Chameleon Fineliners

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Innovative fineliners with patented technology color that changes as you write.


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  • Instant color blend fineliners

  • Patented dual ink system

  • High-quality Japanese precision 0.3mm metal-clad tip

  • Super smooth writing performance

  • Superior ink flow

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Formed in 2012, Chameleon Art Products is comprised of a visionary team that is recognized worldwide for bringing high quality, creative pen products to the market for over 20 years. The company prides itself on developing real innovation that enhances the end user’s ability to maximize creativity in all aspects of their artwork.

Product Description

With Chameleon Art Products’ innovative new Fineliners you can instantly blend color for all your writing, journaling, drawing, and coloring.

Chameleon Fineliners have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen and in the cap! To instantly blend colors all you have to do is switch the cap, or hop the top to another pen, leave it a few seconds and make vibrant color to color blends!

Chameleon Fineliners are great to use as an everyday pen with the high-quality Japanese precision 0.3mm metal-clad tip for super smooth writing performance and superior ink flow. However, the ability to instantly blend 2, 3 or more colors together is what sets these pens apart from any other fineliner on the market.

Chameleon Fineliners are filled with water-based dry safe ink that is designed to last for a couple of days if the caps are left off and won't bleed through most papers.

The Chameleon Fineliner pens come in 48 brilliant colors are sold in 6,12, 24 and 48 packs

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  1. Great qualities aside, the Fineliners are just plain fun!

    By Jen Shults

    The new Chameleon Fineliners are an amazing new addition to the world of fine liners and Chameleon Markers. The colors in this 24 pen set are wonderful. The range is broad and with the ability to mix inks like Chameleon Markers the combinations are endless.

    I used the Chameleon Fineliners in my bullet journal. There are a few key things I look for in Fineliners and these ticked all the boxes. When bullet journaling the number one factor that holds me back is pen bleed and ghosting. These fineliners are the top of the field in both. Even with layering of ink in some detailed drawing the ink only had two very small spots of bleed through. Ghosting occurs with all pens in a bullet journal if you write front and back on the pages. With the Chameleon Fineliners the ghosting is minimal and is not a deterrent to front/back page usage.

    The next thing I was interested in testing was how the Fineliners did with a pencil under drawing and erasing. With all the colors I was very happy to find that the pencil under drawing did not affect the colors of the Fineliners and the pencil erased completely from underneath the Fineliner ink with no smudging after only a short dry time.

    The last thing I tested with the Fineliners was how they performed with a ruler. The Fineliners work great with a ruler with minimal smudging. I waited for a count of 1 before moving the ruler and the liners were not affected by pencil contamination from the ruler.

    The best part of these new markers aside from all the qualities listed above is that they are just plain fun! The ink blending capability and whimsical nature of drawing, writing and coloring with a marker that changes color as you write adds a whole new dimension to my bullet journaling world!

  2. The shape makes them foolproof

    By Lydia Fiedler

    I'm obsessed with super fine point markers. I have always loved the teeniest point pens ever since I saw my first drafting pen in junior high. But most craft markers are brush tip or chisel tip users, so outside of the gel pens I use for general writing, I don't have any fine tip markers in fun colors. Or, I didn't until I got the new Chameleon Fineliners.

    I'm a little bit of a porous point snob, and these markers meet my very high standards for a nib - no fracturing or scratchy feel on the paper - they glide smoothly on all the papers I tested them on. They are water-based, which also makes them different from any markers I have in a fine detail porous point. In the Chameleon line of design, they also have caps that can be used to infuse the pens with a different color so that you can do perfect blends - I did this on the card with the bird, and I was able to blend multiple colors in the smallest space.

    Equal to my obsession with pens is my obsession with grids. And, as you can see on my grid card, these pens are so fine that I can color a perfect corner, which I'm unable to do with a brush marker without making a mess. If your planner (mine is gridded) or bullet journal uses Tomoe River paper, these work beautifully on that surface and do not bleed through.

    I find the slender, triangular barrel super ergonomic for long coloring sessions, and the caps are very easy to get on and off, if you have any issues with hand mobility. The shape also makes them foolproof - so the nib goes directly into the infusion tip with no fiddling or room for error.

    I think these are wonderful pens, and, like everything Chameleon does, very different from anything in my collection.

  3. Smooth ink flow, sturdy nibs, vivid colors

    By Julee Tilman

    The Chameleon Fineliners are such beautiful pens for writing. I have a bit of a thing for office supplies and Fineliner pens specifically, so I was excited to test these pens out! I love the smooth ink flow, sturdy nibs, vivid colors, and the blending capabilities of these pens. I tried a variety of techniques for my review, starting with a simple planner page to test out the blending from color to color. It brings a super whimsical look.

    Next I chose to stamp a lettered sentiment in no line watercolor ink and then trace and fill in with the Fineliners. I love how it turned out and will be using this technique again! Such a fun way to dress up a stamp! You can also make some exciting backgrounds by writing text across a panel, then taking a water brush and blending it out (perfect for those like me, who aren’t fond of their handwriting).

    I also tried my hand at a little zentangling and had a lot of fun with the pens. They never skip and give such smooth, vibrant results. By far, my favorite technique with these pens was watercoloring with them. I love the control you get in laying down color with a Fineliner as opposed to a brush pen. They blended so beautifully with water, making it a breeze to color in images.

  4. Literally, write in a rainbow

    By Dina Kowal

    I have a wide collection of colorful pens - I guess it's where my loves of both writing and color meet! These Fineliners bring a unique twist to the writing arena, with the ability to blend and stack colors in a fine tip writer, and literally, write in a rainbow.

    I don't do much journaling but I'm doing some research into starting a local arts association, so I bought a bullet journal for my notes. I sketched a large heading for my first page, and used the pens to outline and then fill each letter. I found it easiest to add dark color to a lighter pen and let the ink blend out. These pens would be great for bullet journaling or line art doodles.

    I wanted to use the Fineliners like their alcohol marker cousins, and though the blending concept is similar the water-based ink and fine tips are just not made for the same application. For coloring, their strengths play out in adding textures and fine details. I used the black pen to outline stenciled images and to fill in some fine face details on a Halloween card. My other colored samples involved die cuts - for one card I used a light and dark brown to create a brindle dog's fur with lots of small strokes. The fine pen tip was ideal for a fur texture, and the colors layered well together. On a small accent die cut on the same card I used a pointillism technique with light and dark teal to create depth and dimension over a colored base. I used a similar technique on a butterfly die cut, but watercolored the sections first and used the pens for accent colors and stipple shading.

  5. Such fun to play with!

    By Tifany DeGough

    This was my first time using any Chameleon product, and I found them to be very easy to use after just a little experimentation. When I first opened them, I started working on a few scratch scraps of cardstock just to see what they could do. The instructions in the package were very helpful, but what did seem to be missing (and I discovered through a little bit of play) is that I found the colors to fuse best when holding the pens and caps in a vertical position while fusing. It was helpful for me to keep in mind that these aren't an exact science, and will provide variable results - they are a great way to break out and have a little fun with color!

    Through some experimentation, I discovered a few tips to keep in mind while using these Fineliners. First - be sure to remember the color wheel when using these pens. Just as complementary colors can make "mud" when mixed together, fusing colors such as a purple with a yellow will give you a brownish fade in between. (It doesn't always need to be complementary colors that produce a brownish fade - purple and green will do something similar. I suggest testing blends on a scrap piece of paper if you are unsure.) Most of the mixes I tried when keeping this in mind produced bright, beautiful results. Also, in three-color blends, I found the lighter colors in particular to become easily lost when placed in the middle of the three colors. Along the same lines, I found that fusing a light color onto a dark color required a longer time than when fusing dark onto light. In general, I ended up sticking with two color blends (of darker colors onto lighter colors) in my bullet journal as it was just what felt most comfortable for me.

    If you are...let's say "particular"...about putting caps on your pens (like I am) - something to keep in mind with these: my instinct was to get the caps put back on these as quickly as possible, but it is important (because there is color in each cap) to take a little extra time to make sure you are putting the correct color cap on each Fineliner. If you are working with multiple blends, you will have several pens sitting around without caps on. (It's okay...just breathe!) It was different for me to get used to setting them on my work surface with the lids off, but the instructions reassured me that they can survive up to 2 days with the caps left off before drying out. (I didn't test that to be sure...but they easily survived uncapped during the time I was working with them.)

    These Fineliners are certainly a way to get some fun, out of the box results - especially when working in bullet journals and/or planners. I especially loved them for making long lines of varied colors on my page layouts (like when drawing my monthly calendars) - it produces an effect that really isn't possible to get otherwise. The Chameleon Fineliners have made me re-think what is possible on my planner pages, and I am loving the results!

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I love my new Fineliners!!!  I’m blown away by the versatility and quality of them.  I’ve been having a lot of fun doodling and also blending them and learning what colors look best together. They are great!

pepperann   |  Wed Sep 25, 2019 at 1:32 PM

I have been using Chameleon pens for quite a long time.  The company is excellent to do business with.  When my first set of pens dried up they sent me a replacement at no charge.  They knew what the problem was and up remodeled their pens so that does not happen.  The new Fineliners work so well.  I got in on presale and have a nice set which I really like.  It’s nice to sign a card with the shades of color you used in your card and have all the colors fused in one pen.  I just need to remember to recharge the pens before each use so they are RTG.

PMT   |  Wed Sep 25, 2019 at 3:14 PM
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