll need for what dailywindow.com has aptly referred to as ‘portable wisdom’.

    Overall, I was skeptical, but actually seeing and using this bag really made me a believer. The bag’s style, construction and fabric lend itself to becoming a time-honored treasure. The construction, appearance and functionality are outstanding. There is nothing about this bag that I really didn’t like.

    Design Cube
    Now this is what I’m talking about - a sleek, simulated black alligator material that covers a shadow box cube. Its design will accommodate an array of projects. Although there is no glass, there are four almost invisible metal pieces that ensure your project stays right where you placed it. I’m a huge fan of black, so it was so appropriate for me. It turned out to be a great way to showcase one of my craft projects. Its awesome design and appearance can virtually go anywhere: it can be hung on a wall, used to stash cards or to keep your craft space neat and tidy. In other words, this cube is functional for any number of uses. It’s sturdy, well crafted and has a rich and sleek appearance. The only area I think might need to be addressed is that 3 of the 4 mitered sides are perfectly constructed. The fourth corner is more rounded than square and can create create a challenge when aligning your project.

  5. Organizing made easy!

    By Beate Johns

    For my review I picked the Systematic Success Binder from Daily Window. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would make a great sample book. It has a three ring binder inside it along with three pockets, spots for credit cards (or business cards) and two pens. It has a handle on the side as well as an optional shoulder strap.

    The binder is made really well, and is so wonderful that my daughter snatched it up as her portable art station. I guess I will have to purchase another one for myself. She added paper in one pocket, page protectors for her artwork to the binder and a regular clipboard in one of the other inside pockets. She also added a ruler and pens inside and is ready to draw anything anywhere.

    I also received one of Daily Window Design cubes. The cube looks wonderful and comes with four EXTRA strong magnets. Those will hold ANYTHING in place! I don't scrapbook much, but that design cube gets your creative juices flowing right away. I love the black texture the cube comes in. It makes a gorgeous frame for black and white photos or will showcase your favorite stamped images and cards.

    Like I said, I love the products I received and plan on placing an order soon!

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WooHoo I’m so glad to see this here!  I won a design cube at the 2011 Michigan Mingle that I haven’t used yet, but these reviews are spot on about this sweet box!  DW is a great company to work with, I’ve had nothing but great exiperences with them smile

pattyb   |  Thu May 19, 2011 at 4:55 PM

I got my 8 Days a Week on Tuesday. So far it’s bee a fantastic everyday purse. So far there’s nothing I don’t like! It’s a good size if you want a bigger purse (I carry my planner plus all my other purse junk in there) and I really like that I can pop my netbook in it and away we go! The pocket inserts it came with were too churchy for me but I’m getting ready to stamp something right now!

Wendy   |  Sun Jun 12, 2011 at 12:29 PM

I have here for the first time & I must say the article is very informative. Keep this good work continue & if possible please update new articles for us. Thank you

Leather Handbags UK | Leather Satchels - Where Qua   |  Wed Jun 27, 2012 at 2:37 AM
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Systematic Success Organizer $38.95

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