Paying Bills

Hmm, how to put this delicately? There are certain costs involved in running a web site. Would you be interested in helping us pay our bills and improve Splitcoaststampers, with just a wee little bit of your time, and none of your money?

It's very easy, actually.

1. The ads you see on the gallery and contests pages are placed by businesses who are looking to increase their internet traffic.

2. Every time someone visits their site by clicking on an ad the business pays a certain fee to an ad service.

So if you click on an ad for 'Free Scrapbooking Tool' (an actual ad) the business who placed this ad pays a small amount to the ad service for acquiring a new visitor - you.

3. The ad service passes on a percentage of this fee to us for driving traffic to the business who placed the ad.

Now, this system should never be abused (by a single person repeatedly visiting the same site, for example) and in fact the ad service has protections in place to prevent this. But what you *can* do is help us out by occasionally clicking the ad links and visiting the sites of businesses or organizations that might interest you. Most of these will be stamping or scrapbook related, many have products for sale, and some offer resources, ideas and information - much like Splitcoaststampers.

What's the benefit? Well, you help us pay our bills for running Splitcoaststampers of course, but you'll also help us improve the site - offering bigger and better contest prizes and adding new things, for example. You'll also help us to compensate - even if in a small way - contributors to the site.

What contributors are those, you ask? Stay tuned! We're getting ready to roll out a new feature of the site, one that we hope you'll love, that includes contributions from a new member of the team that produces Splitcoaststampers. We're very excited (!!) to get this new area of the site in place and will have more information in the coming days.

Posted by: daven on Nov 17, 03 | 2:30 pm


of course I will visit some of the posted/adertised sites... Who runs split coast stampers.. It is an awesome website and it could even be a members only website that I would be willing to be a part of. Thank you so much for the best ever stampin website that I have ever ever seen.. How could I have missed it before? I hope you don't mind seeing my name several times in the future... by the way.. thanks for the advertising about the NW stampers meeting that I am hosting... funny that I saw that.. it jumped out at me. I will enter new cards as I have time... I have many to share as you saw what I entered last night..

Jennie Black
[email protected]

Jennie Black | Mar 23, 04 | 10:28 am


thanks Jennie! we've never gotten *two* "evers" before :)

now if we can just convince you to put a *category* with your cards... :)

Splitcoaststampers is run by my wife and I with help from some other members of the community here. We started the site just about a year ago, she's a long-time stamper and SU! demo, and I'm a multimedia/web developer. Tracy's gone to the NW Stampers meetings before, I think you guys might know each other...

Daven | Mar 23, 04 | 12:47 pm



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