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Altered Clipboard   [ gallery ]
Your basic clipboard, given a new life!
Altered File Folder   [ gallery ]
Turn a file folder into a photo album.
Altered Game Pieces   [ gallery ]
Take dominoes to a whole new place using reinkers and stamps.
Altered Lunch Tin   [ gallery ]
Turn an ordinary lunch tin into a card organizer or gift package.
Altered Mini Chalkboard  Fan Club
Scribble homework reminders on a cute chalkboard.
Altered Notepad  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Dress up bound notepads.
Altered Paint Cans   [ gallery ]
Perfect gift packaging every time.
Altered Picture Frame   [ gallery ]
Decorate a picture frame for the perfect room accent or gift.
Altered Pop Top Can   [ gallery ]
Create a small gift holder that will take everyone by surprise.
Altered RSVP Pen   [ gallery ]
Transform an ordinary pen into a stylish accessory.
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