1.5” Create-a-Sticker

Brought to you by Xyron, Inc.

Use this machine to turn small items into stickers.


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  • >Apply permanent and repositionable adhesive to items up to 1.5" wide

  • >Refillable, lightweight and portable

  • >No heat, batteries or electricity needed

  • >No mess

  • >Non-toxic, acid-free adhesive

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
Apply permanent and repositionable adhesive to items up to 1.5" wide, without heat, batteries OR electricity.

The Xyron® 1.5" Create-a-Sticker™ is the best way to add adhesive to ribbon, die cut shapes and letters, borders, buttons and so much more.

Includes a 1.5" wide x 20' long, acid-free permanent adhesive cartridge.

Xyron's iconic sticker maker gives back. We have turned our beloved X into a charity ribbon. 50 cents from each unit will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Learn more about the 1.5" Create-a-Sticker in this video

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  1. Convenient little gadget

    By Beate Johns

    I was excited to review the 1.5" Create-a-Sticker. It was so easy to use. Just slip your cardstock or small embellishment into the opening in the back, pull on the plastic strip from the other end until your entire piece goes through. Cut your strip away from the machine with the built-in tearing edge. Rub over the shape, peel off the liner and you are done.

    The first thing I wanted to try was applying adhesive to die cut shapes. I love that you get complete and smooth coverage of adhesive, even on intricately cut shapes. No more small pieces where the edges lift off because you forgot to add adhesive to a certain corner. One tip: when working with more detailed shapes - run a stylus around the edges of the shape to prevent little adhesive film lines from hanging off the edges.

    Next, I thought this would be a great adhesive to apply glitter, flock or crafty sparkles. I ran my pieces through the create-a-sticker, and it worked wonderfully, as well. My pieces were entirely, and evenly, covered with glitter.

    I am thinking this would also work beautifully for paper piecing or for adding adhesive on those die cut pieces of felt that are so in right now.

    I love how small the create-a-sticker is. It's very easy to find a permanent spot for it on your crafting space. I also like that it is so affordable - the machine, as well as the refills. It will definitely be a staple on my crafting desk. You can work without it, but once you have it sitting on your table, you will ask yourself why you did for so long.

  2. X-cited about Xyron

    By Joanne Grzelak

    This month the entire product review team received and 'played' with the Xyron Create-a-Sticker tool. As a long time scrapbooker, I was very familiar with Xyron and some of its products, but this one was new to me. First, I must say that the special event packaging in the shape of the pink ribbon instead of the traditional x design caught my attention. You really must admire a company that goes to this length to bring attention to and donate money to the cause of cancer research. Bravo for that alone!

    Well, then I wanted to play with my new toy. I did take a moment to read the clear directions, and took a look at a ruler to get the sense of 1.5", as that was the maximum width for anything going through. In the end, I sent several items through the Xyron. They varied from stamped/embossed blocks for a card, a Tim Holtz Alterations diecut flourish, thin strips of paper for panels on a card, as well as images and mats of a small nature. All came through perfectly and absolutely covered with adhesive on their backsides. I also made a pleasant discovery when I placed one panel on a card base. I placed it, pressed it into place, and then realized it was crooked. I found I was able to move it rather easily. The bond must give you a bit of 'correction' time before it sets, as it is a permanent bond. That gained even more kudos from me.

    I must say that I now think this fabulous pink tool is going to be a permanent fixture on my workshop table. It made adhering small pieces very easy. It is also the perfect type of bond you want when altering notebooks and pads that get more wear and tear than a normal greeting card ever would.

    And remember - for every one of these special pink Xyron Create-a-Stickers sold, there is a donation made for breast cancer research and support. So - what are you waiting for?

  3. A Wonderful Tool for a Wonderful Cause!

    By Kerri Michaud

    I have always loved my Xyron 1.5” Create-a-Sticker, so when I found out we would be reviewing this super cute little sticker maker, I was super excited! The best thing about the new Charity Ribbon 1.5” Create-a-Sticker is that $.50 from every unit sold will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Such a wonderful cause!

    The Xyron 1.5” Create-a-Sticker is fantastic when you need to adhere small pieces that are difficult to cover with adhesive. I’ve always used mine to turn die cut letters into stickers, and also die cut or punched borders. I thought it would be fun to experiment with buttons and the Xyron worked perfectly! Ribbon is also another fun element to put through your Xyron. You can lay it nice and smooth on your project, or crinkle it up for a fun look!

    There are endless ways to use your Xyron 1.5” Charity Ribbon 1.5” Create-a-Sticker! I’m sure you will have a blast finding out what items you can turn into stickers! It will also make you feel good knowing that a portion of the proceeds are going to such an important foundation.


    By Lisa Lara

    I just love this cute little breast cancer edition of the sticker maker - how cute! I had never used a Xyron adhesive before. So the first thing I did was visit http://www.xyron.com (I saw it located on the box). I clicked on videos and watched the demo for this particular model. This video gave me the confidence to hop in and give it a try. Once I started, I was hooked, using it with curly ribbon, thin buttons, paper border punches etc.

    I started with the large cupcake border using the EK punch. It did leave some adhesive in the negative spaces. But once I adhered it to my card, the excess adhesive just rubbed away leaving no trace.

    My bone folder is what I used to rub the back of the strip once I pulled it out of the Xyron. I love that the top plastic sheet overlaps on the edges making peeling it back a breeze.

    It is so easy to use. No setup - just jump in and begin playing. This is now a staple on my craft table.

  5. Sticky Cuteness

    By Jimmi Mayo

    I was very excited to try out the Xyron Create-a-Sticker machine, especially in PINK! I have never used one of these machines so it was all new to me. I should tell you that when it comes to adhesive I am very set in my ways - I use the same adhesive I have used for years and I am usually pretty dead set against trying anything new.

    I am happy to report that I tried this with an open mind, and have found a new, very useful adhesive to add to my arsenal! The machine itself is super simple to use, without reading any directions, I just took it out of the box, looked at both sides of it and started using it - it's very easy!

    I decided to try the Xyron out in a few different ways, for things I commonly use in my stamping. First I used it on a piece of ribbon, and it worked great! The Xyron was GENIUS that cute ruffled ribbon technique. I could wrinkle, ruffle and apply the ribbon to exactly where I wanted it. It was much easier than my old way of glue dots and Sticky Strip. Second, I used it on plain cardstock that I had punched into a scalloped border and it came out perfectly, with adhesive from edge-to-edge and end-to-end. Third, I used it on patterned paper and stuck that onto a piece of Cuttlebug embossed cardstock…which can be tricky! It takes a special adhesive to stick onto that bumpy paper and the Xyron did the trick.

    Overall I would definitely recommend this to friends and probably buy it for a few of them for birthdays and Christmas, everyone needs one!

  6. Indispensable

    By Lydia Fiedler

    When I got this adorable pink tool from Xyron in my paws, it was love at first sticker.

    When I was trying out the Create-a-Sticker I realized that adhesive is the one thing I've never made a project without, which is probably true for most of us. I tend to work with small die cuts and embellishments - I love the tiniest Nestabilities™ in each set, and I love punches and Sizzlits®, so I was anxious to zip them all through and stick them on cards.

    What's nice about this tool is its simplicity - no instructions needed. I popped a little octopus into the opening on the left, pulled the tape on the right, and I had a sticker! I love that the top lining comes off easily with no static cling. I fed two pieces of patterned paper into it side by side, and I had coordinating borders for a challenge card.

    But when I tried it with ribbon, the Create-a-Sticker became 100% indispensable. I love to lay down rows of ribbon on cards as dividers, much like you would use strips of decorative paper, but adhering it is normally less than enjoyable. If I use inline adhesive, I usually get it all over the sides of the ribbon and it becomes a sticky mess. Glue never looks the way I want it to, and more dimensional individual adhesives leave bumps. But this little X is perfection. I can run two or three pieces of ribbon through it together, pick them up and pop them on my cards with no hassle. I actually experimented with just making half of my ribbon sticky too and loved it! For a card for this review, I sandwiched ribbon and patterned paper together so that the middle of my ribbon got adhesive but the ends didn't. This way, I could stick down the ribbon and still tie a bow with the ends - it looked so smooth and pretty and held the ribbon in place while I tied! All in one step I got sticky paper and a partially sticky ribbon embellishment.

    I'm completely hooked. This sassy pink X will never leave my desk!

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I love this little machine.  I use an embossing tool to get in the little spaces before removing the top layer of plastic if I am doing something with nooks and crannies.  I also like how you can ball up the top layer of plastic and use it to get the extra adhesive from these spots.

My niblings (nieces and nephews) love it too- I have given three as gifts to them so far.


anne   |  Fri May 20, 2011 at 4:04 PM
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