Chameleon Color Tones Pencils

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Color Tones are double-end colored pencils with two coordinating shades - simply flip to blend.


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  • 25 Pencils / 50 colors

  • Highly pigmented intense colors

  • Smooth consistency

  • Break resistant pre-sharpened 3.8mm lead

  • Come packaged in storage/transport case

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Formed in 2012, Chameleon Art Products is comprised of a visionary team that is recognized worldwide for bringing high quality, creative pen products to the market for over 20 years. The company prides itself on developing real innovation that enhances the end user’s ability to maximize creativity in all aspects of their artwork.

Product Description

Chameleon™ Color Tones Pencils are specially designed double ended pencils you just flip to blend! These unique artist quality pencils take the guesswork out of choosing different colors for blending and shading and they eliminate the hassle of sifting through dozens of colored pencils to find the right shades, as the right shade is on the other end and all you have to do is flip to blend.

Chameleon Color Tones Pencils are a wonderfully convenient system that allows you to do MORE with less. Each pencil has two colors that have been custom matched to deliver captivating color blends and transitions. The 25 pencils create 50 vibrant colors, and each pencil is finely crafted in Austria to provide richly pigmented, intense color and a buttery smooth consistency. The pencils are designed to layer and blend exceptionally well and feature break-free 3.8mm leads that come pre-sharpened for ease of use.

The best part is that Chameleon Color Tones Pencils are packed in a convenient storage case that transitions into a brilliant workstation for creativity on the go!

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  1. Is there room for another colored pencil? My honest answer is YES.

    By Kathy Racoosin

    I was lucky enough to see, feel and touch the Chameleon pencils last winter during CHA and ever since I have been waiting for them to hit the stores. One of the things that I loved about these pencils was the way the they are packaged. I love that they have a built-in easel which stands the pencils upright making it easy to reach for and takes up less space on your desk top. Below each pencil in the case is a color swatch guide that saves you some time and effort when selecting colors for your projects. If you are one of those people that like to keep things in order you will like how the pencils are numbered coordinating with the numbers on the swatches at the bottom of the easel. This make clean up a breeze. I like the fact that the box is strong and sturdy so it’s easy and light to pack along with me when I travel.

    The packaging aside, the quality of the pencils must speak for themselves. Let’s just say that they spoke loud and clear to me, and I really do love them. Besides the fact that the box boasts 50 colors I love how the pencils sharpen and glide on the paper. I was pretty much born with something to color in my hand and I love to color, so I can honestly say that these pencils work beautifully. When I color I like a really sharp tip and to build up layers of color, and I found this easy to accomplish with these pencils. The pencils seem to have the perfect balance between not being too soft or too hard when the tip is really sharp. I found myself flipping between the two colors of each pencil with ease and throughly enjoying layering different colors together. You might be asking if there is room for another colored pencil on the market and my honest answer is YES!

  2. Perfect Color with a Quick Flip

    By Jennifer Timko

    Chameleon is already known in the crafting industry for their original alcohol marker products that allow shading all with one pen. Now they have come up with an innovation in colored pencils too! The Chameleon Color Tone Pencils have already created a buzz and I was thrilled to give them a try.

    True confession…these are my first set of wax based colored pencils so I was truly a novice coloring in this style. The great news…they are a joy to use! I have been envying the look of colored pencil work for quite a while but always found myself a bit overwhelmed with choices and nothing seemed to quite fit my needs. The double sided nature of these pencils, with their perfect coordination, fits exactly into my clean style of stamping. I love when things simply work! These pencils allow the coloring to be the star of the show.

    I started pretty simply and just colored some sweet little images using some basic shading. One or maybe two pencils (so up to 4 color choices) per color family allowed me to have all the shading I wanted. Awesome! I did figure out pretty quickly that paper really matters with pencils, just like with any coloring medium. The paper needs to have just a little “tooth” to help grab the color and allow you to have a light hand with layering colors. My first card used Stampin’ Up’s Shimmery White with a nice effect. I then moved onto a kraft paper (Stampin’ Up’s Crumb Cake) since I knew that colored pencils can be really pretty on colored card stock. Again, the result made me happy. The Cream pencil was so pretty combined with blues. Next, I tried Strathmore Mixed Media paper and I have to say that was the one I like the most with these. I was able to achieve subtle coloring that is a hallmark of waxed pencil coloring. Finally, I tried combining the Chameleon Color Tone Pens with the Pencils. Wow. Just wow. The colors coordinate perfectly and I was thrilled with all the shading opportunities. I used grays and blues but I cannot wait to try more combinations!

    The palette on this set (50 colors) is complete and the storage box that turns into a stand is brilliant. This will be a product I turn to again and again. The Chameleon Color Tone Pencils are a great addition to my coloring repertoire!

  3. Quality that is 150 years in the making

    By Dina Kowal

    I'm so impressed with the Color Tones pencils! The artist-grade quality of the pencils is a huge leap from the scholastic quality bi-color pencils we have seen before - these are truly the first of their kind. They are structurally strong - high quality smooth wood, fully bonded and break-resistant leads, and a harder wax binder that keeps the points sharp much longer than other wax-based pencils. I tend to be skeptical of new pencil collections when there are such high standards available already, but these pencils are manufactured by a European company that has been producing quality colored pencils for over 150 years.

    The packaging of the pencils is impressive from the start. The box is very sturdy, and secures with a magnetic flap. Once open, the box folds open under itself to create a convenient easel for the pencils. The case would be easy to tuck in a bag for a trip or coloring on the go, and the dual-end design of the pencils gives you 50 colors in the space of 25! The pencils are well labeled, and a corresponding color chart is included in the box for easy color identification and organization.

    The pencils are able to produce all shades (light to medium to dark) from each color, with very even coverage. They blended well by layering, with a solvent, and with a burnishing pencil. One of my gallery samples was colored with a single pencil, using both ends to layer color. It was very easy and felt really natural to just flip the pencil back and forth. The colors are so well matched, and blend together very easily. I didn't have to sharpen often, and I had no issues with breakage at all. I was happy with my results on Bristol vellum as well as kraft paper. I watched a demonstration of the pencils being used on wood, so I had to try that out as well - and WOW! The colors blended well and stayed vibrant and true on the smooth wood surface.

    I really hope to see open stock pencils and more colors in the future - not sure what Chameleon has in the works, but I do feel like these pencils are going to be a hit!

  4. Flipping Fantastic

    By Lydia Fiedler

    I have been suffering with the wantmonster for these Color Tones pencils since I got to try them briefly at CHA. At the Chameleon booth, Ilina Crouse and I played with them for just a few minutes when we were on a break, and we agreed that these were a must-have after the show. I was thrilled to receive them for a Product Focus and get to spend more time with them.

    I have to start with the box before I get to the pencils, though, because this is something I feel Chameleon excels at - packaging. The pencils are beautifully boxed in their signature black on black packaging, with a nice magnetic closure. I love products that come with beautiful and functional packaging that acts as storage - it always feels wasteful to me to discard packaging and then find something new to put things in.

    The pencils come pre-sharpened, and have a simple numbering system that makes it easy for us OCD types to keep them in order. There's a color chart built into the box, and under each pencil, there's a little swatch of the two tones, which is very convenient, especially since the portion of the box the pencils are in is hinged, turning the package into a standing pencil case while you're working, with the top half of the pencil easy to grab, and the swatches easy to see. The leads are silky smooth, laying down beautiful, even color. I found them much silkier than other wax-based pencils, and I tried them on both Bristol Vellum and kraft cardstock. They hold their point nicely - I did both projects for the review without needing to sharpen the colors I used, and I used white pretty heavily. I also did not get a wax "bloom" prematurely, as can happen with some pencils, making further blending impossible - these were blendable through my entire layering process. The one-pencil blending is very efficient - you truly wouldn't believe how much simpler and faster it is to flip to your second color rather than putting down a pencil and picking up another. And for a slow colorer like me - any time gained is appreciated.

    You also gain economies of scale because you get 50 colors with 25 pencils, making them very economical. I was extremely pleased to see that they are made in Austria - that part of the world produces my favorite pencils, and the quality of these is top notch. I love colored pencils, but I have definitely met pencils I didn't like - and these pencils are a prized art supply for me, and will be accompanying me to my retreat next week for more play in our down time. It's been a long time since a pencil showed me a new trick - and I think these double-ended Color Tones are "flipping" fantastic!

  5. Matching Shades on Opposite Ends

    By Robin Clendenning

    I had an opportunity to review the Chameleon Color Tones this month. I enjoyed using these pencils with matching shades on the opposite side of the pencils - makes shading easy! I also enjoyed the fact that they did not break on me and stayed relatively sharp throughout the entire time I used them - about 6 card images.

    The pencils were easy to blend and worked well with blending solutions such as Gamsol. I was even fairly successful with some faces/skin - the flesh tones were very nice.

    The pencils come in a sturdy box with a hinge so that it can be a pencil stand as well and each pencil has its own holder to keep them from damage.

  6. Little Chambers of Magic

    By Ilina Crouse

    When you first open the Chameleon color tops you may wonder what in the world to do with them.
    They are little chambers of magic that you infuse your Chameleon pens instead of or along with the Toning medium chamber.

    The basic use it to use only one, and you get seamless blend between 2 colors ,which I have had hard time achieving with any other marker. You can blend 2 contrasting colors or two similar colors, no matter which colors you mix, you get seamless results.

    And that's not all. You can add on top of it the toning medium and when you start coloring it's starts from almost transparent (invisible) to the color top color and all the way to the color of the Chameleon pen.

    Want to go fancy and see more magic, then stack few colors tops colors on your Chameleon Pen. The time you infuse with each color top will dictate how long will that color run. If for example you infuse the Turquoise pen with Yellow Mellow and Mossy Meadow and you would like to have only little bit of the yellow and more of the green. Infuse your pen for only couple seconds with the Mellow Yellow and then go longer with the Mossy Meadow.

    Another tip I learned along the way, it applies as well for coloring with the Chameleon Pens only, when coloring make sure you color over the edge of the previous line, that way you avoid getting streaks and you have nice and smooth blend between colors.

    My favorite technique was blending 3 colors (1 Chameleon Pen and 2 Color tops) and seeing magic happen when I color.

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I purchased these Chameleon colord pencils and love them. However, I cannot make the pencil stand work. I’ve looked at the videos and can see how it is supposed to work, but it does not, for me anyway. Can anyone show me the correct way?
Thank you.

Jean Chaney   |  Sat Jun 17, 2017 at 9:38 AM

Hi, Jean. I just read your comment and also had some difficulty making the stand “stay” in place. I ended up pushing in inward (almost forcing it), and it seemed to help. When I selected a pencil and also put one back, I did have to hold the stand. Hope that helps.

Cheryl Scrivens   |  Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 9:50 AM
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