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Spectrum Noir offers affordable, yet high-quality markers, tools, and supplies for various projects including crafting, colouring, art and design.


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  • >Markers for every skill level

  • >Alcohol inks, metallics, liners and watercolor

  • >Replacement nibs, ink refills, papers available

  • >Sparkle and metallic pens for shimmer and shine

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Crafter's Companion is a world-wide crafting company based in the North East of England. Whatever your hobby or interest, take a look around the Crafter's Companion site to find ideas and inspiration. The Crafter's Companion goal is to always support customers with a product range that includes not just crafting tools but stamps, dies, colouring mediums and a whole host of items to enhance the crafting journey!

Product Description

The Spectrum Noir Brand delivers a range of affordable, yet high-quality supplies for various projects including crafting, colouring, art and design. When it comes to creativity, we think everyone deserves a level playing field and should be able to achieve their desired result. Our aim is to deliver great quality art materials that are accessible in both price and performance for everyone, however experienced (or inexperienced) they may be.

With a newly updated marker range, Spectrum Noir is now able to take the consumer on a more complete journey which encompasses our entire product portfolio.

  • The consumer journey begins with TriBlend, where new colourists will discover easy and accessible blending techniques with alcohol media.
  • More experienced colourists will likely gravitate immediately to our Classique and Illustrator marker ranges, which are supported by our full range of alcohol marker re-inkers in 216 colours.
  • Beyond markers, we have an entire collection of ancillary markers and pens to complement the consumer journey. These include Sparkle Brush Nib Markers, Metallic Markers, Aqua Watercolour Markers, and Artliner Brush and Fine Nib Pens.
  • Finally, to round out our ecosystem, we have a full range of replacement nibs, ink pads, liquid media, tools, accessories, paper and storage.

    Whether they are a hobbyist or a more experienced art enthusiast, Spectrum Noir is not just an ecosystem of tools and accessories, but an end-to end range to help the consumer discover, design, and explore!

  • Learn more about Illustrator Markers in this video:

    Learn more about marker blending in this video:

    Learn to color a stamped image in this video:

    Learn to refills markers in this video:

    Learn about metallic markers in this video:

    Learn to use the sparkle pens in this video:

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    1. Because, I love Sparkle!

      By Ilina Crouse

      If you haven't tried Crafter's Companion Spectrum Noir coloring mediums, you definitely should. There is a wide variety for every one and every taste: watercolors, alcohol markers, sparkle pens, ink pads, inks, pencils....and so on.

      I love coloring and had so much fun playing with different mediums.
      First I wanted to start with the Sparkle Pens (because I love SPARKLE!!!), besides being awesome for adding sparkle accents to your projects they are great for coloring and blending using the clear sparkle pen. If you want to color on regular card stock, I would recommend doing the blending in small areas, as the ink dries faster. I used Bristol paper to extend the drying time and improve the blending with the clear pen. The results are amazing. I LOVE all the shimmer you get once finished! Also you can use the sparkle ink for larger areas, or if you have more detailed images, you can use a small brush and pick up ink from the jar.

      I love coloring with alcohol markers! The Spectrum Noir Illustrator and Classique ones have the same colors, so you can use them together. The difference is the nibs, the Illustrator come with brush nib and bullet nib, while the Classique come with bullet and chisel nibs. They blend so nicely together and you are able to achieve great and smooth results on your colored images. Also there are re-inkers available. Besides the obvious use of the re-inkers you can use them for other alcohol ink techniques. I used some rubbing alcohol, re-inker and yupo paper to create gorgeous background! It was amazing to see all the undertones that appeared while adding alcohol and drying the ink, but once dried the color returned to it's standard just different value on different areas depending how much alcohol I added and moved the ink around. I loved that the areas where there was a lot of ink didn't become sticky like when using other alcohol inks. You can use the inks for silk scarfs, other fabrics, also non porous surfaces like dominos to make fridge magnets.

      I also loved the metallic pens, they are awesome for hand lettering and gorgeous on dark card stock. I used them to hand letter my friend's name on an envelope, also to add little metallic accents (dots) on my card. You can also color with them, they are opaque and cover areas nicely. You can layer colors, too.

      The quality and variety of products is amazing!

    2. Are You a Shimmer and Shine Person?

      By JillDH

      I had the pleasure to work with lots of sparkle, shine and alcohol markers from Spectrum Noir. Full disclosure: These products produce shiny and sparkly results that my novice camera skills cannot fully capture. BUT, in person, the results are DELIGHTFUL!
      Starting with the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Brush Pens: I had three fun colors to work with and instead of trying to use them all, I let the Aquamarine color take center stage. I carefully colored the “negative”, if you will, of a stamped image. I found the brush pen fun and relaxing to work with. I learned when the brush tip bristles begin to splay out, this is an indication to give the barrel a little squeeze. The sparkle is so fine and gives this simple looking project quite a kick!

      Next Up: I tried the Sparkle Glitter Ink. These colors have an amazing amount of pigment and create lush and bright results. I thought it would be fun to create a Pink Garnet ombre background, and I really enjoyed the results. The color dries just as vibrant as when it is laid down. THIS, I adore. Again, this ink has a super fine and oh so smashing sparkle to it. As a person who loves monochromatic projects, this sparkle elevates a simple color wash to the next level. As my crafty friends like to say: It makes it extra!

      My last card incorporates all of the following: The Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, the Metallic ink and the Twin Tip Metallic Markers. The alcohol markers themselves come in a total of 168 colors. That, my friends, is a lot of colors. I definitely do not suffer from full set syndrome, but I was working with 2 markers in each color range, and I do think I may have been able to obtain a more gradual and distinct blend if I had one more stepped color shade of each. Also, with the Illustrator style markers, nib-to-nib blending would be a good blending option. I did prefer coloring with the brush ends on the Illustrator markers over the nib ends of the Classique markers. I did use the Classique’s bold chisel tip to create a deeper, thicker shading overall.

      The Metallic ink is amazing! If you look at my gift card project, you’ll see a Silver Ingot circle. To me, this looks like shiny silver cardstock. In actuality, it is watercolor paper I brushed with this metallic wonder! The Silver Ingot metallic dots on the coffee cup are made with the fine tip of the Metallic Marker. These markers are definitely going to come in handy as they work brilliantly and effortlessly to add a little shine!

      Overall, if you are a shimmer and shine person, you are going to enjoy trying these products on your projects. I am excited about adding a little sparkle to all the holiday things ahead!!

    3. Expanded Product Line with Fun Surprises

      By Dina Kowal

      The Spectrum Noir line from Crafter's Companion has really expanded! They truly have something for every type of craft, from liner pens and alcohol markers to pencils, ink pads and more. It was fun to have a sampler of their products to try! I was most impressed with the coverage of the metallic marker and inks - in the gallery you'll see two samples where I used the metallic inks on black cardstock (one stenciled and one 'smooshed') and the opacity creates a beautiful metallic glow on a dark background. These inks are pigment rich and have a wonderful flow.

      Another surprise were the Glitter Brush Pens - these are very intense and so water-reactive! They made a quick and dramatic background with a little water misting. The inks are also available in 30 ml jars so you can brush, spritz, spatter, smoosh, or whatever your messy heart desires. And the sparkle! So much fun.

      The alcohol ink range has grown as well - their marker range now includes different marker collections with a variety of nib sizes and expanded color families for ease in matching and blending colors. Choose the tips that suit your style of coloring, from fine tip and brush to a wide chisel! Marker refills span all the collections, and can be used for all your favorite alcohol ink techniques - I used a technique on my porcelain ornament that involved fire, and that made me really happy!

    4. Winning Combinations for Card Makers

      By Julee Tilman

      I have always been curious about Spectrum Noir markers, so was excited for this review. To my surprise, when I opened the box, there’s a whole host of Spectrum Noir products I didn’t even know about. In addition to their high-quality line of refillable alcohol ink markers and refills, they also offer rich, vibrant metallic markers and water reactive inks as well as gorgeous Sparkle brushes and inks.

      Having only ever used one brand of alcohol markers, I wanted to see how the Spectrum Noir markers measured up. They're available in a broad spectrum of 216 colors that blend and layer well. I love the combination of both a brush nib and a bullet tip nib on the Illustrator line of brushes. The brush nib has a great balance of stiffness and suppleness, making it effortless to get into smaller spaces and also get nice flicking action. The bullet tip was great for fine detail work, and since I rarely use a chisel tip, I think this nib combination is a winning one for cardmakers! The Classique markers have a bullet tip nib and a chisel tip nib. Overall, I thought the Spectrum Noir alcohol markers performed comparable to the markers I’ve used for years, at a much nicer price point.

      The metallic inks are wonderful! I have searched for years for metallic pens that give a solid, consistent flow and these metallic pens are just what I’ve been looking for! They're perfect for adding in highlight details. The matching line of metallic inks create beautiful backgrounds. They are water reactive and have the ability to flow when wet, but are permanent when dry. They're also perfect for adding rich splatters to your projects.

      I’m all about the sparkle, so was thrilled to open the Sparkle inks and brushes. The colors I used were quite vivid and super shimmery! I often like to watercolor with glitter brushes, so tried that technique with these. The color is very rich, so I found that for watercolor it worked best to color the stamp with your brush pen, then stamp it and blend out with a water brush. Or dilute it on a palette to watercolor instead of using the pen directly on the image. The sparkle on these inks is breathtaking, though. Spectrum Noir is a superior line of inks and you can’t go wrong with their products!

    5. Oh, Shiny!

      By Lydia Fiedler

      I love all things sparkly, yes, even glitter, so I was excited to try some of the new-to-me products from Crafter's Companion. But before I tackled the mixed media fun, I started with the Illustrator and Classique alcohol markers and the Premium Marker Paper. I'm no alcohol marker expert by any means, but what I loved about the Illustrator markers is the nib combo - a precise bullet nib and a nice brush. The Classique have a precise bullet and a chisel tip, so between these two you have all the options for coloring. I like small scale coloring, so I used the Illustrator bullet nib to color a small poinsettia for my gift card holder on the Premium Marker Paper, which I love - and they blended beautifully! The hexagonal barrel is ergonomic and nice, and makes it easy to get the cap on properly. The caps are not difficult to remove or put on, which is a bonus. I used the metallic markers to create a metal doorknob and mail slot on my door card - they have nice, opaque coverage and are very sparkly - and I used the Pewter marker to add sparkly ornaments to my pile of gifts.

      Then I moved on to the Sparkle products - I love these! It's basically a liquid, sparkly ink. I used it as a watercolor medium first, spraying some Bristol with water and adding the Sparkle, and then I put a stencil into the wet Sparkle, and used a baby wipe I'd sprayed with rubbing alcohol to lift wet ink out of the open parts of the stencil - it gave me bright, vibrant colors and all the fun of watercolor with some shimmer. I used the gold Sparkle ink and a baby wipe on an embossed background for an elegant, dark, holiday card. Finally, I used the alcohol inks. I LOVE THE DROPPER LID! One of the hard things about using alcohol ink is not being able to control how it comes out of the bottle. Not so with these! The long, slender dropper that's part of the lid allowed me to make neat stripes of ink on Duralar, which I then scraped with a credit card to blend. Then I used Alcohol Lift Ink and a background stamp to make a pattern before adding a die cut glittery sentiment. The bright colors seem to be coordinated across these product lines, which is nice - I love the bright aquas and pinks in both the Sparkle and the alcohol inks. Definitely media to fit all tastes.

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    What you'll pay

    Illustrator Markers 6 pc sets $22.95
    Aqua Watercolor Markers 6 pc sets $17.95
    Art Liner Line Line Pens 6 pc sets $16.95
    Sparkle Glitter Pens 3 pc sets $16.95
    Metallic Markers 6 pc sets $16.95
    Liquid Inks 3pc sets $17.95

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