Not A Raffle

Want to have some fun and help Midwest families at the same time?

As you probably know, devastating flooding recently overtook a vast swathe of the Midwest, including parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Many of our online friends were affected. We've decided to pitch in and help.

Many generous stampers and stamp companies have donated gorgeous stamped creations and stamping goodies for you to win. That's right, we're holding a Splitcoast Non-Raffle For Midwest Flood Relief, with all proceeds going to Red Cross in the Midwest. You'll find global representation from your favorite Splitcoast stampers and cool prizes from your favorite companies.

What's a "non-raffle"?
Well, it's not a raffle, that's for sure. That's gambling, and that's not legal. Instead, we'll collect donations on behalf of the Red Cross. Those who donate will be eligible to win some great prizes (we'll also take your name via snail mail if you wish to be included without donating).

How's it work?
We'll give you a link to make a donation, with suggested amounts of $5 or $25. We'll accept donations for a limited period of time, and announce the prize winners at the end. Once again, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross for their flood relief efforts.

What do we win?
Here's the good stuff. We've set up a special SCS gallery to display all the non-raffle prizes that you'll be eligible to win. 55 in all! Take a look: non-raffle prize gallery

I'm ready, how do I get started??
Go to the donation page any time between now and August 6. Make your donation by credit/debit card or e-check (no PayPal account required to donate!), then sit back and wait for the prize announcement on August 8.

Make a donation!

If you wanna help get the word out...
Hard to believe, but not everybody checks out the Splitcoast home page every day. Add a link to this story to your site signature if you want to spread the word amongst the SCS glitterati.

Thank you!
Many generous individuals and companies have donated time and product for this effort. Take note of who they are, and thank them in a suitable fashion.

The Splitcoast Non-Raffle For Midwest Flood Relief has a gracious coordinator by the name of Jeanne Turner (peggysue). We've set up a forum thread where Jeanne can take your questions and comments.

Posted by: daven on Jul 23, 08 | 3:40 am


One more reason that SCS ROCKS!!!

Dotty | Jul 23, 08 | 10:45 am


Amazing! I love the spirit of SCS and all of the generous folks here.

colleen | Jul 23, 08 | 10:57 am


Just donated... it was SOOOOO easy!

colleen | Jul 23, 08 | 11:03 am


Thank You to all who will donate and to the extremely talented and generous people who have offered up such amazing prizes!

Dorinda | Jul 23, 08 | 11:04 am


How kind of you. Let's hope this goes over really big!

Jane | Jul 23, 08 | 11:05 am


awesome everyone, already 13 donations in just minutes after the story went up :^)

daven | Jul 23, 08 | 11:18 am


WOW - what a great selection of 'non-raffle' prizes!! Off to make my donation!!!

cuccicoo1002 | Jul 23, 08 | 11:23 am


Jeanne and SCS, you guys rock!

Stampin' Annie | Jul 23, 08 | 11:23 am


Great prizes. Each and every one are just wonderful. Time to go donate.

MaryAnnK | Jul 23, 08 | 11:45 am


Sent my donation in already but Holy Smokes! What an awesome gallery of non raffle prizes and I'm not even off the first page yet. Thanks to everyone who donated prizes and for those who will be donating the money too.

raduse | Jul 23, 08 | 11:48 am


Brings back fond memories of my first weeks here at st SCS with the non raffle for those affected by Katrina and problems with the servers due to growth. :D

I knew then what a privilege it was to belong to this great community! Thanks to all!

twinks | Jul 23, 08 | 12:20 pm


I am originally from Iowa and I can't tell you how much the Red Cross has helped my family members and friends living there through the flooding. What a wonderful idea this is! I am going home August 1 to help with the clean-up in the Iowa City/Coralville area.

Kandis | Jul 23, 08 | 12:22 pm


SCS stampers are the best kind of stampers and SCS is the best of the best stampin' community. Off to donate.

bb&kk | Jul 23, 08 | 12:38 pm


This is why I love this site! This is so wonderful!

sbinga | Jul 23, 08 | 12:43 pm


Love this idea! My donation is complete!

suerwelsh | Jul 23, 08 | 1:09 pm


What a great idea! I will definitely be making a donation--I am originally from Iowa (Iowa City area) and know many people affected by the flooding--it has been horrible there. Thanks so much for setting this up!

Robin (robth) | Jul 23, 08 | 1:28 pm


What a wonderful idea!! I live in one of the hardest hit cities - Cedar Rapids, IA - and the generosity is appreciated and heartwarming!!

Julia | Jul 23, 08 | 3:33 pm


Just made my donation! Awesome job on the non-raffle goodies!

Teresa | Jul 23, 08 | 4:02 pm


I live in Wisconsin and had $15,000 damage to my home but I am still better off than a lot of other people. Bless you for doing this and for all of those who contribute.

Mary | Jul 23, 08 | 4:06 pm


Thanks, Sweet Peggysue, for the thoughful heart you have in organizing this. Thanks Daven and Jenn for your work in posting and setting it all up for us! You guys are the best. The items in the gallery are amazing! I'm off to donate now!

Beth Hartley | Jul 23, 08 | 4:28 pm


What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do. I just recently moved from Missouri and I know how bad it was then. Thank you to all that are donating.. I would like to donate a brand new/unmounted stamp set to the offering of give aways.. is that possible?

thanks again, Pam

Pam Tetreault "airbornewife" | Jul 23, 08 | 4:33 pm


Thanks I was not affected but I know many who were. I was born Louisiana MO and bummed in Clarksville and Winfield. We moved to St. Louis too many years ago to count. I Love wonderful people.

Donna Gryder | Jul 23, 08 | 4:41 pm


Awesome idea! I just made my donation. I love that it was PayPal...makes it SO easy for me :) Thanks!!

Kelston | Jul 23, 08 | 4:50 pm


Thanks so much for doing this. I generally ignore and avoid raffles, but this non-raffle is warm and kind and wonderfu. Now can I hope I win?

Darrah | Jul 23, 08 | 5:38 pm


This is an awesome idea and wonderful gifts donated. What a great way to help those that can REALLY use it. And it being thru paypal was a piece of cake for me!

Pam | Jul 23, 08 | 6:14 pm


Yes, this is a great idea. I do live in Wisconsin and have seen some of the damage. It is so sad and any way we can help is wonderful.

Thanks for organizing and sponsoring this non-raffle.....

Barb | Jul 23, 08 | 6:56 pm


Words to not seem adequate enough to thank you for this. Our community of Spring Green, Wisconsin has been flooded for over 6 weeks now. Many families have seen no relief from the flood waters. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Joy and Blessings to all.

Nancy Accola | Jul 23, 08 | 7:04 pm


I also live here in cedar rapids.
Actually Marion. But everyone was affected. By not having showers.baths no toiletflushing. only Paper plate, bottle water. not washing clothes
We were one of the bedroom communties that gave our water to cedar rapids.
Because they had none.
so I willing give my donation because I personally have seen the devastation.

Marcine Luke | Jul 23, 08 | 7:37 pm


This is a wonderful way -- to me its just another way that the SCS community has become God's hands and feet in our world. Ya'll are just the BEST!! I'm off to donate.

Lucia | Jul 23, 08 | 8:02 pm


I feel so grateful to be a part of this wonderful stamping community!! Jeanne, Jenn, & Daven...thank you so much for facilitating such a kind and generous "non" raffle!!

Laurie Schmidlin (Lauraly) | Jul 23, 08 | 8:02 pm


What a wonderful group of ladies we have here to do such a remarkable thing!!! Making the donation was as easy as making a card!!!!

LynetteA | Jul 24, 08 | 4:43 am


What a wonderful idea!
Our daughter & children in Columbus IN were flooded and are still in the process of cleaning up.
My brother & his wife lost their home in Elnora IN when the levee broke.
You don't realize what devastation this is until it hits close to home.
Thank you to all you wonderful ladies out there for any help that you can give!
It is so appreciated.

Kaye Lewman | Jul 24, 08 | 5:48 am


thanks so much for organizing this! I just doonated, and am glad to help.

nancyruth | Jul 24, 08 | 8:03 am


I just donated, not to win a prize (though that's a nice touch) but just to be able help and I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to do so. Most of my extended family lives in Iowa and several have been affected.

Daven, I do hope you will let us know how much SCS'rs donated when all is said and done. For nothing other to satisfy curiousity ('cuz we don't need a dollar amt. to show us what a great place SCS is).

TracyM. | Jul 24, 08 | 8:09 am


I love this group and am proud to be a part of such caring and wonderful stamping community.

Joan Hajek | Jul 24, 08 | 8:31 am


Yet another reason to love SCS! Thanks for making this happen.

ematson | Jul 24, 08 | 9:21 am


I am a proud Canadian member of SCS and this is one of the very reasons I return here day after day, your compassion, dedication and generousity clearly surpass ANY other web community in cyber space! I would be honored to help out!

Monique H | Jul 24, 08 | 10:46 am


Wow, this non-raffle is a great idea! I'm off to donate!

purplebonbon | Jul 24, 08 | 1:06 pm


What a great, generous and kind thing to do to help all that have suffered from this horrible flooding. Whoever came up with this idea, thank you. Also, thank you to all who have donated prizes and those who are purchasing non-raffle tickets. This is truly a wonderful site.

I have made my donation.

Sara K | Jul 24, 08 | 2:44 pm


You just got my donation. Thanks for starting this Peggysue.

JoAnn | Jul 24, 08 | 4:56 pm


Having lived in Cedar Rapids for 9 years and being a graduate of the University of Iowa (in Iowa City), I saw pictures of my old stomping grounds under water and my heart broke. I have family and friends who still live there and their worlds have been turned upside down. I can't thank you enough for the non-raffle!! May God bless SCS and all the contributers!

MichelleY | Jul 24, 08 | 5:35 pm


I've just donated and it sure feels good to be able to help. I'm proud to be a member of SCS!

elaine | Jul 24, 08 | 9:06 pm


I just want to say thank you. I know personally how helpful the Red Cross can be. Our home had 5 feet of water in it for 2 weeks. We needed a boat to get to it. We live below Red Rock Dam in Iowa. But they were there days after it happened and did what they could for everyone in our neighborhood.
Thanks again for your generosity.

Sherry | Jul 25, 08 | 6:51 am


Made my donation and was more than happy to do so! Thanks for the opportunity to help other folks out in their time of need!!

Darlene | Jul 25, 08 | 6:24 pm


What a great idea SCS to help those flood victims. We are doing the same in our own household. We are donating all gently used clothing that we no longer wear for one reason or another. Our local Red Cross is taking all and any donations of clothes, household items, appliances, etc. Our hears go out to these flood victims and it is so nice to be able to help in some small way. Keep up the great work!!!

MichiganFan | Jul 26, 08 | 3:26 pm


What a great way to help others.

Anita Autore | Jul 27, 08 | 7:52 am


This is just awesome. A generous heart is truly a gift in itself. Thanks so much for caring and taking action to help! I'm off to do my part . . .

Gail | Jul 28, 08 | 5:32 am


what a great idea... SCS is such an awesome community.... Did my part!

stephanie (sbs81) | Jul 28, 08 | 11:10 am


Thanks again to all at our stamping community. I am proud to donate and thank everyone who has worked to make this a great non raffle with such wonderful donations.

Dee | Jul 28, 08 | 1:22 pm


What an awesome idea!! I would've donated without the prizes but cool stampin prizes...what an incentive!!

Jen (refinnej2) | Jul 28, 08 | 10:59 pm


How is it with us Europeans? Can we donate, too? Perhaps via PayPal or something like that?

ophthalmologist (Christiane) | Jul 29, 08 | 11:16 pm


Any donation is a good donation.
So SCS'ers give what you can and help someone.
This SCS site is the best. I'm honored to be a member.

Nicole | Jul 31, 08 | 6:29 am


Thanks for the chance to help

Anne | Aug 02, 08 | 9:41 am


How do I donate a prize to be non-raffled off?

kejujah | Aug 03, 08 | 1:40 pm


SCS ROCKS--what a great thing to do!

Cammie | Aug 06, 08 | 8:34 pm


this is awesome, i would love to own these goodies.....

Paula | Aug 24, 12 | 10:21 am



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