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  • >Clip it Up! mounting systems organize your stamps, papers and embellishments

  • >Clip it Up! Swinging Wall Arm works great in corners

  • >Clip it Up! Swinging Arm comes with mounting bracket, 9" metal rod and fifteen metal swivel clips

  • >Clip it Up! Wall Mounts can be hooked together for modular storage and come with twenty five metal swivel clips, mounting hardware and a 17.5" metal rod

  • >Clip it Up! Under the Shelf Rod includes fifteen metal swivel clips, mounting hardware, and an 11" Metal Rod

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Clip it Up! Under the Shelf Rod – Easy-to-attach rod designed to help you utilize the space underneath shelves and cabinets. Customize your space and easily see products. Includes fifteen metal swivel clips and mounting hardware.

Clip it Up! Swinging Wall Arm – Mount to the wall and clip up stickers, projects, papers or other embellishments. Swing out when you need it and swing back when you don’t. Works great in corners and includes fifteen metal swivel clips and mounting hardware.

Clip it Up! Wall Mount – A wall version of the Clip it Up!, the Wall Mount is a great way to display patterned paper and other craft products so you can easily see what you have. The Wall Mount is designed to hook more than one unit together to make the most of your storage space. Comes with twenty five metal swivel clips and mounting hardware.

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  1. You’ll be hooked on Clip it Up!

    By Joanne Travis

    I received the Clip it Up! Under The Shelf Rod and absolutely love it! This is an 11” rod with the mounting hardware and it comes with fifteen clips. The rod was a cinch to install, all you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver and a ruler if you are the meticulous type that measures and marks. I just eyeball my measurements and I am usually okay. What I especially like about this rod system is the fact that you don’t need a lot of depth for this to work well. My shelf ledge was only 2 ¼” deep and I had plenty of room to hang my clipped up items.

    I used the rod storage to hang my clear mount stamp sets and my mind was spinning with all of the other items this would work well with. Think designer papers, bags of embellishments, ribbons, and so on. The clips are very durable and strong enough to hold more than a few stamp sets each. It is really great to be able to see what I have and locate a desired item at a glance. This is a perfect addition to organizing your crafting area, because very little space is required for displaying a lot of items. Clip it Up! is such a great storage solution that you can spend much more of your time stamping and creating and less time trying to locate an item buried in a drawer or pile of other stuff. I love it!

  2. The Simply Renee Clip it Up! Swinging Wall Arm is Simply Perfect

    By Michelle Burress

    I was so excited to receive one of these organizational products from Simply Renee because I am so unorganized and always looking for things to make my craft room less cluttered. I received the Clip it Up! Swinging Wall Arm. I have very little wall space left and thought this would work perfectly because it takes up so little space. On the packaging I saw how this product could be used to organize your designer papers. My papers are always tossed all over this place, so this was the perfect solution.

    The hardest part for me was actually finding a unoccupied place on my wall to mount it. The product is really well made and it was so easy to mount with clear instructions on the back of the packaging. The installation only took minutes. The arm will swing nicely out of your way when not in use. I hung several 12 x 12 pieces of paper on each clip, and the clips will hold them tightly without any of the middle pieces of paper sliding out. The papers hang so neatly and are much easier to look through to see what you have. The wall arm comes with fifteen hooks, but will hold far more, so I will definitely be buying additional hooks and another wall arm so I can hang up all my papers.

    This product is absolutely perfect for any kind of visual storage

  3. Great Organizational Tool

    By Kerri Michaud

    One thing that we crafters always seem to need more of is a variety of products to help us organize all of our junk - I mean, supplies. The Simply Renee Clip it Up! Wall Mount is a wonderful storage solution which allows you to use some of that empty wall space - and it’s super easy to hang too! I admit that I usually have my hubby put things together for me, but I really wanted to see if I could hang the Clip it Up! Wall Mount myself. Using the template on the back of the packaging made it so EASY! I had it hung and ready to go in about ten minutes. Even my husband was impressed.

    The Clip it Up! Wall Mount comes with twenty-five metal swivel clips which seem to be very strong. I decided to hang up some of my clear stamp sets and some Nestabilities™, and I was very impressed with the way that the clips clamped on to the packaging. You won’t have to worry about them falling down. I have several more ideas about what I could hang - the options are truly endless! You can also purchase more than one and connect them to give you even more storage.

    I definitely recommend the Simply Renee Clip it Up! Wall Mount if you are looking for more storage solutions, and if you have some empty wall space to fill.

  4. Under The Shelf Organization

    By Carolina Buchting

    l'll just come clean right here and now and let you know that I am one of those people who loves to organize. I have boxes labeled so that I know what is in them without having to open them; but I also have clear containers or have items displayed so they are easily accessible. The problem with having items displayed is that it is hard to keep them organized, or at least it was until the Under the Shelf Rod.

    I was really excited to review Simply Renee’s Clip it Up! Under the Shelf Rod for several reasons. First, I have been looking for the perfect way to organize my Cuttlebug™ embossing folders. Secondly, I love to alphabetize items and that is how I wanted to store the folders. Lastly, I wanted to store them close to my cutting table. The Under the Shelf Rod made all those things possible.

    The packaging shows you how easily it is to install in three easy steps, and in reality, that’s all it took. Since the rod was going under my cutting table, I used a Sharpie® to make the marks where I was going to drill the screws. After I drilled and set the screws, I organized my folders and I’m back in business and ready to emboss!

    I am very happy with the Under the Shelf Rod and can see many other uses for it such as: paper scraps which I store with like colors in plastic bags, single stamped images, or even scraps of fabric in the sewing section of my studio.

  5. Clip It Up! Holds Up

    By Jimmi Mayo

    I received the Clip it Up! Wall Mount to try out. I was concerned about drilling holes in the wall to hang it up since my stamp room has knotty pine wood paneling - so once something is up, it’s up forever - you can't really fill the holes in. Anyway, I had an idea to try out those 3M Command Strips and see if they fit to it and would hold up, and they did work perfectly.

    I used the strips on the Clip it Up! Wall Mount, adhered it to the wall and started loading it up with my supplies. I put some packs of flowers and Thickers™ on it and they look really nice on the hangers. I also tried out putting my little tins of buttons on it and that looks really cute, too. I often share pads of paper with a friend, and the binding gets weak from tearing out half of the pages, so the paper falls out of the pad. But if I put the pad on the Wall Mount, it holds all the pages in, so I’m really glad I thought of trying that - this will really keep my paper pads together

    I think this Wall Mount is super handy for those of you, like me, that have lots of packs of fun stamping goodies all over the place! This really puts them all in one handy spot for easy finding.

  6. Swingin’ Storage

    By Joanne Grzelak

    Our team is reviewing some storage solutions by Simply Renee this week. My storage solution is a swinging arm with clips to hold the items being stored. This is an item that is clean and lean, so it is great for a finished stamping space, as well as for a rough stamp cave like mine. It takes just a small bit of wall space. In my case, I have mostly cement walls, so my mounting possibilities were limited. I actually ended up mounting mine to the side of a wooden storage unit. I LOVE it.

    I chose to organize my piercing/dotting templates. They are lightweight and work perfectly on this swinging arm.

    The arm comes with fifteen clips for storage, but this arm is sturdy, so I am sure I could add more clips to store even more templates.

    Installation only involves three screws. Everything else is ready to go. The kit provides the screws needed as well as other things you might need for mounting in sheetrock.

    I am thrilled with all my piercing templates being in one place. They are within arm's reach of my work area.

    I think anyone looking to solve an organizational problem in their stamp area would find this helpful.

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These are interesting storage idea, but the fact that I have a cat, that loves to lick plastic, and another, who makes a great distressor, using my craft room as theirs it will not work for me.

Rebecca   |  Wed May 19, 2010 at 1:25 PM

Where are the pictures and tutorial of this weeks’ inkling?

Toni Hauge   |  Wed May 19, 2010 at 1:27 PM

I have the “Clip-it-Up” ribbon organizer and absolutely love it!  Totally worth the $$!

Amy Kellett   |  Wed May 19, 2010 at 5:57 PM

I have the original clip it up.  Actually two of them.  One stores my rub-ons and other non themed items and the other stores my clear stamps.  LOVE it!

Lissa   |  Thu May 20, 2010 at 9:26 PM

I went to lowes and got one of them shelfs that are 12 ft long ...the one with the wire that is open and you can use it for a closet rack too….i took my clip it up clips and hooked them on that and hung all of my stickers, rub ons , flowers in bags , you name it it is hung under the shelf so i can see it and use it ....above i have see thru bins with extra stuff that will not hook up on the clips ....
I also have a clip it up and store all of my clear stamps on it ....
I love that i can see everything and it is just a few feet away to use digging in containers or boxes for things ....

han   |  Thu May 20, 2010 at 10:41 PM

I have the ribbon organizer, and I LOVE IT!!  I would buy it again, in fact I might buy another.  The extra ribbons and stuff I clip underneath, but the regular round clip it up that sits on the table has been a dissappointment.  I have limited space and that takes up too much room.  I was so sad that it was so large.  It looked like such a nice product.

Yvonne   |  Mon Jun 7, 2010 at 8:11 PM
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