Chameleon Color Tones

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Chameleon Color Tones allow you to achieve coloring depth, dimension, gradation and blends with a single pen.


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  • Professional quality alcohol-based ink pen

  • Double-ended with both super-soft brush and bullet nibs

  • Refillable inks and replaceable nibs available

  • Compatible with other alcohol-based inks

  • Non-toxic, low-odor and ideal for paper crafting

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

How many markers does it take to get depth, dimension, highlights, shading and seamless blends? With our new Chameleon Color Tones you can do it all with just one pen.

Chameleon Color Tones permanent alcohol ink system comes in 20 vibrant colors that allow you to produce over 100 color tones! You can go from the lightest hint of a tint all the way to the richest tones. The Pen and the Mixing Chamber are refillable and the nibs are replaceable so these pens are art tools that are designed to last.

New to Alcohol pens? Chameleon Pens help you do more with less and great for first-time users who don’t want to make a large investment in a lot of colors but still want great blending results. Plus they are easy to use as the pen essentially does the blending for you!

Experienced with Alcohol pens? This is also a great system for experienced marker users as they are perfect for quick one-pen blends and color gradations smaller spaces.

You may click to view or download any of these PDF file resources:

  • Chameleon Instructions for more information
  • a printed Color Wheel
  • a blank Color Chart
  • Fuse Time Chart

  • Chameleon Pens are sold in singles, 5 packs and a deluxe 22 kit that has a built in workstation and carrying case, perfect for coloring on the go!

    Learn more about these products in these tutorial videos:

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    1. Chameleon Pens, Blend!

      By Teresa Klein

      There are many great features to these Chameleon alcohol pens. The design, the awesome storage box, the ease of blending, the price, and the beauty of your creations... a lot to appreciate. Let me start with the storage box. I am all about packaging, and Chameleon has made these beautiful and functional...totally love the storage box; it's great for storing and for traveling! The price is so affordable for alcohol pens! They are available in the entire 22 pen set, sets of five, or singles; the choice is up to you.

      As far as the blending, I was honestly thrilled at how easy these are to use. I would not consider myself someone with advanced coloring skills, but the pen does the blending once it has been fused. Each pen has its own fusion chamber and all you do is fuse (touch) the color nib and the mixing nib. The longer you hold it, the lighter the color will be at the start of your coloring. Super easy and super fun! Use any quality coloring cardstock with your Chameleon Pens and let the enjoyment begin!

      Chameleon Pens are a specialty, they really are an all in one coloring tool! I cannot wait to see what YOU create with your Chameleon Pens, blend!

    2. I enjoy the look!

      By Robin Clendenning

      The thing that is different about the Chameleon Pens is the ability to shade from VERY light to dark with one pen. After playing around, I found that I also had nice results stacking different colors together to get a natural look, as in my tulips image. Picking images that are not too small and definitely not too large worked best for for me, and each artist will probably quickly figure that out for herself.

      If I had a wish, it would be that Chameleon would offer few more colors in the future. I would love a darker value of pink to extend my shades, and there are a few hues where I'd love to add some in-between colors.

      Overall, I enjoyed the look I got and judging from comments on my cards that I've shared, most people have liked the results.

    3. Intrigued. Excited. Delighted.

      By Angela Bode

      I have been intrigued by the Chameleon Color Tone Videos since I heard about the markers on Splitcoaststampers so I was more than a little excited for the chance to review them! I am not a coloring expert so I was also a tiny bit intimidated and wondered if I would be able to achieve the looks the videos showcased. In all honesty I figured it would take a great deal of practice to reproduce the smooth gradient look I admired on the videos.

      To my delight I found that I could achieve beautiful tones with just one pen after a quick experiment that wasn't card worthy. While coloring my first images I focused on becoming familiar with timing and infusing. After just a few projects I tried the side to side motion that produced gorgeous gradient tones with just one pen. I really can’t say enough about how much I love using the markers with this technique. The image seems to glow when colored with the side to side motion.

      I would highly recommend watching the videos before and after coloring the first images. I found that even though I had watched the video prior to coloring I forgot a few tips so a second viewing was very helpful.

      The Chameleon Color Tone 22 Pen Deluxe Set includes a colorless blender and a Fine Line Detail Pen. The Detail Pen is a great addition to the marker set. It is quick drying and won’t smear, great for many uses including touching up black lined images that didn't quite transfer completely when stamping. There’s no worry of color and black line bleeding together when coloring because the pen is permanent.

      I love using Chameleon Color Tone Pens and would recommend them for all those who enjoy the art of coloring and don’t mind a small learning curve.

    4. Fun Color Fusing Pens

      By Janelle Stollfus

      These vibrant alcohol-based pens take only a few minutes of instruction time before using them. I chose to try out a few pens to create a fusing time chart to understand how long the blending solution would last, but then started coloring a stamped image. This is a step one might think to skip, but it will speed up your coloring time in the long run.

      I enjoyed the smooth dispensing of color from the pen nib and didn’t notice the nib go through it’s “break-in” phase after the first pen. This expected tiny fraying at the tip may be an issue coloring detail, but overall they worked well for the different stamp styles I tested.

      These pens are ideal for the crafter who wants to quickly add color depth to projects and the traveling crafter who wants coloring options with little space to store them.

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    Chameleon Color Tones 5 pen sets $26.99 MSRP
    Chameleon Color Tones 22 pen set $99.99 MSRP
    Chameleon Ink Refills $7.99 MSRP
    Chameleon Replacement Nibs from $3.99 MSRP

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