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Are you a Fan Club Member who just can't get enough of the Dirty Dozen's creations? Do you miss seeing some of your favorite Alumni in the Dirty Dozen gallery each month? Have you not yet joined the Fan Club, but would like a little taste of what you will see in the Fan Club Galleries when you do join? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have some fun in store for you!

Every month on the 20th the Dirty Dozen Alumni has a Mini-Reunion of sorts in the SCS gallery (we let the current Dirty Girls play, too *wink*). Each Reunion has a focus, a requirement and a restriction just to make it a little more interesting. For May they are:

Challenge Focus: Owls or any flighted fowl.
Required Element: Texture - interpret this any way you like.
Restricted Element: No crystals/rhinestones or Dew Drop-type embellishments.

The Girls will be uploading throughout the day so check out their Owl creations here or by searching Keyword DCWH508. It's a ton of fun for us Alums that miss working on the monthly themes and we hope you'll enjoying viewing as well. If you like what you see, feel free to leave a comment or two in their galleries *wink*.

Posted by: Jami on May 20, 08 | 5:05 am


Stunning creations!

If you're not a member yet, it would be *wise* if you joined now! *Woo* knows what you're missing!

That's it for my 'punnies' for the day... Great work, Dirty Girls!


Renee V. (happystamper05) | May 20, 08 | 8:09 am


dude, Jami wrote it! I hope that means what it meand...CONGRATS!!!

onestampinmama | May 20, 08 | 10:06 am



Debra | May 20, 08 | 10:11 am


SO excited to see the great work I have been told so much about!!!

Jo Rorie | May 20, 08 | 10:46 am


What a wonderful way to spend the day!
Amazing job everyone and thank you for the inspiration! I'm a Fan Club member and I've enjoyed every creation you've make each month!

Has the 20th of the month reunion been going on or is this the first month?

Michele | May 20, 08 | 7:29 pm


These are so cute!!! If you do these challenges every month, is there a place we can see the cards, or do we just need to go to each dirty girl's gallery? Thanks for letting us in on your owl cards!

Lori (Chef Mama) | May 21, 08 | 1:05 pm


I just found this. What a wonderful idea and great gallery. How can I get a 48 hour day so I have enough time to create all the great ideas that are around here? Oh well, even 48 hours would not be enough...
My computer keeps kicking me off the internet so this is my one comment for all of the marvelous cards.

Dorothy | May 22, 08 | 10:54 am


Am just learning to get around of this site. What is the Fan Club? How do i join? What will it do for me? As a beginner i need lots of advice sometimes. Retiring in just 7 short days so plan on using site alot more. Kathleen

Kathleen | May 23, 08 | 12:43 am


How do I join?

Becky Perry | Jun 05, 08 | 11:57 am


How do I join?

Kathleen | Jun 06, 08 | 7:59 pm



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