2008 Splitcoast Member Survey

Remember what it was like last month trying to buy a Christmas gift for that someone special without any 'good' ideas of what to purchase? You're walking around the stores, mumbling to yourself about all you need to do, but not sure where to start or which way to go. It can be frustrating, can't it?

Well, we're not to the mumbling stage yet, but we want your help. You have made us the number ONE site on the web for stamping and paper-crafting. We want to stay there! It's been a while since we've formally asked what you think about our little community, and we've added new features (and tens of thousands of new members) in that time. Now's your chance to tell us what you love, hate or want to see at SCS.

We're always looking for ways to improve, and we value your feedback. To participate in our survey, click the link below. It should only take about 5 minutes, and we'll be eager to read your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for your time.

Click to take the 2008 Member Survey

Update 1/26
We've gotten a few reports that the link above isn't working for some people. If you're having trouble getting to the survey, try this:

Update 1/29
We should have warned that your email address would be requested at the end of the survey. The address is not used or connected with your response, feel free to give us a bogus address if entering your real address makes you uncomfortable.

Posted by: daven on Jan 25, 08 | 11:58 am


Interesting survery! All done! :)

Michelle - SDiegoGal | Jan 25, 08 | 1:52 pm


I LOVE SplitCoast! Not only do I get inspired, have my creativity challenged, and receive great feedback from other users, I have made several friends. I have no complaints, only compliments, and a huge amount of admiration and gratitude for all of you who keep the site up and running, with a special *hug* to Daven!!

The only thing I would like to be able to do on SCS that I can't do now ( at least I don't think I can) is separate my "Favorites" folder into categories. It can take me a long time to find a card I remember saving so I can give credit for a CASE. Or to go to my "sympathy" file for inspiration.

Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for us!!

MaryAnnDoLN | Jan 25, 08 | 1:58 pm


That survey was easy-peasy! Hope it helps you out! Thanks for asking for our feedback...another great feature of SCS :)

Jennifer (jkincolorado) | Jan 25, 08 | 2:36 pm


oooh, I would have to agree with MaryAnnDoLN that being able to organize favorites would be AWESOME!
You guys do a great job with this site!

Sandy (sandy stamps) | Jan 25, 08 | 3:34 pm


Without SCS my cards would be pretty sad looking. I really NEED you/uploaders for my inspiration and ideas! On occasion I dream up something on my own.... That's probably why I have never uploaded anything - because it wasn't orginial! Thanks for a terrfic website.

Pat | Jan 25, 08 | 4:56 pm


This place is awesome, you guys rock! SCS is a wonderful resource. It's the first and last site I go to each day. Not only does it give me inspiration I can always count on an SCSr to help answer any questions I have regarding products I would like to use or a new technique I want to learn. Keep up the great work!

Karen | Jan 25, 08 | 5:00 pm


I love this site. As someone else has already mentioned, the survey was so easy ~ I hope our feedback helps you out! I come to this site everyday - at least once! Of course, that means less time to stamp because then I feel so inadequate, but that is MY issue, not yours!! Thanks for all you do, Daven! ((((Hugs!!))))

Sara "Inkymom" | Jan 25, 08 | 6:59 pm


I would be lost without SCS. You guys are great. A big Thanks to all who keep this site going strong.

Anne | Jan 25, 08 | 7:01 pm


I love this site. You guys do such an awesome job. I think all the new changes are great. Do you think we could add a gallery for all the House mouse stamps that are out there. I love those guys and a gallery just for them would be fun! Keep up the good work!

Stacy | Jan 25, 08 | 7:46 pm


As if you guys don't already offer us the best of the stamping world, you conduct a survey to find out whatelse we would like. I love this site and I feel I get so much back on my dollars from the cost of membership. What magazine could compare and provide you with a gallery to boot?? Keep up your fabulous work and hope it continues to be a big success for you!

Liz | Jan 25, 08 | 9:36 pm


Thanks for the opportunity to give y'all feedback. Hopefully it's useful in bringing about some cha cha cha changes... as if SCS could be any better! You don't know how much I appreciate this site! Thank you! Cheers...

Jill | Jan 25, 08 | 11:07 pm


yikes. forgot to mention when i took the survey. i would like to be able to delete my favs by the page or at least a whole bunch at once. i have cards in my favs from when i first joined the site that i now am not even interested in and would like to unclog my favorites category.

Jo Ann DeHeer | Jan 26, 08 | 3:11 am


Couldn't read some of the questions...they were not appearing on my monitor as whole words...just the tops of the words....didn't answer those.

Forgot to add--could we have the ability to sort our photos in our gallery into our own folders?

Tammy O'Neal | Jan 26, 08 | 4:25 am


I love this site! So many people have inspired me!! Thanks so much for having a community that feels like home!! So many great people sharing their ideas and many, many great people for keeping this community running beautifully!!

Bev Hammack | Jan 26, 08 | 9:42 am


Can you post the results (anonymously of course) once they have all been collected? I would be interested in seeing what the % of responses were for each question...

Sairabee | Jan 26, 08 | 1:02 pm


For all you do and for all your effort to make SCS an even better place for all of us....THANK YOU.....THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!!

Diane | Jan 26, 08 | 4:04 pm


Very easy survey to do - thanks. Forgot to add one thing I thought of later. I would love it if we could have a multiple delete option in the favorites section. i.e. hightight several and then hit delete versus having to do one at a time.

Would love to see some of the results to the survey too

And most importantly of all, THANK YOU for hosting such an amazing site and always wanting to make it better. You guys ROCK!!! Biiiiiiiig (((((HUG))))) to all of you.

Whiterockmama | Jan 26, 08 | 4:33 pm


I love this site and have spent hours on it (much to the disgust of my DH). I almost gave up cardmaking until I found SCS. I've never posted anything because very little of my work is original.
Thanks for all you do.

wheel.50 | Jan 26, 08 | 7:24 pm


For some reason I'm unable to get into the survey through either link. I keep getting a server error message.

Happy Heart | Jan 27, 08 | 5:47 am


Oh, yes, PLEASE give us a way to sort our Favorites files.

thanks, Valerie

vjdeed | Jan 27, 08 | 6:56 am


Thanks to all the stampers and SCS for the inspiration to bring my cards to a higher level! I love sharing ideas, inspirations, etc. with other stampers! I appreciate all the effort and time stampers put into this sight to help me become a better stamper! I love browsing SCS for ideas, inspiration, and challenges- THANKS FOR SHARING!

Paige | Jan 27, 08 | 7:56 am


I have to agree with Pat. I get all of my inspiration from SCS, and I never upload, as it would not be an original. In fact, I would not be a stamper today if not for all the great artists on this site! Keep up the great work!!

sandy | Jan 27, 08 | 10:08 am


Taking the survey reaffirmed all the things I have learned from your fabulous card designers. Each stamper has something to offer with different interpretations of the medium. Also, the tutorials are so helpful. Thanks for giving us confidence by sharing your knowledge. I refer my friends to SCS site every chance I get! Keep up the good work!

Barb Gault | Jan 27, 08 | 2:54 pm


Separate the cards from the scrapbook pages in the today's additions pages.

Shelley | Jan 27, 08 | 4:28 pm


Yes, PLEASE give us a way to sort our favorites file. How about being able to keep a 'favorite artist' file too? Then we can access their new work quickly.
Thanks for everything!

Sue | Jan 27, 08 | 7:09 pm


Thanks for a ROCKIN' website!!! I love it....and my survey is on it's way!! :)

LuvLee | Jan 27, 08 | 7:34 pm


I just love SCS I know it's the site for me to go to when I need info, ideas and help. All I can say is I would be lost without SCS and trust all who manage the site to do whatever they think is best. Thanks to all of you.

Irene | Jan 28, 08 | 6:43 am


Well that was quick and painless.

I hope SCS will never leave. I have SCS as my homepage so everytime I go online it's the first thing that pops up. I get tons upon tons of inspiration. I love the fan club and the RAK group. I have made a bunch of friends online and at the So Cal Stamp Mania event. I love to just look through the daily uploads at all the wonderful creations. I try to sit at my stamp desk as much as possible but even when I can't, I can at least have the next best thing to actually stamping which is SCS. I even spend my lunch break at work looking through SCS. I can honestly say I would be lost without SCS.

Kim - Mama Kim | Jan 28, 08 | 10:27 am


I absolutely love SCS!!!! As many of the others have said, I would be lost without you gals (and guys). You are truely my inspiration and lift my spirits when I am down! Keep up the great work!

Anne:) | Jan 28, 08 | 3:44 pm


Happy Heart, I had the same problem, but I lowered my restrictions on cookies and I could get to the survey just fine. Once I was done with the survey I raised my security leval back up for alowing cookies.

Beth Riley | Jan 28, 08 | 11:31 pm


I've shared my opinions! I hope that everyone else is taking this opportunity to speak up as well!

Thanks SCS Team!

TexasGrammy | Jan 29, 08 | 12:56 am


I would surely be lost without SCS and the incredibly inspiring contributions made by others. I don't know how I would live without the sketch challenges, color combo challenges, techniques, not to mention the oodles of samples and ideas for not only cards but 3-D items. I share your site with all my fellow stampers and I am always surprised when I run across someone who has never heard of the site (this just happened recently). I'm happy to have hooked . . . or, rather, shared . . . with another stamper!!

Your time and talents to keep this site going and as awesome as it is deserve the grandest of kudos and thanks!

Carol | Jan 29, 08 | 9:56 am


I just filled out the whole survey...which is supposed to be anonymous...then they require you to submit your email address...hence making if very NOT anonymous. So there was 15 minutes wasted...

Lisa | Jan 29, 08 | 11:36 am


hi Lisa, I apologize if you feel that we implied something that wasn't honored. what we say at the top of the survey is "your personal information will not be shared", and it won't. Splitcoast would never allow any of your information to be used by anyone else, for any purpose.

It was an oversight on our part to not warn that your email address would be requested. I'm honestly not even sure why it's there, feel free to enter a bogus address if using your real address makes you uncomfortable.

daven | Jan 29, 08 | 11:52 am


SCS is home for many of us. It's family. It's inspiration for everyday life not just stamping but all aspects of life. Yes, we have all gathered here with a common interest we all love but the relationships made on this site have become so much more than that. I am an only child but on SCS I have many "sistahs". I thank everyone who works so hard to keep SCS up and running for their hard work and dedication. ROCK ON SCS!

Tracy (stampin-sunnychick) | Jan 29, 08 | 3:09 pm


DUH me...off to hunt down the caffeine. A sappy post with mistakes can be such an annoyance. Please ignore my mistakes. Much love!

Tracy (stampin-sunnychick) | Jan 29, 08 | 3:10 pm


I'd be lost without SCS now that I'm hooked! Will you be posting the survey results?

doris | Jan 30, 08 | 1:17 pm


SCS is my number one resource for inspiration. I love it. Could we have the option to make the thumbnails on a page twice the size they are, just as we have the option to choose how many thumbnails per page? Even with glasses on it's hard to determine if the thumbnail of the upload is something I'd be interested in. Okay, do we already have that option and I just don't know how to use it?

SplicedCenterStamp | Feb 02, 08 | 11:20 am


something i said did not come out right and i want to set it straight..
i could tell you things that would bring you to your kness, however, i do not feel splitcoast is the place for this. i come here to get so involved that i can forget the outside world for a time. please stick to the business of stamping and encouraging us. thanks for all you do..

Sandra stamper | Feb 02, 08 | 1:30 pm


I absolutely agree. Stick to the business of stamping and encouraging us. Let people join a chat room to vent.
thanks for listening

imastamper | Feb 05, 08 | 2:25 pm


terrific site. i love it! use it all the time to get great ideas. love the techniques!!! a new feature to consider sometime would be an index to punches - e.g. all pics with scallop punch and such.

michelle | Feb 14, 08 | 7:38 pm



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