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imageThe February 2009 Victorian Bushfires are a series of wildfires that began burning across the Australian state of Victoria on Saturday, February 7, 2009.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the many victims of this terrible disaster. But there is more we can do to help. One of the things that makes the Splitcoaststampers community so very special, both individuals and companies alike, is the outpouring of help and support in time of need.

Our mission is to raise funds to support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 through the Australian Red Cross. As stated on its website, "[The] Red Cross will not deduct any costs from public donations to cover Appeal costs. All interest earned on donations will be invested back into the Appeal. Should the funds raised exceed the amount required to meet these needs, any excess funds will be used to assist in future disasters in Victoria."

These devastating fires have resulted in more than 210 deaths, Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire. More than 500 others have been injured. Police estimate that the number of people still missing may number over 30. The fires have destroyed at least 2,029 homes, 3,500 structures in total, and damaged thousands more. Many towns northeast of the state capital of Melbourne have been badly damaged or almost completely destroyed. The fires have left an estimated 7,500 people homeless.

What's a "non-raffle"?
Well, it's not a raffle, that's for sure. That's gambling, and that's not legal. Instead, we'll collect donations on behalf of the Red Cross. Those who donate will be eligible to win some great prizes (we'll also take your name via snail mail if you wish to be included without donating).

How's it work?
We'll give you a link to make a donation, with suggested amounts of $5 USD or $25 USD. We'll accept donations for a limited period of time, and announce the prize winners at the end. Once again, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

I'm ready, how do I get started??
Go to the donation page any time between now and March 25. Make your donation by credit/debit card or e-check (no PayPal account required to donate!), then sit back and wait for the prize announcement on March 28.

Make a donation!

Here's how it works.
For every $5 USD you donate to this worthy cause from now until March 25, your name will be entered into a drawing to win one of several awesome prizes donated by our fellow stampers and favorite companies. You can see the non-raffle prize gallery here, but check back often because it's growing! If you would like to donate a prize, please PM Lisa Hjulberg (TheCraft'sMeow) as soon as possible.

Thank you sincerely for your support of this worthy cause.

If you wanna help get the word out...
Please feel free to place the logo on your blog with a link to this page to help spread the word.
Our thanks to Beth Silaika for creating our awesome logo!

Posted by: Jenn on Mar 22, 09 | 7:50 am


Fabulous! Yay to Beth for organizing this worthy effort and thanks to the SCS crew once again for making this site available to help others.

peggysue | Mar 11, 09 | 11:40 am


As an Australian I am so thrilled and touched to see this on SCS - thank you so much for your love and support. SCS has already been reaching out to these survivors who have lost so much and been through such a terrible ordeal....I have been overwhelmed with the response I have experienced from the beautiful hearts of the SCS people who have reached out to encourage and support with cards...thank you...you can hop across to my gallery and see the beautiful cards that have already been sent to me - many are still on their way to me - thank you. PM or email me if you are interested in supporting this way too, there is still time. God bless you all!

Lovely Linda | Mar 11, 09 | 3:07 pm


As another Aussie I would love to thank SCS for what they are doing....
what a wonderful gesture

lesley | Mar 11, 09 | 4:47 pm


Oh awesome!!! You bet I donated and I'll go add the logo now!!!! Yet another amazing outpouring of love shown by our unique crafting community and I'm so very proud to be a part of it!!

LuvLee | Mar 11, 09 | 4:58 pm


Thank you SCS for once again showing why you are so fantastic. I have met a few stampers from Australia and even though they were not affected I am glad to help their neighbors who have. Thank you.

Robyn O | Mar 11, 09 | 6:29 pm


Thank you so much SCS for doing this. This tragedy has been so devasating to all here, and it's great to see you supporting us Aussies!

Melissa Barkwith | Mar 11, 09 | 6:31 pm


I'm so delighted to see SCS supporting this cause! Donated - you bet I did - and thanks to those who have donated non raffle prizes!!

debzi333 | Mar 11, 09 | 7:54 pm


Wow! This is absolutely wonderful. What an awesome thing to do. Thanks to those who thought of doing this! And prayers to those in Australia still going out. I'll be spreading the news!!

Minister's Wife | Mar 11, 09 | 9:10 pm


In 1958, my father and a few of his shipmates were on the front page of the Perth newspaper for donating blood to the Australian Red Cross. The Aussies thought it was a huge deal that Americans would be that giving to "foreigners"! I have many friends in Australia and visited Victoria 3 years ago when I spent 3 weeks in Oz. Lovely people. Best vacation I ever had, largely due to the graciousness and hospitality of the Aussies I have met online. I'll be donating. Thank you for making this possible.

ReindeerTrout | Mar 11, 09 | 10:23 pm


You guys are amazing! Your generosity will help rebuild the shattered lives of people who have suffered so much tragedy and heartbreak. Although I live in the north of Australia, I have spent much of the last month in tears watching the bushfire coverage on TV. Thank you.

Jo R. | Mar 12, 09 | 12:58 am


I to am an Aussie and would like to say thankyou to SCS for putting this together. I have friends who live in the parts of Victoria which were effected. Thankfully they all made it through this terrible nightmare. I know that they would be so greatful for your wonderful support. Thanks again SCS.

Leanne Bain | Mar 12, 09 | 1:07 am


Being from Texas I know about drought and fire. My prayers and donation go out with lots of love. Thanks SCS.

Ester | Mar 12, 09 | 7:05 am


Holy Moley! Check out those prizes, people. SCS is serious about this; there are already over 70 really great prizes posted. Some are HUGE, some are small, but all are SUPER COOL! Wow. Way to go, SCS!

Superglew | Mar 12, 09 | 7:47 am


We really are a global community when overseas fellow crafters from SCS are so moved to display such compassion and generosity to their 'Down Under' neighbours. Your actions will help to relieve the terrible suffering of this tragedy on our Aussie mates.

Sharon | Mar 12, 09 | 8:12 am


I was blown away when I read the story on homepage this morning. I couldn't wait to donate. I'm so proud to be a part of this through SCS. Australia holds a special place in my heart after visiting there 9 years ago with my sister in law. It was a trip of a lifetime! The hospitality and warmth of the people there is unmatched.

Pat | Mar 12, 09 | 9:03 am


Another Aussie here - and a Victorian. Thankfully, we have not been directly affected by this tragedy, but we have been affected by news reports and images of the devastation these fires have had on many of our fellow Victorians. The outpouring of help in many forms, from all over the world, has been enormous. It is awesome to see SCS be part of that and again, it makes me proud to be a member of this great website.


Maggie's Mummy | Mar 12, 09 | 2:26 pm


Another Aussie here - from North Queensland. We have all been so touched by the sheer devastation and loss of life that took place on Black Saturday. I too, sat in tears, watching tv as the events unfolded and the stories of loss, fear and survival started to filter through. Some have lost entire families, others their children, parents and the list is endless. Well done SCS....

Karen (stampandshout) | Mar 12, 09 | 2:50 pm


I too am an Aussie, a Victorian. Thankfully we are not effected but I have a friend who lost 4 members of the one family. The devastation from the fires that has wiped out whole communities was unbelievable - what is more unbelievable is the huge amount of compassion and generosity that is coming from all walks of life. Thank you for making this "non-raffle" possible.

peta heffernan | Mar 12, 09 | 4:58 pm


I appreciate your willingness to help those who've suffered loss in Australia. Have you give consideration for those who have fought fire and died on USA soil? I would love to see SCS support the families of wildland fire events who lost their father, brother, son, to save homes in the US. If you need the link, please email me.

Kyra | Mar 13, 09 | 8:00 pm


What a privalege to be part of such an awesome community at SCS. Unimaginable horror and devestation has unfolded through the bushfire tradgedy. As an Aussie from NSW I send a heartfelt thank you to all who have donated to this appeal. You may never know exactly how you helped but rest assured that somewhere, someone's life started to be rebuilt through your kindness.

tracymum | Mar 14, 09 | 6:02 am


I am overwhelmed yet again at the kindness and generosity of this wonderful SCS community. Here in South Australia we share the fear of bushfires, and have watched with horror as our neighbours face the devestation of this tragedy. Thank you so much to all who donate, to help rebuild the lives of those who have lost everything.

Photoholic | Mar 14, 09 | 5:38 pm


As another Aussie, I am so touched that SCS is once again opening it's heart to those severely affected by tragedy! The stamping community would have to be the best on earth! Many thanks to everyone who has been sending cards to the survivors care of Lovely Linda as well!! Thank-you SCS!!!!

Wattle | Mar 15, 09 | 5:24 am


Yes, another Aussie, and another Victorian. Having lived in smoke for over a month and with two fires still in the area that are under control but not out yet, we thank you for your wonderful donations to help our communities rebuild. I know personally of many families who have lost everything but what they were wearing and some who lost family members. Your prayers and goodwill wishes mean so much to our community at this time. So big thanks and hugs to you all.

SusieMuslie68 | Mar 16, 09 | 6:44 am


As a resident of the UK I will never experience a bush fire ... However, I do know first hand about the Canberra fires of a few years ago as we have close family living there and saw the devastation when we visited. Well done SCS for this fantastic appeal just to know someone cares gives hope when you have lost everything. I'm off to donate now ..........

ceedee | Mar 17, 09 | 1:20 pm


As an Australian and a Victorian, I am so touched to see that this community is doing something for my neighbours. Thankfully the process of rebuilding has begun yet it is still very raw to think about all the people among posessions that have been lost in this tragedy.

Laura | Mar 22, 09 | 7:57 pm


I really think this is great! I cannot wait to hear how much money is raised! It is an honor to be a member of such a wonderful website. I love the fact that people are allowed to donate whatever amount they can...it allows people to help others even in these tough times. That is what life is all about. :)

Genia | Mar 23, 09 | 8:38 am


Today is the last day! Don't forget. :)

Chris | Mar 24, 09 | 3:37 pm


I just want to say thank you to all from the bottom of my heart......... Aussie babe

lesley | Mar 24, 09 | 4:44 pm


Thanks SCS for the opportunity to help those devastated by the Australian bushfires. Living in Southern California, I'm all to familiar with the loss and destruction that comes from such a disaster. My thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering through this tragedy and hope that my small donation will help make a difference to those in need.

Kellie Rodgers-Tellez | Mar 24, 09 | 10:47 pm


This is one of the many reasons I love SCS! We care for each other...and help and encourage each other. Thanks for making this opportunity to help in a small way available to us!

CherylQuilts | Mar 25, 09 | 5:55 am



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