ColorBox 4-Color Premium Dye

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4-color ColorBox® Premium Dye inkpads offer inspirational color palettes in sizes perfect for use with small stamps and tools.


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  • Twelve vibrant colors in three convenient palettes

  • Perfect for on-the-go crafting, journaling and planners

  • Fast drying with easy clean up

  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

At Clearsnap®, we love color! And, we love finding new ways to help our customers add color to craft projects is our passion. From our beginnings in a garage workshop more than 20 years ago, we've grown into a leading US manufacturer in the paper crafts industry.

With the ColorBox® line of inkpads, Clearsnap introduced many features common on today's inkpads, such as the raised inking surface which allows the use of any size inkpad with any size stamp. Cat's Eye® inkpads brought high quality inks to the market at an affordable price. Petal Point® and Paintbox® inkpads offer removable plates or petals in a multi-color palette.

Clearsnap uses only the finest quality materials in our products. When we develop a new inkpad, applicator or embellishment, we put it through its paces. We invite some of the best, most experienced and demanding artists to test it for us. Products that survive and shine through this process make it into our catalog and onto our web site.

Product Description

New 4-color ColorBox® Premium Dye inkpads offer color choices in one convenient 4" x 2.5" x .5" inkpad size. Three different pads each contain four colors in a seasonal palette perfect for use with small stamps and tools. The coordinating color palettes make these pads the perfect choice for on-the-go stamping or journaling projects.

A common question in paper crafting is what ink do I use for this specific project? The ColorBox 4-color Premium pads are a dye based ink product. Clearsnap offers a great education of the various uses of different types of stamping ink in this informative Clearsnap video:

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  1. Save Time and Space

    By Dina Kowal

    The new ColorBox® 4-color Premium Dye Ink pads present such a fun and versatile concept! The foam pads are full of vibrant and juicy, fast-drying ink which is permanent when dry. The “seasonal” color collections are well conceived: one with standard colors that reminded me of a 4-color click pen, one with bright pastels, and one with jewel and earth tones. The mini-pad format is a fun concept for some specific applications. For inking up smaller stamps, it’s a great time and space saver to have the 4 colors out at once in the space of a single ink pad.

    I don’t stamp in my planner, so I took the inks to task with some other ideas. My favorite project was a set of ATCs, for which I lined up 4 mini banner stamps in my MISTI. I was able to ink all 4 stamps at once in different colors, which made quick work of each set. I did another card with some tiny wreath-builder stamps, and again appreciated the ability to have 4 ink colors in the area of a single pad.

    Dye inks are great for watercoloring, and with the 4 mini pads, it was easy to make a quick palette on a ceramic tile. The mini pads can also be used to ink a background stamp - moving the inkpad from side to side a little as I inked, I was able to ink up a background stamp beautifully. The inks worked well for some direct-to-paper customizing too.

  2. Getting Inky is a Treat

    By Angela Bode

    Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of stamping with ColorBox® 4-color Premium Dye ink pads from Clearsnap®! There are three sets of seasonal dyes each containing four distinct but coordinating ink colors. The inks are bold and juicy making it a snap to create a wide variety of projects with numerous techniques.

    The individual pads, each with 4 different colors of ink, are a perfect size to ink up small journaling stamps. I used a little flower stamp on my art journal pages to decorate my technique journaling. The little flowers stamped beautifully with crisp, clean lines.

    I created projects using several coloring techniques with the inks, as well as stamping images directly. I also used the inks to sponge borders and watercolor. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to move the ink around when sponging. I enjoyed water coloring with the inks as the colors remained vivid and bright. The Magical Masking Tape technique was striking as was Acetate Smash and Stencil Monoprints.

    Getting inky with Clearsnap ColorBox Premium Dye 4-color ink pads has been a treat!

  3. Innovation times FOUR

    By Lydia Fiedler

    I love seeing innovations in the basic products I use every day - especially inks, which I believe you can never have too many of. I was truly surprised to open the lid of the ColorBox ink pad to see four separate mini firm foam ink pads, spaced about a quarter of an inch apart. I didn't read anything about them before I sat down to play with them, so I didn't realize how cool these would be for tiny planner stamps. When I did learn that, I thought it was brilliant not having to have four full-sized ink pads on your desk when you're stamping a month of images into your planner. However, my first thought was how easy it would be to ink four different images in four different colors at once on the MISTI.

    I took each ink pad and used them like a stamp on my grid mat just to see the colors. The intensity of the color is phenomenal, and I was instantly smitten with the spring palette. The colors were so bright and happy I decided to experiment a bit with some direct-to-paper techniques. First, I created a faux plaid with the Spring palette, just layering the ink directly on the paper for a gorgeous, happy candy colored collage. The inks layer beautifully, and you'll see the transparency in my samples.

    Then I wanted to see how they reacted on a different substrate - so again using direct-to-paper, I used just two colors on the ink pad and gently patted them back and forth on an Inchie Arts 2" square, slightly overlapping to blend the colors. They have a very silky finish to them for a dye ink, and I loved the way they looked on the inchie.

    I did a second inchie with the green and the lavender side of the pad, and then I sprinkled water on it to see if they were reactive, and I got some nice reactions there for my little watery background. Once the inks are dry, though, they are permanent. You will notice the colors do lighten a bit as they dry.

    Then I did something that neat freaks will need to avert their eyes for. I took the pad, and I dragged it down a card front, knowing that I might have some of the colors mix on the little ink pads. That kind of thing doesn't bother me - but I know it will make some people cringe. They blended like butter and gave me a very bright, graphic pop on my final sample.

    I think these inks will be great for MISTI fans, planner addicts, and mixed media fans. They are high quality, and the colors are outstanding. I'm giving these a thumbs up!

  4. Juicy Pads. Vibrant Color.

    By Robin Clendenning

    I loved trying these juicy pads from Clearsnap on a variety of techniques -- fun stuff! Sponging was one of my favorite.

    These vibrant colors blend very well! I used the 4-color pads to tap them onto foil (or craft mat), spritz with water and dunk my card stock into it. I did this to two of my samples, and I loved the look I got from this. You do want to be mindful of excess water spritzing as the colors will run! After drying, I stamped over the top of my background, and then depending on the card, either sponged more color around the edges, used the background piece to cut with dies or used as a traditional background. Take care to press straight up and down to the craft mat with this technique so that you don't mingle the colors on the pads themselves.

    One of my other projects used the dye inks to add the color (with a sponge) as a design element, rainbow in this case. Sponge your cardstock to add color and then add clear texture paste over the sponging for depth. It's possible to sponge the color over the top of the paste, but be prepared for drying time.

    I always love trying new products! These inks are especially nice for sponging, small accent images and sentiments!

  5. A ColorFULL Way to Stamp

    By Jen Timko

    Clearsnap is well known in the stamping industry for its innovative inks and colors. Their recent introduction of the Colorbox 4-Color Premium Dye Ink Pads is a fabulous addition! There are three color family choices that give you seasonal choices with all the coordination done for you.

    I was so intrigued when I first saw the pads since I had never seen a 4 color grouping in an all-in-one format. My first impression was that there was real thought put into the families. Each of the colors were perfectly suited to the others in the box. Then I stamped with them and found that the richness of color, even with the softer shades, was beautiful. The product description from Clearsnap says that these are "perfect for use with small stamps” so that was where I started. I used some of the smaller stamps from my collection to create my first projects. Using the Spring box, I stamped a card using a flower image that has multiple layers. The depth of color lent itself easily to generation stamping (or stamping off). I could stamp each layer of the image in a different strength to get exactly the effect I wanted. It was super easy with no color matching needed. Small stamps really do work wonderfully with this product!

    I wanted to explore a bit more to see what these could do so I used them for watercoloring as well. Again, the saturation of the colors was a real bonus! I colored onto vellum…gorgeous! And on watercolor paper the ink is fabulous! I was so thrilled with the results that I created an entire card that highlights how beautifully the ink lends itself to water coloring.

    Each box is thoughtfully put together and is a fabulous way for you to have a balanced palette that simply works. Perfect if you take your crafting on the road, have limited space or simply like a quick way to collect colors that are guaranteed to coordinate! Clearsnap’s 4-Color box really is a color-full way to stamp!

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