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A few months ago, Taylor (stagccva) came to us with a question. Would we be okay with a new Challenge? She had an idea to have members make a card, send it to a special Post Office box, and then we'd gather all the cards to send to an organization (different each month) in need. We said, "Let's do it!"

The Cards for a Cause challenge has been hugely successful, and we look forward to more of the same. In September, Splitcoast members sent 420 cards and enough donations to sponsor two overseas packages for the Cards for Heroes program. We're not finished counting all of the cards sent for October's cause, Chemo Angels, but it's safe to say that we'll have close to 2,000 by the time we pack those boxes up. Let's see if we can carry that momentum into November's cause.

To express our gratitude and support to wounded soldiers and those who care for them, November's Splitcoaststampers Cards for a Cause will go to Operation: Quiet Comfort, a nonprofit organization. OQC is positioned at U. S. Combat Support Hospitals, Troop Medical Clinics, and with medic teams on the front lines, and provides meaningful support to our wounded warriors and the amazing medical professionals who care for them. You can read more about their efforts on their site.

For more details about Operation: Quiet Comfort and a mailing address, check the Cards for a Cause thread. If you have any questions, send a message to Taylor (stagccva).

Posted by: Jenn on Nov 02, 08 | 8:37 am


That Taylor, she's something special alright;-)

sewsplendidstamper | Nov 02, 08 | 3:38 pm


So what kinds/types of cards are they looking for? Their website didn't have any details that I could find about what kinds of cards should be sent.

Sarah | Nov 03, 08 | 3:28 am


Please see the original post for this month's cards - it has, in a quote block, the guidelines for the cards. They specifically asked for Patriotic, Get Well, Thank You, or Thinking of You. Also, no envelopes need to be provided.

You won't find card details on the site - I just provided it for further information!

Taylor | Nov 03, 08 | 6:48 am


Does the no glitter rule still apply? I know that for other cards for our troops, no glitter is allowed due to it possibly getting on their uniforms and causing them to be spotted by night vision goggles. I know that the recipients are in the hospital, but I wonder about those who deliver the cards, visitors in the military, or military doctors/nurses ...wouldn't want them to get glitter on their uniforms either, etc...hope this isn't a silly point!

Kelly (schirmcat) | Nov 05, 08 | 2:50 pm


Hi, Kelly,
Check out the thread linked above - they do ask that no glitter be used in the cards. Not a silly point at all!

Jenn | Nov 06, 08 | 6:48 am



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