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Issue #702 January 1st 2020
Get Well Kit  
Guest tutorial author Wendy Lee will show you how to make a survival kit for winter wellness.
Supplies you'll need for this project
  • Cardstock
  • Scoring board
  • Adhesive
  • Fillers - soup or vitamin packets, cough drops, tissues, etc.
  • Embellishments
    Our Artist in Residence answers your questions
    Q: Cindy asks: "I have severe issues with glue. I buy a new bottle and a few days later I can't get the glue out. It's all formed at the top, blocking it from coming out. Doesn't matter what brand, I get this issue. Am I glue defective?"
    A: You're not weird! It's a common issue. A couple of hints - on glue bottles with larger openings (like Aleene's), I knock the bottom of the bottle on my desk a couple of times when I turn it upright - that sort of 'burps' the bottle and either pushes air up through the opening or knocks glue down out of the tip. If the bottle came with a cap, I store it with the cap on. I have some glue in a needle-point bottle that just fits a stainless steel pin in the opening - when I'm not using it, I keep a pin in the tip. I do store my Tombow Mono Multi glue with the tip down in a small cup. It's always ready to use, and usually the wet glue in the tip keeps it clear - whatever tiny amount leaks out forms a plug that will pull out when I remove it from the cup. If not, I can either pull a glue booger away or clear the opening with a pin.
    Feedback From Past Tutorials
    loomatic has some tips for the Paper Beads tutorial: "You can use colorful magazine paper too. Start with the page with the straight edge on the left; measure & mark across the top in 1" increments. Then at the bottom, measure & mark 1/2", then begin marking 1" increments the rest of the bottom of page. Draw diagonal lines from top to bottom marks, forming triangles. Cut out the long triangles. Starting with the wide end, roll paper on toothpicks; almost 2-3" from the point end brush on glue and finish rolling. Let dry, and paint with a glaze or use clear fingernail polish or some with glitter added."

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    StampFest Florida
    Make'n takes, demos and dozens of stores to shop in one spot. See us in Clearwater - Feb. 7 & 8.
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    December 25 to December 31
    Use supplies you likely already own and try new techniques.
    Faux stitching.
    Old new is new new.
    Try this color combination: Real Red, Basic Black, Basic Gray.
    Creatively Yours.
    Knit Wit.
    Renaissance Ribbons.
    Check out Susan's gallery, then upload a creation inspired by her work.
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