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An all-in-one stamping kit with product and consumable materials for 3-5 completed projects.


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  • >Kits include everything needed for 3-5 complete projects.

  • >Instruction leaflet included with each kit.

  • >All stamps and papers specially designed.

  • >Receive a new kit every month.

  • >Learn a new technique every month.

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
Leave your mark with Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club! With the variety of stamping materials provided in each Creative Stamping kit, you'll never run out of creative ideas. Our team of designers and buyers do all the legwork, searching the world to find outstanding designs and stamping supplies. Each kit includes a variety of spectacular and exclusive stamps, papers, card stocks, inks, markers, glitter, ribbon and more. You'll receive enough materials to make 3-5 complete projects. All the stamps and papers in each kit are specially designed for Creative Stamping members, so you will not find any of these kits in retail stores! In addition to the quality stamping materials and creative project ideas, each kit instruction leaflet features a "Stamping Class-of-the-Month" in which members learn an exciting stamping technique. It's like taking a class in the comfort of your own home!

Product Description
Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club’s monthly stamping kit will supply you with unique stamps and paper every month. The kits also includes everything you need to finish 3 to 5 projects along with the step by step instructions. Learn a new technique every month!

Check out all the supplies included with the kit in this quick video:

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  1. A New Kit Designed for New Stampers!

    By Julie Campell

    I’ve always loved the idea of getting a kit-of-the-month specifically designed for card makers. When I found out about the Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month, I was instantly intrigued. I received a kit called Nature’s Beauty, which comes tightly packaged with everything you would need to make several paper crafting projects. It also comes with an instructional manual that gives step-by-step instructions on specific crafting techniques.

    The kit I received has a very feminine, elegant feel. I looked on the company’s website, and it appears that the kits come in a wide variety of colors and styles that vary from month to month. Nature’s Beauty comes with a clear stamp set that includes several coordinating images and sentiments. The kit also includes an acrylic block and small ink cube. Clear stamps are especially great for those new to stamping. It’s so helpful to be able to see exactly where you’re going to stamp. My stamps created a nice, crisp impression when inked.

    After diving into my kit, I’ve realized that these products and techniques are best suited for new stampers or crafters. The techniques are easy to understand and provide a good foundation for those unfamiliar with paper crafting. The contents in the kit are very simple, which is a good way to get a lot of supplies into the hands of new crafters at an affordable price. Although I wouldn’t recommend this kit for a seasoned paper crafter, I think this kit would be wonderful for the company’s target audience. This kit would also make a wonderful gift for a creative pre-teen!

    So, if you’re new to stamping or paper crafting, or have a friend or family member that you’d like to introduce to this great hobby, then the Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club might be just what you’re looking for!

  2. Everything You Need - Really

    By Lydia Fiedler

    There are two kinds of people in the world - people who read instructions, and people who do not. Over the years, many of my customers, who are the instruction reading type, have asked for prepackaged stamping kits with instruction, so I was really interested to see what the Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month had in store. Since I am not an instruction reader, I am the perfect tester of instructions!

    When the kit came to me, it was just in an envelope, and so some of the contents were a little damaged - my post office is rough. The package that the watercolor pencils was in broke, so the pencils scribbled on the paper in transit, and one of my brads was missing. With a sturdier package, the kit would be great. Each of the packages in the kit held related items and all were bound together nicely, so even inside the larger plastic bag, there weren't a bunch of loose packages, which I really liked. [Editor's note: Product Focus supplies are often shipped to the team from corporate offices, and not through a company's normal order fulfillment system. That is the case with these kits. Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club assures us that customers can expect their kits to arrive in sturdier cardboard packaging.]

    The paper, the ink, the stamps and the pencils were all very high quality. I especially liked the pigment ink that was included. The patterned paper was double sided, and there was more than enough to do the projects with paper left over. The stamp set was large and varied, and was a good quality clear stamp. They included an acrylic block as well, so it really is a self-sufficient set.

    The instructions were very clear, with letters marked on the photo of their sample that was referenced in the instructions. I think someone completely new to stamping would have no problem at all making the projects in the kit with no help and that's saying a lot. The only difficulty I encountered in the kit I got was that it required enlarging and copying some templates. I don't have a scanner/copier, just a printer, so I had to cut out the original template (which unfortunately was printed on the back of a page with instructions for another project) and for the piece that required enlarging, I just had to use a similar shape I cut with the Big Shot.

    I don't know that I've ever worked with a kit that allowed a truly brand new stamper to be totally independent with several projects and techniques before this, so I am very impressed. And in addition to the very clear and comprehensive instructions for the projects, they include a very nicely done, color stamping basics leaflet with the kit. As an advanced stamper, I can also say I would be happy to get these kits because they don't duplicate a lot of basic supplies I already have - they're tailored to the kit projects.

  3. A Beginner’s Kit That Will Start an Addiction

    By Beverly Rousch

    When you first open the Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month you are impressed with how neatly organized all of the components are. The kit components are all compact, yet easily accessible for quick crafting. The Stamping Basics Guide is a great collection of information for beginning stamping. It has detailed pictures and is full of fabulous tips on the different kinds of stamps, stamp conditioning, cleaning, storage, materials used in stamping, even ways to correct a stamping mistake (and that’s good because as beginning stampers, mistakes happen!).

    The guide and directions for the projects were a quick but detailed read. I chose to follow the directions to the T and only found a couple of hiccups. One being the measurement on the sentiment panel for the “thanks card” should be 2” x 1” instead of 2” x 1/2”, easily fixable since they provide ample cardstock. I also chose to try their moistened pencil technique and found that the colored pencil didn’t quite match the peachy color of the cardstock perfectly. But that may be a matter of lighting and pickyness of the stamper. The person receiving it will love it no matter, right?!? smile

    The real gem here is the stamp set. It’s very versatile. I couldn’t stop stamping this beautiful Camellia flower. With a different layout you can take the same set and modernize it a little, and then when you acquire a few more papers (who are we kidding, it’s like they multiply before our eyes!), you can really go to town having learned great basics from this kit!

    Overall, Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club is a really good taste, if you will, of the world of stamping. If you know of someone thinking about trying stamping, this kit might be just ticket to get them started on the road to a stamping addiction.

  4. Great Quality and Value

    By Beate Johns

    When I first received the Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month I was impressed with how securely everything was packed. The kit included an ink pad, watercolor pencils, cardstock, patterned paper and a beautiful stamp set as well as step by step instructions for three projects. Along with the kit I also received an acrylic block and a booklet on stamping basics.

    The stamping basic booklet is for first time stampers. It tells you about the different kind of stamps, how to store and clean them. It talks about ink pads and very basic stamping techniques. Perfect for people new to this hobby.

    The instructions for the project are easy to understand. The back of the instructions booklet has templates of oval shapes you can enlarge and use for your projects. I have to admit that I didn't use those. Addicted as I am to my die templates, I am not going back to hand cutting shapes. If you don't have die templates, it's another great thing to have.

    The pigment ink spot is a light brown color and once it dries, won't smear at all. The watercolor pencils worked wonderful with my Aqua Painter. The cardstock is a good quality and not colored all the way through - great if you tear cardstock and want to show the white core. The stamp set creates great impressions every time. I was really impressed with the size of the stamp set. It is a great value for the price of the kit and makes this kit not only great for beginners, but also valuable for seasoned stampers.

  5. Fun and Frilly

    By Lisa Lara

    Kits, I have always shied away from them. I like to come up with my own ideas and make my cards unique. Well, I was in for a surprise with this kit by Creative Stamping. It made me use colors different from what I usually choose. The same goes for the stamp style and ink color. The paper is thick, the stamps stamp a crisp detailed image and I loved using the colored pencils. As I followed the instructions for making my card sample I still could make it my own. I had fun using this frilly kit.

    Tips: When creating the “Miss You” card on page 5, I found it easier in step 2, to cut out the oval pattern first, then stamp the image. Also I found cutting out the bird and branch a bit challenging; sharp small scissors were necessary. Photo copy the patterns on the back of the instruction booklet then use or else you will cut out your instructions (not that I would know about that, hee!). Also, I practiced using the stamps on scrap paper before using them on my card.

  6. Creative Stamping Kit Fun!

    By Jimmi Mayo

    When I received the Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club pack I have to say I was very intrigued as I’ve never used a stamping kit before and it was exciting to get stamps, paper, coloring mediums…all in one package.

    First thing I did was to take out the two booklets and read them over. The “stamping basics” book was the first I read and it is just that, basic. It talks about types of stamps, how to use them, store them and clean them and is something I would have liked to have when I first began stamping. It’s full of true and helpful information. Next, I looked over the booklet about the specific kit I received which had directions for making the three projects.

    I then chose my first project, the “Thanks Card,” and started stamping. I went along with the directions exactly and found them for the most part to be simple to understand. It definitely required you to have a basic understanding of measuring and to have a few more tools than provided in the kit. The card I made has a sentiment piece and it says to cut it to 2" x 1/2" which doesn’t work because the sentiment is much taller than 1/2" so I just cut it to fit the sentiment. Also, I’ve never used colored pencils, which is kind of rare I suppose, but the booklet included directions on using them so I was good to go!

    The stamp set that came with the kit is great quality and super cute not to mention very much my style…I love flowers! The ink color that came with it is really pretty, I’d love to know who makes it, what color it is or where to get more and it says it’s dye ink but it definitely seemed more like a pigment ink as I had to use my heat gun to make it dry before I could color. If I had not known ink has to be dry to color on then it would have messed up the card but since I have experience stamping I knew the ink was wet and used my heat tool.

    All in all I would say this is a great kit for a beginner stamper (that already has basic stamping tools) and even a more experienced stamper since there’s always more to learn!

    Our friends at Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month provided free product and compensation for the reviews.

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See a gallery of creations made by our review team using products and materials from Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club.

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Questions and Comments

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions.

I’m interested in signing up for the monthly stamping kits but can’t find out how much they cost with shipping, per month in Canada and have people had success with getting them in Canada.  Do you have to pay duty which would increase the cost?

Hope you can help as I would like to get going.

Ann   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 8:05 AM

What is the approximate ‘postage & processing’ charge on each kit?

Even after sanding the imprint of clear mount stamps purchased at local stores has been disappointing.  Also - despite being kept in the packaging they don’t adhere well to the acrylic block after a couple of uses. 

Any help with use & care to improve the results would be appreciated.  Before committing to the club, I would need to know I could achieve better results.

Thanks for ‘stoking’ my creative juices so often!  Thanks, Beate, for helping me grow and learn so many wonderful new techniques!

Appreciatively, Virginia

Virginia Weston   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 8:25 AM

Thanks for the comments regarding shipping. I’ve updated the right side bar with shipping expenses. I was pleasantly surprised. I think you will be too. smile

lori   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 9:57 AM

Thanks for the quick response - you’re right, that is a very reasonable shipping/processing charge!

Virginia Weston   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Virginia - I think the type of ink that you use with clear stamps makes a big difference.  Really ‘wet’ dye inks seem to pool easier on the clear surface, making the impression not as clear.  I like using a thicker ink (Clearsnap’s fluid chalk inks are really nice) when I can.

As far as your clear stamps not sticking, I’m assuming you’ve tried washing them by hand with a light detergent?  Sometimes that helps when mine are being contrary.  And… if you get really desperate, double sided tape works in a pinch.

I use a white art eraser on my clear stamps before using them for the first time.  These are really inexpensive (maybe a dollar or two?) and work really well.  I found mine at Joann’s, but I’m sure any craft/art store would carry them.

Hope that helps!  smile

Julie Campbell   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 2:36 PM

Thanks, Julie.  Yes, all my inks are SU.  Never heard of Clearsnap fluid chalk inks, but will look for them at our local stores and get a white art eraser while there.  No, I never did think to put tape on them - great idea!

Virginia Weston   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 2:54 PM

Hi I’m interested in joining & would like to know more. like are you committed
for a length of time, postage costs & how do you get the kits
regards Mandy

Mandy   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 3:09 PM

I am so excited that I ran across this kit just happened to look over and it comes from a small town just up the road from me..Hope to see if they have a shop that they work out of. Will be ordering my first kit in the next week or so.

Wendy   |  Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 8:18 PM

Hi Mandy! The postage fees are listed in the right side bar at the top of this page. Also, you can cancel your membership at anytime. The kits are delivered directly to your home every month. I hope you consider trying Creative Stamping Kit-of-the-Month Club.

-Allison Nicklin
Full disclosure: I work for the company that produces the Creative Stamping Kit-of-the Month Club.

Allison Nicklin   |  Thu Feb 18, 2010 at 7:05 AM

These look like a lot of fun, and all of your creations are beautiful!!  Thanks for the great reviews, everyone!

Rose Ann   |  Thu Feb 18, 2010 at 8:16 AM

Any stampers from this area getting the kits they are to good to miss what would the cost be here for us.

Helen Blinkhorn   |  Thu Feb 18, 2010 at 7:03 PM

can you tell me about copic

Diane   |  Thu Feb 18, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Hi there, I am getting a little nervous, I signed up and registered my credit card on February 16, 2010 and all I have received is a confirmation email. I have tried the site above email and my email was kicked back. I have tried to email [email protected] and I get an email back from [email protected] who has absolutely nothing about this wonderful new card club on their website. I have no idea what or who I have signed up for with but I have paid for something.

Please help me!!
Thank you for your time

Melanie   |  Wed Mar 3, 2010 at 2:47 PM

Hi Melanie,

I look into this for you. Annie’s Attic is affiliated with Creative Stamping Kit of the Month, so please rest easy on that. I’ll see what I can find out about kit processing and shipping time. smile

Thanks for your patience!

lori   |  Wed Mar 3, 2010 at 2:50 PM

Oh Lori, thank you so much smile Ok resting easy now…...excitement setting in!!

Melanie   |  Wed Mar 3, 2010 at 3:58 PM

I just got my intro kit and both the big flower and the bird on the branch stamps have low areas and won’t stamp well.  I couldn’t get a good image of the big flower no matter what I tried- I even tried shimming the low spot, behind the stamp, on the block!!
Has anyone else had problems with the stamps?


anne   |  Sun Jul 18, 2010 at 6:22 PM
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What you'll pay

First kit $7.99 + postage & processing ($5.95 in the US, slight surcharge for Canada)
All subsequent kits $15.99 + postage & processing ($4.95 in the US, slight surcharge for Canada)
Prices subject to change.

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