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Sculpt paper and thin metals with exquisitely detailed, deeply embossed designs using 3D M-Bossabilities Embossing Folders.


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  • >Deep, realistic embossing, debossing and letterpress

  • >Folders measure approximately 5" x 7"

  • >Folders work beautifully with cardstocks and thin metals

  • >Seven different 3D designs available

Product Description

Manufacturer Description:
Sculpt to perfection with Spellbinders® 3D M-Bossabilities™ Embossing Folders.
These large, unique embossing folders offer deep, realistic embossing, debossing and letterpress options that give the appearance of a sculpted piece of art.

The Spellbinders 3D M-Bossabilities embossing folders offer a more dynamic embossed and letterpressed look for amazing results. Each different folder offers graduated dimension that is absolutely remarkable.

Product Description:
There are currently 7 available designs in the 3D M-Bossabilities line:

  • Noble Rook - A beautiful backdrop of swirls and floral inspired design with a majestic crowned raven as a centerpiece. Includes an area at the bottom to place a stamped sentiment or a cluster of embellishments.
  • Floral Labels Four – A sophisticated background of vines, flora and weave designs to make the popular Labels Four shape pop!
  • Roman Romance – A spectacular ornate design with subtle tile inspired background to make any project look majestic.
  • Cane Weave – Brings back memories of a favorite rocking chair or sitting out on the porch.
  • Celtic Knot – The centerpiece is a magnificent design with wonderful accents surrounding the knot.
  • Celtic Weave – An amazingly detailed weave in a circular design.
  • Persian Splendor – An ornate tag inspired design surrounded with beautiful linear accents on a lacy backdrop.

  • You can learn more about the product in this video:

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    1. Vibrant Embossing

      By Teresa Kline

      WOW, the Spellbinders 3D Embossing Folders are by far the most dynamic that I have seen or used! The impression is really 3D, no kidding; it is lifted from the paper! You can see and feel the difference. The embossing is gorgeous when sponged and make fabulous cards or even scrapbook pages. The folders are very durable and of great quality; a heavy duty white plastic. They are also larger in size and therefore make them perfect for a full sized A2 embossed front for your card and because of the larger size make a bold statement to your scrapbook pages.

      I would recommend the Spellbinders 3D Folders to anyone who wants a little more interest to their cards, a very eye catching approach to your card making. A high quality embossing folder that are set apart, the impressions are of the highest quality.

    2. Elegant Embossing

      By Michelle Giraud

      The Spellbinder 3D M-Bossibilites Embossing Folders offer much more than just a repeating embossed pattern for your background. These designs are a work of art in themselves! Since they are made of a heavier plastic than most folders, they have much more dimension and texture which is great to work with if you're sanding or inking the embossed design.

      I got to work with Floral Labels 4, Roman Romance and Persian Splendor. I liked that Floral Labels and Persian Splendor both had smooth, text areas built into the design. By simply embossing then stamping a sentiment in the box you have an entire card design all set to go... The designs are that pretty! Plus the folders are large enough that you can move a standard A2 card around so the design can be in different places, you're not stuck with just centering the design.

      The M-Bossabilities folders are really a step up over the other folders I currently own. The elegant designs will make them a something I will reach for when I want to make a simple, yet sophisticated card for weddings, showers or sympathy.

    3. Gorgeous Deep Impressions

      By Beate Johns

      Spellbinders sure knows how to step it up a notch (or two). I love their M-Bossabilities folders for deep, beautiful dry embossed designs, so I was excited to play with their new 3D M-Bossabilities Embossing Folders. These folder are big (5" x 7") and work great for slightly larger cards. I used the folders with my Grand Calibur (Embossing plate, 3D M-Bossabilities Folder and Raspberry plate) and received deep, gorgeous embossing every single time.

      I inked the folder directly with ink for two cards and embossed metal sheeting and sanded the embossed part for an altered project. This product makes it easy to create fast and elegant projects. Two of the three folders I received had an area for a sentiment as part of the design. All you do is emboss the cardstock, stamp the sentiment and adhere to card base and you are done.

      Ever wanted to create Hallmark™-style embossing on your cards? Now you can!

    4. Impress Yourself!

      By Bev Rousch

      Embossing folders. They are instant love from the first time you use one. If you've stamped even just a little while, you've started collecting them. I certainly have.

      I get pretty excited to roll my paper through my machine, open the folder and pull out my embossed cardstock. It's like paper magic. It is. We work magic with those folders!

      But, I'm here to tell you that these 3D M-Bossabilities folders change the game. I rolled the Celtic Knot 3D M-Bossabilities folder through first and when I saw my cardstock my jaw dropped. DROPPED. So much detail and depth. You almost just want to frame it as is and forget your previously planned project. It's art.

      I love that once you've embossed, there's hardly anything left to do to make the project look good. The embossing is so deep, and the design so intricate that it's an instant WOW.

      You impress the paper, and then? You impress yourself. Thanks, Spellbinders!

    5. The M-Azing & M-Pressive Spellbinders 3DMBossabilities!

      By Amanda Havon

      I love Spellbinders and the products they offer, so imagine my excitement when I got to try their new 3D M-Bossabilities Embossing Folders! Sometimes I forget to pull out my embossing folders, but I won't forget these pretty ones from Spellbinders! They are unique, and I love that these are completely different designs than anyone else!

      What I really love about them is the deep impression plates that sandwich together beautifully with two sides that glide open and close smoothly. The folder itself is very sturdy and holds the paper in place perfectly, so that the paper doesn't shift midway through the embossing process. I also appreciate the large 5x7 size of the M-Bossabilities, you can create as large or as small of an embossed surface as you need.

      Spellbinders always delivers nothing less than beautiful designs and these are exactly what I needed! I know these will give me that beautiful texture that I've been craving!

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    I onw several of these folders and love them! They offer so many various techniques, and add possibilities to my paper crafting I never could imagine! Two of those babies just laying beside me on my desk, lol. Just in case I want to touch them grin
    Hugs, Baerbel

    Baerbel Born   |  Wed Sep 25, 2013 at 2:27 PM
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    3D M-Bossabilities folder are $14.99 each

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    You may purchase Spellbinders 3D M-Bossabilities folders directly from Spellbinders or from your favorite online and brick & mortar stores.

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