Welcome To Our Member Companies

It's launch day! The Member Companies program allows paper crafting businesses to establish their own presence here at Splitcoast. They'll be able to offer special sales or discounts to Splitcoast members, host events here on the site, or just talk with you regarding their products.

Go see!
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What to expect
You'll see Member Company logos on our home page, their company forums alongside our regular forums, and an event calendar for each company. We want the program to be successful, so we'll also be promoting our member companies and the program itself around the site and in the Weekly Inkling newsletter.
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Who benefits
Understand that we always try to give our first loyalty to you, the members of the community. You come first. If we do what's best for you, everything else takes care of itself. Consequently, our first thoughts when offering something new are like this: "Will the community enjoy this? Will it benefit them somehow?" If not, we don't do it.

In this case, you get the opportunity for a closer relationship with some of your favorite companies and products. It's a win for our advertisers because lots of stampers will see and get to know them here. The business side of Splitcoast benefits from the increase in advertising and through making this a better place for you all to hang out.

How were the companies selected?
We offered the initial slots in the program to our current advertisers. As soon as we're able, we'll open up the program to additional companies.

What about Stampin' Up!
We would certainly like to include Stampin' Up!, but they are not one of our charter companies. The current demo forums that we offer to SU! demos will continue as they always have.

Other companies?
We put a ceiling on the number of companies we would allow at the launch, for several reasons. One, we couldn't accommodate more forums without making the forum listing unbearably long. Trying to include more logos on the home page would also be difficult given our current layout. And beyond that, we wanted to make sure we offered good service to our initial companies.

What's next
We're already making plans for ways to improve the program and bring in new companies. Stay tuned over the coming months and we'll be sure and fill you in.

Thank you
We've worked feverishly to roll out this new program today, and we really hope you enjoy it. Special thanks go to our team members for their amazing work pulling this together. Sara Sinsay-Gomez, who coordinated the launch and worked closely with our advertisers, Jenn for helping out with company contacts and site changes, Scott Bigelow who covered all the internal programming tasks, and Adam Gomez for the home page changes and creative work on a slew of terrific ad banners. And an extra special thank you to our member companies, for partnering with us and supporting the community. Thank you!

A sad note
theCardLadies was on our roster for the launch today but won't be able to participate with us. The home of its owner, Tamra Davis, was destroyed in a fire this past weekend, and they are anticipating that the company will not re-open. Tamra asked that we let everyone know that if you placed an order with her recently and it has not shipped, she will be refunding your money.

Our hearts go out to Tamra and her family. Would you join us in giving her our best wishes? We posted a card in the gallery and you can add your thoughts there.
Post your best wishes for theCardLadies

About the program: the Splitcoast Member Companies program enables paper crafting companies to establish an online presence right here at Splitcoaststampers. For more information send an email to [email protected] or visit splitcoaststampers.com/companies.

Posted by: daven on Oct 15, 07 | 8:15 am


I have been a member of Splitcoast for a few years. As far as I am concerned, my "sisters of stamp" do not make these decisions lightly and without forethought. I trust your integrity and your vision for the site. I am excited every day to play on this site becasue it continues to be the best stamping site on the web. Best wishes.

Mrs. Landreth | Oct 16, 07 | 5:15 am


I am very excited to see the member companies program launched with so many of my favorite companies. I have already checked out the forums and would love to see the Gallery section of SCS divided into the member companies showcasing SCS members' artwork with those companies stamp sets.

sixty6pixiestix | Oct 16, 07 | 6:05 pm


Sorry to say that I've received an email from theCardLadies saying that they are now out of business. There was a terrible fire and everything, including three of their poodles, were destroyed. Both ladies suffered 2nd degree burns as well. Please send them some uplifting cards.

Valerie | Oct 17, 07 | 4:53 am



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