ColorBox Crafter’s

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Vibrant pigment inks that are permanent on paper, wood, fabric, clay and more.


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  • >14 vibrant colors

  • >Permanent when heat set

  • >Ideal for use on many surfaces including fabric, wood and clay

  • >Create home decor and wearable art

Product Description

Manufacturer Description
ColorBox Crafter's is designed specifically for use on fabric, wood, shrink plastic, clay and so much more! Crafter's is permanent once heat set and is available in a vibrant pallette of beautiful colors. In addition to inkpads, mini bottles of Crafters ink are also available for painting and blending. An applicator is included in each mini bottle.

Test surface before starting project. Clean stamps with water immediately after use. Fabric instructions: Always wash fabric first, to remove the sizing. Apply ink to fabric, heating each color as you go. Heat set by ironing at appropriate fabric temperature using a piece of tissue paper in between the inked fabric and your iron. This will ensure the wet ink does not smudge your iron. Paper: Crafter's can be used on paper, but it is wetter than your standard pigment ink. The drying time is extended and will depend on the paper used and the amount of ink applied. Wood & Clay: Apply ink as appropriate. Heat set to speed drying time.

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  1. Amazing Colors and Ink!

    By Beate Johns

    I usually only stamp on cardstock and use die or chalk ink for my projects, so I was excited when I heard we would be able to review ColorBox Crafter's ink. It's good to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, right?

    When I received the inks, I created a color inventory sheet so I could see how the colors applied to paper, making it easier to choose just the right shade for my projects. Immediately, I noticed how bright and gorgeous the colors were. The ink was juicy and the lids sit tight, which I am sure will help keeping the pads juicy for a long time. The description on the pad says that you have to heat set the ink, which I did. It also said that the ink works on metal, plastic, fabric, wood and more...

    So of course I had to try it out. I stamped on wood, canvas and metal, as well as on cardstock. It works GREAT on all of those surfaces! You can see my projects in the Product Focus gallery.

    I really like these pigment inks for the way they stamped on different surfaces and their vibrant color.

  2. Color Box Color, Like No Other

    By Teresa Kline

    I was really excited to try the ColorBox Crafter's inks, as I had not used ColorBox inks before. Wow, the vibrance is amazing! If you are just stamping with the ink, the color is so bold and electric; I was truly amazed!

    I also tried embossing with the inks and clear embossing powder, that is when I realized just how amazing the color of the ink shows through. With my past experience with embossing I was unhappy that my projects where not vibrant. I was on the hunt for embossing powder that made the ink look dynamic, now I know you have to start with bright colored ink and ColorBox Crafter's inks are it! I highly recommend these inks for embossing....they give the wow factor! When stamping on fabric, wood, and chipboard you get the same amazing affects...I love these inks!

    I would love to see these inks in an array of colors! Keep in mind that it is pigment ink, and it does take longer to dry. You can always heat with a heat gun to dry and set. When I did not emboss with these inks, I stamped and set my paper aside until it was dry. My conclusion of using these inks is total satisfaction and a striking color finish.

  3. Crafter’s Ink

    By Bev Rousch

    Testing inks and trying out their different properties and how they work can either be a disappointment or an exciting triumph. I'm happy to say that ColorBox Crafter's pigment inks did not let me down! With so many fun stamping technique out there that require pigment inks, finding the right brand is essential.

    These colors are vibrant and fun to incorporate into your design. It seems that bright colors are in style right now and they're right on trend. The ink is thick and stamps neatly, even on thin lined stamps.

    I am in the habit of always using my heat gun to dry pigment ink right away when using it. Experience has taught me that if I don't, I will smear it (I can be counted on for this every time). The ColorBox ink dries perfectly with my heat gun, and it leaves no tackiness. That means you can layer overlapping colors easily after heatings or drying times.

    The great advantage of stamping with pigment ink is its ability to sit on the surface for ultimate craft stamping. I stamped on paper, wood, and fabric. It worked wonderfully on each surface.

    When stamping on my wooden bookmark, my stamp had three butterfly on it. Instead of needing to mask the butterflies off when sponging the ink on the stamp, I used the Colorbox Crafter's in a bottle with their built in applicator. I just brushed the different colored inks onto each butterfly and stamped all three at once. Those little Crafter's saved the day!

    I will definitely be keeping ColorBox inks in my arsenal and recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best pigment inks.

  4. A Whole New World Of Color

    By Amanda Havon

    Have you heard the phrase "You are only as good as your weakest link?" I like to think that when we are stamping, that our projects and images are only as good as the ink we use to make our impressions from. Look no more, Clearsnap has a variety of inks that are bold, juicy and amazing.

    I used to have to really mash my stamps into the ink pad to make sure it was inked up well. But, with the Crafter's pigment ink, the pad was so nice and juicy I only had to tap it lightly on my stamp, and the best part was that I got a perfect impression every time! The colors are bold, fresh and not so bright that you would never use it again.

    The Crafter's Mini Bottles are a new product to me, but I could immediately see their endless possibilities! These inks are easy to use and apply. As with any pigment ink, I do want to recommend that you use your heat gun to heat set the ink, because sometimes it would appear dry, and I got a smudge or two. I am going to try them out on wood, glass, fabric, and anywhere else to experiment with them.

    Clearsnap really shines in offering quality products that you can use over and over again! I can't wait to more colors and products from them!

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Crafter's Ink Pad $6.00
Crafter's Refill $4.50
Crafter's Mini Pack $14.00

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